With World Dracula Day coming up on May 26, I thought it might be good to post some Vampire Banishing Spells. Of course these can be used any time of the year that you feel they might be needed.

Banishing Spell #1

This spell is for the Obsessive-Compulsive Vampire. Place fishing nets over entrance doors and windows of the place you’d like to protect. Allegedly the vampire must compulsively count all knots before entering. He or she will either be caught in the sunlight or simply give up and find another home.

Fishing nets may be replaced or supplemented with sieves; the vampire will be forced to count the holes instead.

Banishing Spell #2

Lilac oil reputedly repels vampires and is certainly more fragrant than garlic. It’s very difficult to find real lilac oil, most of what is commercially available is synthetic; presumably vampires can tell the difference. So it’s best to make your own, the lingering aroma should keep the vampire out of the house, too.

Infuse olive oil with lilac blossoms. Rub the oil on the body as needed.

Banishing Spell #3

To banish a vampire from territory larger than just your private home and presence is simple enough… provided you have his sock.

The vampire’s left sock is specifically needed. Stuff it with graveyard dirt, preferably from his or her own grave, blended with rocks from the cemetery. Toss this into running water outside the limits of the area you wish to protect.

Important note:

Make sure the water is flowing away from, rather than in to, the area you are protecting.

Source: Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells

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