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It's all new here at shirleytwofeathers. So much
content is still waiting to be uploaded that in the
future, you will find this section pretty lively. 

New this week are the following pages:

But of course they will not be perfect and I will
be tweaking them for glitches and typos for the
next several days.

I have been working hard getting the healing pages
up and running, and there is now tons of cool
content on Color Healing, along with a little
something on the Chakra System. Here's the list:

Chakra Basics
Chakra Meditations
Chakra Affirmations Meditation
Chakra Zen Incantations

Color Healing
Basics of Healing With Color
Short History of Color Healing
How Light Affects Us
Why We Respond To Color The Way We Do
Practical Ways To Use Color For Healing and

The Individual Colors:

Red   Pink   Orange   Yellow   Green   Turquoise  
Blue   Indigo   Purple   Violet   Brown   Black  
White   Gray  

I am also working on updating all the pages
with the following:

Replacing the Google Search box which doesn't
work properly with a slower one that is somewhat
better. I'm also adding a translation widget.
Because there are already so many pages, this has
been rather tedious and I am not finished with it
Newest Uploaded Content
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Welcome to my web

Shirleytwofeathers.com is an online resource for indepth information on a wide variety of subjects. This is a brand new site, and much of the content has not been uploaded as yet. So please be patient.

My idea was to consolidate all my blogs and websites - gathering together all the information I have shared over the years, rewriting, updating, and adding to it as I go, and then publishing it in one place.

On days when things are going well, I think of it as "putting all of my eggs in one basket, on other days it's my giant "can of worms" or sometimes "the abyss otherwise known as shirleytwofeathers.com."

I have always been interested in the who, what, why, where, and when of just about everything. And as a result I have studied, researched, practiced, shared, taught, and explored a wide variety of techniques, practices, and ideas.

It is my intention to bring all of those techniques, practices, and ideas to this website where they can be explored, shared, and enjoyed.

A to Z Index:

Abstract Art
Book of Shadows
Butterfly Collection
Chakra System
Color Healing
Coloring Pages
Dog Training
Edible Flowers
Flat Tortilla
Flower Magick
Folk Medicine
Funny Stories
Gods and Goddesses 
Gospel Missionary  Message
Gypsy Lore
Gypsy Magic
Herbs A to Z 
Higher Powers
Historical Gypsy
Independent Review
Kitchen Magick
Language of Flowers
Magickal Ingredients
Mantras and Chants
Medicine Wheels
Middle of the Night Art
Music Therapy
Myths and Stories
Pagan Calendar
Project Happiness
Project Healing
Prosperity Project
Puppy Training
Question of the Day
Reading Tea Leaves
Ritual Magick
Sacred Geometry
Science of Creative Intelligence
Sell Art Online
Signs and Symbols
Site Map
Spells A to Z
Sufi Stories
Sunday Sermons
Yin Yang
Ring of Fire
Dark Shadows
Midnight Moon
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