Here is a small list of the optimum times of the day, the month, and even seasons of the year for specific spell work and rituals. This short list is intended as a spell enhancer, and is not the be all end all of when to work your magic. There is no WRONG time for magical spells and rituals. The important thing is to have fun and allow the energy to flow through you.

Times of the day:

  • Sunrise: purification, business, success, study, travel, employment, breaking habits, guilt, jealousy, healing disease, conscious mind
  • Midday: magickal energy, physical energy, strength, protection, money, courage
  • Sunset: breaking addictions, weight loss, banishing, misery, pain, anguish, negative habits
  • Night: beauty, dreams, psychic dreams, awareness, sex, spirituality, purification, love, friendship, peace, releasing stress.

Phases of the Moon:

  • Waxing Moon: beginnings, health, beauty, fertility, psychic awareness, positive magick.
  • Full Moon: all positive spells, protection, love, healing, money, travel, purification
  • Waning Moon: banishment, disease, negative thoughts, jealousy, hurt, renewal
  • New Moon: New ventures, new beginnings, love,romance, health, job hunting, exploring and understanding our angers and passions.

Seasons of the Year:

  • Summer: love, marriage, friendship, beauty, courage, fire magick, strength, protection, magickal and physical energy
  • Spring: healing, air magick, ecological rituals, fertility, finances
  • Autumn: money, employment, water magick
  • Winter: earth magick, introspection, meditation, magickal exercises, banishing, seeking past lives

Weather Conditions:

  • Lightning storms: This is a period of intense energy. All spells cast during storms will be empowered. Protection rituals are ideal.
  • Rainstorms: Purifcation, love, compassion, friendship, beauty rituals, releasing guilt and jealousy
  • Snowstorms: gentle magick, purification, emotions, letting go of love
  • Heavy winds: travel spells, study spells, breaking addictions

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