Here is a really nice collection of thoughts and wisdom words about Love Magick, how best to go about it, and more:

1. Thread carefully never to hurt but to Honor the coming and/or return of love into your life. This means you should await for the coming of the Lover and the Beloved with the same quiet certainty that you know of the coming of dawn every morning, the Magic of twilight, the never-ending flow and reflow of the sea waves, the glorious brightness of Nanna/Sin in this Full Moon explendour every month. Every time we love, we love with the whole of who we were and are. The past won’t repeat itself if one learns to wait in joyous stillness. The greatest Lover is ever within and is always eager to manifest without, if we only listen to his/her urgings! And happy hunches and pushes!

2. Consider the importance and responsibility implied in Love Magic. You are responsible for those you captivate, never to manipulate or play power-over games with.

3. Don´t lose any opportunity to say that you care about people in your life. You never know how long for you are going to be in this life, and they in yours. Cherish the moment that was, the people you were with. In the end, if your love turned into ashes, I sincerely hope the fire was joyous and high while it lasted!

4. It is a strong sense of self within that makes the Magic of love manifest vibrant and free without. You don´t become someone only because somebody loves you. You are already yourself, you deserve love as much as to be loved.

5. Be practical. Allow a reasonable amount of time for the courtship of the unaware Beloved (2/3 months perhaps?) to develop if you are working a spell. At the end of your chosen deadline, if you get unsatisfactory signs (the keyword here is reciprocation), be gracious and MOVE ON to the next Real Thing. Many times it is necessary to lapidate your rough diamond (or human being in question).

6. My rule-of-thumb: if someone makes me angry or impatient, I move on. Sexual tension has a degree of expectation THAT IS NOT ANXIETY OR FRUSTRATION. In modern jargon, get results that please you and show potential.

7. Fight for your Beloved-To-Be and yet allow yourself to be grabbed. Think of Enlil and Ninlil, She who descended to the Underworld for him, who made then her his queen. Think of Ereshkigal, who demanded Nergal to get back to her and become her consort in the Underworld, rejoice at Nanna and Ningal, and the Eternal Return of Dumuzi to Inanna… who demanded him first to meet her standards! Romeos and Juliets died before they could build forever afters. Forever afters need everyday practice. Happy practice one makes be in all levels!

8. Most of all, ask the gods to send your way who you need and not who you might think you want. This is what I mean about waiting in perfect stillness for something the universe will bring your ways for sure if you keep wishing and witching in perfect love and perfect trust and timing to assess your goals and the gods´ designs for you.

9. Love for me is a tie that binds in freedom to be together for as long as the bond lasts. And I see no reason why the bond won´t be everlasting if both partners willingly work towards such goal.

10. And, if s/he makes you feel at ease and not much concerned about showing your WORSE, as well as little vulnerabilities, be alchemical and LET THE PROCESS BE THE GOAL. Because if in doing the simple, everyday details of your lives together you can make things extraordinary, think of what the extraordinary will be when the occasion arises! When you do nothing together (i.e. when anything and everything goes – a favorite expression where I come from) and it is fun, the Lady and Lord will be smiling upon you, and Love Everlasting will be yours to make be and come true.

Take these words into account before you put into practice these spells or other spells of now and of olden days to bring the lover and the beloved to your ways.

By the Wings of my Desire, by the god and goddess who my heart, mind, body and soul inspire, may the Lover and the Beloved be One within and without yourselves in all worlds you dare to fare!

By Lishtar

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