Pow-wow is a unique creole of Christian theology and a shamanistic belief system. It is still practiced in some rural areas of Pennsylvania. In spite of the name, it is not of Native American derivation. It is believed to have been brought over to America by German immigrants who practiced folk-magic.

This is a collection of  healing spells, binding spells, protective spells, talismans, wards and benedictions, collected from a book written by a Pennsylvania Dutch healer in the 1820s. The home remedies can be found at Folk Medicine Remedies and Cures, here: Pow Wow Remedies and Cures.

When you see this symbol: + + + it indicates that you should make the sign of the cross three times.


  • Bees

A good way to destroy worms in bee hives:

With very little trouble and at an expense of a quarter dollar, you can certainly free your bee-hives from worms for a whole year. Get from an apothecary store the powder called Pensses Blum, which will not injure the bees in the least.

The application of it is as follows: or one bee-hive you take as much of this powder as the point of your knife will hold, mix it with one ounce of good whiskey, and put it in a common vial; then make a hole in the bee-hive and pour it in thus mixed with the whiskey, which is sufficient for one hive at once. Make the hole so that it can be easily poured in. As said before, a quarter dollar’s worth of this powder is enough for one hive.

  • Benedictions and Prayers

A benediction for all purposes:

Jesus, I will arise; Jesus, do thou accompany me; Jesus, do thou lock my heart into thine, and let my body and my soul be commended unto thee. The Lord is crucified. May God guard my senses that evil spirits may not overcome me, in the name of God the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

  • Bleeding

A certain Remedy to stop Bleeding, which cures, no matter how far a person be away, if only his first name is rightly pronounced while using it:

Jesus Christ dearest blood!
That stoppeth the pain and stoppeth the blood.
In this help you [first name] God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Another remedy to stop bleeding:

Count backwards from fifty inclusive till you come down to three. As soon as you arrive at three, you will be done bleeding.

A good remedy to stop bleeding:

This is the day on which the injury happened. “Blood, thou must stop, until the Virgin Mary bring forth another son.” Repeat these words three times.

To stop bleeding:

I walk through a green forest;
There I find three wells, cool and cold;
The first is called courage,
The second is called good,
And the third is called stop the blood.

+ + +

Another way to stop bleeding, and to heal wounds in man as well as animals:

On Christ’s grave there grows three roses; the first is kind, the second is valued among the rulers, and the third says: blood, thou must stop, and wound, thou must heal. Everything prescribed for man in this book is also applicable to animals.

To stop bleeding at any time:

Write the name of the four principal waters of the whole world, flowing out of Paradise, on a paper, namely: Pison, Gihon, Hedekiel and Pheat, and put it on the wound. In the first book of Moses, the second chapter, verses 11, 12, 13, you will find them. You will find this effective.

Another way to stop blood:

As soon as you cut yourself you must say: “Blessed wound, blessed hour, blessed be the day on which Jesus Christ was born, in the name + + + Amen.

Another similar prescription:

Breathe three times upon the patient, and say the Lord’s Prayer three times until the words, “upon the earth,” and the bleeding will be stopped.

Another still more certain way to stop bleeding:

If the bleeding will not stop, or if a vein has been cut, then lay the following on it, and it will stop that hour. Yet if any one does not believe this, let him write the letters upon a knife and stab an irrational animal, and he will not be able to draw blood. And whosoever carries this about him will be safe against all his enemies.

I. m. I. K. I. B. I. P. a. x. v. ss. Ss. vas,
I. P. O. unay Lit. Dom. mper vobism.

And whenever a woman is going to give birth to a child, or is otherwise afflicted, let her have this letter about her person; it will certainly be of avail.

  • Bruises and Pains

To remove bruises and pains:

Bruise, thou shalt not heat;
Bruise, thou shalt not sweat;
Bruise, thou shalt not run,
No-more than Virgin Mary shall bring forth another son.
+ + +

  • Burns

Remedy for burns:

“Burn, I blow on thee!” + + +

It must be blown on three times in the same breath, like the fire by the sun.

A good remedy for bad wounds and burns:

The word of God,
the milk of Jesus’ mother, and Christ’s blood,
is for all wounds and burnings good.
+ + +

It is the safest way in all these cases to make the crosses with the hand or thumb three times over the affected parts; that is to say, over all those things to which the three crosses are attached.

How to cure a burn:

Three holy men went out walking,
They did bless the heat and the burning;
They blessed that it might not increase;
They blessed that it might quickly cease!
+ + +

Against burns:

Our dear Lord Jesus Christ going on a journey, saw a firebrand burning; it was Saint Lorenzo stretched out on a roast. He rendered him assistance and consolation; he lifted his divine hand and blessed the brand; he stopped it from spreading deeper and wider. Thus may the burning be blessed in the name of God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Another remedy for burns:

Clear out, brand, but never in; be thou cold or hot, thou must cease to burn. May God guard thy blood and thy flesh, thy marrow and thy bones, and every artery, great or small. They all shall be guarded and protected in the name of God against inflammation and mortification, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

  • Candles

To make a wick which is never consumed:

Take an ounce of asbestos and boil it in a quart of strong lye for two hours; then pour off the lye and clarify what remains by pouring rain-water on it three or four times, after which you can form a wick from it which will never be consumed by the fire.

  • Cattle

How to make cattle return to the same place:

Pull. out three small bunches of hair, one between the horns, one from the middle of the back, and one near the tail, and make your cattle eat it in their feed.

Another method of making the cattle return home:

Take a handful of salt, go upon your fields and make your cattle walk three times around the same stump or stone, each time keeping the same direction; that is to say, you must three times arrive at the same end of the stump or stone at which you started from, and then let your cattle lick the salt from the stump or stone.

For the hollow horn in cows:

Bore a small hole in the hollow horn, milk the same cow, and squirt her milk into the horn; this is the best cure. Use a syringe to squirt the milk into the horn.

Another way to make cattle return home:

Feed your cattle out of a pot or kettle used in preparing your dinner, and they will always return to your stable.

For the swelling of cattle:

“To Desh break no Flesh, but to Desh!” While saying this, run your hand along the back of the animal. + + +

Note: The hand must be put upon the bare skin in all cases of using sympathetic words.

To prevent bad people from getting about the cattle:

Take wormwood, gith, five-finger weed, and assafœtida; three cents’ worth of each; the straw of horse beans, some dirt swept together behind the door of the stable and a little salt. Tie these all up together with a tape, and put the bundle in a hole about the threshold over which your cattle pass in and out, and cover it well with lignum-vitæ wood. This will certainly be of use.

How to treat a cow after the milk is taken from her:

Give to the cow three spoonfuls of her last milk, and say to the spirits in her blood: “Ninny has done it, and I have swallowed her in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.” Pray what you choose at the same time.

Another method of treating a sick cow:

J. The cross of Jesus Christ poured out milk;
J. The cross of Jesus Christ poured out water;
J. The cross of Jesus Christ has poured them out.

These lines must be written on three pieces of white paper; then take the milk of the sick cow and these three pieces of paper, put them in a pot, and scrape a little of the skull of a criminal; close it well, and put it over a hot fire, and the witch will have to die. If you take the three pieces of paper, with the writing on them, in your mouth and go out before your house, speak three times, and then give them to your cattle, you shall not only see all the witches, but your cattle will also get well again.

To be given to cattle against witchcraft:


This must be written on paper and the cattle made to wallow it in their feed.

  • Cherries

To prevent Cherries from ripening before Martinmas:

Engraft the twigs upon a mulberry-tree, and your desire is accomplished.

  • Chickens

To make Chickens lay many eggs:

Take the dung of rabbits, pound it to powder, mix it with bran, wet the mixture till it forms lumps, and feed your chickens with it, and they will keep on laying a great many eggs.

  • Colic

A good remedy for the colic:

I warn ye, ye colic fiends!
There is one sitting in judgment,
who speaketh: just or unjust.
Therefore beware, ye colic fiends!
+ + +

  • Consumption

A good remedy for consumption:

Consumption, I order thee out of the bones into the flesh,
out of the flesh upon the skin,
out of the skin into the wilds of the forest.
+ + +

  • Dogs

To attach a dog to a person, provided nothing else was used before to effect it:

Try to draw some of your blood, and let the dog eat it along with his food, and he will stay with you. Or scrape the four corners of your table while you are eating, and continue to eat with the same knife after having scraped the corners of the table. Let the dog eat those scrapings, and he will stay with you.

Security against mad dogs:

Dog, hold thy nose to the ground,
God has made me and thee, hound!
+ + +

This you must repeat in the direction of the dog; and the three crosses you must make toward the dog, and the words must be spoken before he sees you.

  • Epilepsy

A remedy for epilepsy, provided the subject had never fallen into fire or water:

Write reversedly or backwards upon a piece of paper: “IT IS ALL OVER!” This is to be written but once upon the paper; then put it in a scarlet-red cloth, and then wrap it in a piece of unbleached linen, and hang it around the neck on the first Friday of the new moon. The thread with which it is tied must also be unbleached.

+ + +

  • Eyes

A very good and certain means of destroying the wheal in the eye:

Take a dirty plate; if you have none, you can easily dirty one, and the person for whom you are using sympathy shall in a few minutes find the pain much relieved. You must hold that side of the plate or dish, which is used in eating, toward the eye. While you hold the plate before the eye, you must say:

Dirty plate, I press thee,
Wheal in the eye, do flee.
+ + +

  • Fever

This must be used on Thursday for the first time, on Friday for the second time, and on Saturday for the third time; and each time thrice. The prayer of faith has also to be said each time, and not a word dare be spoken to anyone until the sun has risen. Neither dare the sick per, son speak to anyone till after sunrise; nor eat pork, nor drink milk, nor cross a running water, for nine days.

Good morning, dear Thursday!
Take away from [name] the 77-fold fevers.
Oh! thou dear Lord Jesus Christ, take them away from him!
+ + +

To banish convulsive fevers:

Write the following letters on a piece of white paper, sew it on a piece of linen or muslin, and bang it around the neck until the fever leaves you:

A b a x a C a t a b a x
A b a x a C a t a b a x
A b a x a C a t a b a
A b a x a C a t a b
A b a x a C a t a
A b a x a C a t
A b a x a C a
A b a x a C
A b a x a
A b a x
A b a
A b

How to banish the fever:

Write the following words upon a paper and wrap it up in knot-grass, (breiten megrich,) and then tie it upon the body of the person who has the fever:

Potmat sineat,
Potmat sineat,
Potmat sineat.

Remedy for Fever, Worms, and the Colic:

Jerusalem, thou Jewish city,
In which Christ our Lord, was born, p. 25
Thou shalt turn into water and blood,
Because it is for [name] fever, worms, and colic good.

Against the fever:

Pray early in the morning, and then turn your shirt around the left sleeve, and say: Turn, thou, shirt, and thou, fever, do likewise turn. (Do not forget to mention the name of the person having the fever.) This, I tell thee, for thy repentance sake, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen. If you repeat this for three successive mornings the fever will disappear.

  • Fire

A very good remedy for the Wild-Fire:

Wild-fire and the dragon, flew over a wagon,
The wild-fire abated and the dragon skated.
+ + +

To extinguish fire without water:

Write the following words on each side of a plate, and throw it into the fire, and it will be extinguished forthwith:


Another method of stopping fire:

Our dear Sarah journeyed through the land, having a fiery hot brand in her hand. The fiery brand heats; the fiery brand sweats. Fiery brand, stop your beat; fiery brand, stop your sweat.

  • Fishing

A sure way of catching fish:

Take rose seed and mustard seed, and the foot of a weasel, and hang these in a net, and the fish will certainly collect there.

An easy method of catching fish:

In a vessel of white glass must be put: 8 grains of civit, (musk), and as much castorium; two ounces of eel-fat, and 4 ounces of unsalted butter; after which the vessel must be well closed, and put in some place where it will keep moderately warm for nine or ten days, and then the composition must be well stirred with a stick until it is perfectly mixed.

1. In using the hooks.-Worms or insects used for baiting the hooks must first be moistened with this composition, and then put in a bladder or box, which may be carried in the pocket.

2. In using the net.–Small balls formed of the soft part of fresh bread must be dipped in this composition and then by means of thread fastened inside of the net before throwing it into the water.

3. Catching Fish with the hand.–Besmear your legs or boots with this composition before entering the water at the place where the fish are expected, and they will collect in great numbers around you.

  • Fleas:

A recipe for destroying spring-tails or ground-fleas:

Take the chaff upon which children have been lying in their cradles, or take the dung of horses, and put that upon the field, and the spring-tails or ground-fleas will no longer do you any injury.

  • Get What You Want

How to obtain things which are desired:

If you call upon another to ask for a favor, take care to carry a little of the five-finger grass with you, and you shall certainly obtain that you desired.

  • Guns

Recipe for making a paste to prevent Gun Barrels from rusting, whether iron or steel:

Take an ounce of bear’s fat, half an ounce of badger’s grease, half an ounce of snake’s fat, one ounce of almond oil, and a quarter of an ounce of pulverized indigo, and melt it altogether in a new vessel over a fire, stir it well, and put it afterward into some vessel. In using it, a lump as large as a common nut must be put upon a piece of woollen cloth and then rubbed on the barrel and lock of the gun, and it will keep the barrel from rusting.

A Charm against powder and ball:

The heavenly and holy trumpet blow every ball and misfortune away from me. I seek refuge beneath the tree of life which bears twelvefold fruits. I stand behind the holy altar of the Christian Church. I commend myself to the Holy Trinity. I [name] hide myself beneath the holy corpse of Jesus Christ. I commend myself unto the wounds of Jesus Christ, that the hand of no man might be able to seize me, or to bind me, or to cut me, or to throw me, or to beat me, or to overcome me in any way whatever, so help me. [N.]

Whoever carries this book with him is safe from all his enemies, visible or invisible; and whoever has this book with him cannot die without the holy corpse of Jesus Christ, nor drown in any water, nor burn up in any fire, nor can any unjust sentence be passed upon him. So help me.

To prevent anyone from killing game:

Pronounce the name, as for instance, Jacob Wohlgemuth, shoot whatever you please; shoot but hair and feathers with and what you give to poor people. + + + Amen.

  • Headache

Cure for the headache:

Tame thou flesh and bone, like Christ in Paradise;
and who will assist thee, this I tell thee [name] for your repentance sake.

This you must say three times, each time lasting for three minutes, and your headache will soon cease. But if your headache is caused by strong drink, or otherwise will not leave you soon, then you must repeat those words every minute. This, however, is not often necessary in regard to headache.

  • Heart

A very good remedy for palpitation of the heart, and for persons who are hide-bound.

Palpitation and hide-bound, be off [name] ribs,
Since Christ, our Lord, spoke truth with his lips.

Note: Hidebound means having a dry skin lacking in pliancy and adhering closely to the underlying flesh.

  • Horses

A very good remedy to destroy bots or worms in horses:

You must mention the name of the horse, and say: “If you have any worms, I will catch you by the forehead. If they be white, brown or red, they shall and must now all be dead.” You must shake the head of the horse three times, and pass your hand over his back three times to and fro. + + +

Another good remedy for the bots in horses:

Every time you use this, you must stroke the horse down with the hand three times, and lead it about three times holding its head toward the sun, saying: “The Holy One saith: Joseph passed over a field and there he found three small worms; the one being black, another being brown, and the third being red; thou shalt die and be dead.”

To make horses that refuse their feed to eat again. Especially applicable when they are afflicted in this manner on the public roads.

Open the jaws of the horse, which refuses his feed, and knock three times on his palate. This will certainly cause the horse to eat again without hesitation, and to go along willingly.

To cure any excrescence or wen on a horse:

Take any bone which you accidentally find, for you dare not be looking for it, and rub the wen of the horse with it, always bearing in mind that it must be done in the decreasing moon, and the wen will certainly disappear. The bone, however, must be replaced as it was lying before.

A good remedy for the poll-evil in horses:

Take white turpentine, rub it over the poll-evil with your band, and then melt it with a hot iron, so that it runs into the wound. After this take neatsfoot oil or goose grease and rub it into the wound in the same manner, and for three days in succession, commencing on the last Friday of the last quarter of the moon.

  • Hysteria

A good Remedy for Hysterics (or Mother Fits), to be used three times.

Put that joint of the thumb which sits in the palm of the hand on the bare skin covering the small bone which stands out above the pit of the heart, and speak the following at the same time:

Matrix, patrix, lay thyself right and safe,
Or thou or I shall on the third day fill the grave.
+ + +

Another Remedy for Hysterics and for Colds:

This must be attended to every evening, that is, whenever you pull off your shoes and stockings, run your finger in between all the toes and smell it. This will certainly effect a cure.

  • Inflammation

A very good remedy for mortification and inflammation:

Sanctus Itorius res, call the rest.
Here the mother of God came to his assistance,
reaching out her snow-white hand, against the hot and cold brand.
+ + +

Make three crosses with the thumb. Everything which is applied in words, must be applied three times, and an interval of several hours must intervene each time, and for the third time it is to be applied the next day, unless where it is otherwise directed.

  • Lawsuits and the Law

For gaining a lawful suit:

It reads, if anyone has to settle any just claim by way of a law suit let him take some of the largest kind of sage and write the name of the twelve apostles on the leaves, and put them in his shoes before entering the courthouse, and he shall certainly gain the suit.

To retain the right in court and council:

Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Judeorum.

First carry these characters with you, written on paper, and then repeat the following words: “I (name) appear before the house of the Judge. Three dead men look out of the window; one having no tongue, the other having no lungs, and the third was sick, blind and dumb.”

This is intended to be used when you are standing before a court in your right, and the judge not being favorably disposed toward you. While on your way to the court you must repeat the benediction already given above.

  • Mend Broken Glass

Take common cheese and wash it well, unslaked lime and the white of eggs, rub all these well together until it becomes one mass, and then use it. If it is made right, it will certainly hold.

  • Paper

To prevent the worst kind of paper from blotting:

Dissolve alum in water, and put it on the paper, and I, Hohman, would like to see who cannot write on it, when it is dried.

  • Pregnancy

Advice to pregnant women:

Pregnant women must be very careful not to use any camphor; and no camphor should be administered to those women who have the mother-fits.

  • Protection

A precaution against injuries:

Whoever carries the right eye of a wolf fastened inside of his right sleeve, remains free from all injuries.

  • Rats and Mice

A good method of destroying rats and mice:

Every time you bring grain into your barn, you must, in putting down the three first sheaves, repeat the following words: “Rats and mice, these three sheaves I give to you, in order that you may not destroy any of my wheat.” The name of the kind of grain must also be mentioned.

To destroy field mice and moles:

Put unslaked lime in their holes and they will disappear.

  • Scurvy

To heal a sore mouth:

If you have the scurvy, or quinsy too,
I breathe my breath three times into you.
+ + +

For the scurvy and sore throat:

Speak the following, and it will certainly help you: Job went through the land, holding his staff close in the hand, when God the Lord did meet him, and said to him: Job, what art thou grieved at? Job said: Oh God, why should I not be sad? My throat and my mouth are rotting away. Then said the Lord to Job: In yonder valley there is a well which will cure thee [name], and thy mouth, and thy throat, in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

This must be spoken three times in the morning and three times in the evening; and where it reads “which will cure,” you must blow three times in the child’s mouth.

  • Sheep

A very good means to increase the growth of wool or sheep, and to prevent disease among them:

William. Ellis, in his excellent work on the manner of raising sheep, relates the following: a tenant who had a flock of sheep that produced an unusual quantity of wool. He informed me that he was in the habit of washing his sheep with buttermilk just after shearing them, which was the cause of the unusual growth of wool; because it in a known fact that butter does not only improve the growth of sheep’s wool, but also of the hair of other animals. Those who have no buttermilk may substitute common milk with salt and water, which will answer nearly as well to wash the sheep just sheared. And I guarantee that by rightly applying this means, you will not only have a great increase of wool, but the sheep-lice and their entire brood will be destroyed. It also cures an manner of scab and itch, and prevents them from taking cold.

  • Sickness

Another Remedy to be applied when anyone is sick, which has effected many a cure where doctors could not help.

Let the sick person, without having conversed with anyone, put water in a bottle before sunrise, close it up tight, and put it immediately in some box or chest. lock it and stop up the keyhole; the key must be carried one of the pockets for three days, as nobody dare have it except the person who puts the bottle with water in the chest or box.

  • Slander and Malicious Behavior Averted

Heliotrope (Sun Flower) a means to prevent calumniation:

The virtues of this plant are miraculous. If it be collected in the sign of the lion, in the month of August, and wrapped up in a laurel leaf together with the tooth of a wolf. Whoever carries this about him, will never be addressed harshly by anyone, but all will speak to him kindly and peaceably. And if anything has been stolen from you put this under your head during the night, and you will surely see the whole figure of the thief. This has been found true.

To prevent wicked or malicious persons from doing you an injury – against whom it is of great power:

Dullix, ix, ux.
Yea, you can’t come over Pontio;
Pontio is above Pilato.
+ + +

If you are calumniated or slandered to your very skin, to your very flesh, to your very bones, cast it back upon the false tongues.

+ + +

Take off your shirt, and turn it wrong side out, and then run your two thumbs along your body, close under the ribs, starting at the pit of the heart down to the thighs.

Against adversities and all manner of contention:

Power, hero, Prince of Peace, J. J. J.

  • Snake Bite

To cure the bite of a snake:

God has created all things and they were good;
Thou only, serpent, art damned,
Cursed be thou and thy sting.

+ + +

Zing, zing, zing!

  • Soap

Take one pound of hard soap, cut it fine, and mix with it one pound of soda ash. This article is much used, and its preparation, we believe, is a “great secret.”

  • Spellbind

How to fasten or spell bind anything:

You say, “Christ’s cross and Christ’s crown, Christ Jesus’ colored blood, be thou every hour good. God, the Father, is before me; God, the Son, is beside me; God, the Holy Ghost, is behind me. Whoever now is stronger than these three persons may come, by day or night, to attack me.” + + +

Then say the Lord’s prayer three times.

Another way of fastening or spell binding:

After repeating the above, You speak, “At every step may Jesus walk with (name). He is my head; I am his limb; therefore, Jesus, be with (name).”

  • Swellings

“Three pure virgins went out on a journey to inspect a swelling and sickness. The first one said, It is hoarse. The second said, It is not. The third said, If it is not, then will our Lord Jesus Christ come.” This must be spoken in the name of the Holy Trinity.

  • Toothache

A good remedy for a toothache:

Cut out a piece of greensward (sod) in the morning before sunrise, quite unbeshrewdly from any place, breathe three times upon it, and put it down upon the same place from which it was taken.

A good way to cause children to cut their teeth without pain.

Boil the brain of a rabbit and rub the gums of the children with it, and their teeth will grow without pain to them.

  • Wen Removal

To remove a wen during the crescent moon:

Look over the wen, directly towards the moon, and say “Whatever grows, does grow; and whatever diminishes, does diminish.” This must be said three times in the same breath.

  • Wheat

To prevent the Hessian Fly from injuring the wheat:

Take pulverized charcoal, make ley of it, and soak the seed wheat in it; take it out of the ley, and on every bushel of wheat sprinkle a quart of urine; stir it well, then spread it out to dry.

  • Winning

To win every game one engages in:

Tie the heart of a bat with a red silken string to the right arm, and you will win every game at cards you play.

A charm to gain advantage of a man of superior strength:

I [name] breathe upon thee. Three drops of blood I take from thee: the first out of thy heart, the other out of thy liver, and the third out of thy vital powers; and in this I deprive thee of thy strength and manliness.

Hbbi Massa danti Lantien. I. I. I.

  • Witchcraft

How to believe persons or animals after being bewitched:

Three false tongues have pound thee, three holy tongues have spoken for thee. The first is God, the Father, the second is God the Son, and the third is God the Holy Ghost. They will give you blood and flesh, peace and comfort. Flesh and blood are grown upon thee, born on thee, and lost on thee. If any trample on thee with his horse, God will bless thee, and the holy Ciprian; has any woman trampled on thee, God and the body of Mary shall bless thee; if an servant has given you trouble, I bless thee through God and the laws of heaven; if any servant-maid or woman has led you astray, God and the heavenly constellations shall less thee.

Heaven is above thee, the earth is beneath thee, and thou art between. I bless thee against all tramplings by horses. Our dear Lord Jesus Christ walked about in his bitter afflictions and death; and all the Jews that had spoken and promised, trembled in their falsehoods and mockery. Look, now trembleth the Son of God, as if he had the itch, said the Jews. And then spake Jesus: have not the itch and no one shall have it. Whoever will assist me to carry the cross him will I free from the itch, in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Against Evil Spirits and all manner of witchcraft:

N. I. R.
N. I. R.

All this be guarded here in time, and there in eternity. Amen.

You must write all the above on a piece of white paper and carry it about you. The characters or letters above signify: “God bless me here in time, and there eternally.”

To prevent witches from bewitching cattle, to be written and placed in the stable; and against bad men and evil spirits which nightly torment old and young people, to be written and placed on the bedstead:

“Trotter Head, I forbid thee my house and premises; I forbid thee my horse and cow-stable; I forbid thee my bedstead, that thou mayest not breathe upon me; breathe into some other house, until thou hast ascended every hill, until thou hast counted every fence-post, and until thou hast crossed every water. And thus dear day may come again into my house, in the name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen.”

This will certainly protect and free all persons and animals from witchcraft.

  • Worms

A good Remedy for Worms, to be used for men as well as for Cattle:

Mary, God’s Mother, traversed the land,
Holding three worms close in her hand;
One was white, the other was black, the third was red.
+ + + 

This must be repeated three times, at the same time stroking the person or animal with the hand; and at the end of each application strike the back of the person or the animal, to wit: at the first application once, at the second application twice, and at the third application three times; and then set the worms a certain time, but not less than three minutes.

How to destroy a Tape-Worm:

Worm, I conjure thee by the living God,
that thou shalt flee this blood and this flesh,
like as God the Lord will shun that judge who judges unjustly,
although he might have judged aright.
+ + +

A benediction against worms:

Peter and Jesus went out upon the fields; they ploughed three furrows, and ploughed up three worms. The one was white, the other was black, and the third one was red. Now all the worms are dead, in the name + + + Repeat these words three times.

  • Wounds

To remove pain and heal up wounds with three switches:

With this switch and Christ’s dear blood,
I banish your pain and do you good!

+ + +

Mind it well: you must in one cut, sever from a tree, a young branch pointing toward sunrise, and then make three pieces of it, which you successively put in the wound. Holding them in your hand, you take the one toward your right side first. Everything prescribed must be used three times, even if the three crosses should not be affixed. Words are always to have an interval of half an hour, and between the second and third time should pass a whole night, except where it is otherwise directed. The above three sticks, after the end of each has been put into the wound as before directed, must be put in a piece of white paper, and placed where they will be warm and dry.

How to tie up and heal wounds:

Speak the following: “This wound I tie up in three names, in order that thou mayest take from it heat, water, falling off of the flesh, swelling, and all that may be injurious about the swelling, in the name of the Holy Trinity.”

This must be spoken three times; then draw a string three times around the wound, and put it under the corner of the house toward the East, and say: “I put thee there, + + + in order that thou mayest take unto thyself the gathered water, the swelling, and the running, and all that may be injurious about the wound. Amen.”

Then repeat the Lord’s Prayer and some good hymn.

To take the pain out of a fresh wound:

Our dear Lord Jesus Christ had a great many biles and wounds, and yet he never had them dressed. They did not grow old, they were not cut, nor were they ever found running. Jonas was blind, and I spoke to the heavenly child, as true as five holy wounds were inflicted.

  • From the book of Albertus Magnus

A remarkable passage from the book of Albertus Magnus:

It says: If you burn a large frog to ashes, and mix the ashes with water, you will obtain an ointment that will, if put on any place covered with hair, destroy the hair and prevent it from growing again.

Another passage from the work of Albertus Magnus:

If you find the stone which a vulture has in his knees, and which you may find by looking sharp, and put it in the victuals of two persons who hate each other, it causes them to make up and be good friends.

From: Pow-Wows, or Long Lost Friend, by John George Hoffman, [1820]

More Pow Wow spells and cures can be found here:

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