For this spell to find a lost cat or other small pet, you’ll need the assistance of a tree, rock, or other outdoor entity—preferably one in your yard or very near your home. Take one of your pet’s favorite toys and some pet food to the tree. Tell the tree about your pet and that you are concerned because of how long he or she has been missing. Ask the tree if it will help you by providing a beacon for your pet to follow to get home. Leave the pet food near the tree. If a small rock gets your attention, bring it and the pet toy into the house. Keep them near the door. Every time you pass the toy, thank the tree for its help in providing a beacon for your pet.

Source: Therese Francis

12 Responses to Spell To Find A Lost Pet

  • My cat s name is dorey

    • I just want my dog that is black and brown name Hercules it’s a boy I want him to come home my mom gave him away and really concerned about him so I was thinking if you can bring him home I really think you would appreciate it if you do I will tell you the address so you can bring them home if this is a witch or human or whatever I really care about him so anything happens to him happens to me so please make sure he comes home safely

  • Can you please cast a spell on a person who stolen my dog were they are misareable unril they give me back my dog she female old English bulldog i dont care about money or fortunes or love im with my husband for 25 years i just want someone to cast a spell for free and will contact you for a reading every month for 3 months if you can cast one free spell if you can help me thank you

  • Lost pet her name is Luv. She was lat seen on Freeport property. Freeport gave me the opportunity to look for my Luv on freeport property. Robert which was the man that took me to look for Luv. Robert and I found fresh tracks and trails were Luv might be hiding my Son whom stays with his grandma close by their property. Theres food and water out by his back gate so Luv has been going and eatting and then back to their property to hide at least thats my assumption. Is there any way you could help me bring my lost Luv home she been lost since the 4th of july

  • I need help finding my dog Chico someone took him and I am worried for him

    • He will b 7 months old soon and he is a black and white long girl dog he is schnauzer and German shepherd mix and other stuff want him back. I can feel him he is sad and lonely

  • My list dog’s name is Kasey and help is greatly appreciated

  • I lost my pet Paloma she is a 7 year old
    female white Chihuahua with brownish gold ears and eyes she has a purple fushia collar with black clasps and a silver leash ring on coller she is a bilingual Spanish and English dog she understands both languages she been missing since August 2, 2020 around 530pm on a Sunday I have been searching for her everyday since I am devastated that I can’t find her some one told me that a black truck with a chrome grill and the word COUNTRY on the front windshield Caucasian male and female has her they told the witness that they hit her or bumped her with there front bumper of truck in road and she needs a vet but I have contacted all vets in the area and shelters also please help me find her to bring her home I care if she is alive of course but there is a possibility that she could be dead I just want to know where to find her and bring her home please so she and I can be at rest my spirit is hurt can’t eat nor sleep well and won’t till I get some answers or have her home with me please help me please email me ASAP for answer

    • Francisca, Have you found your sweet pup Paloma yet? What state and city are you located in? I’m in Massachusetts. If you still don’t have her I can do a spell and pray to God and the Universe for her safe return. So let me know if you have her or not.

  • Question. Does everyone in the household need to thank the tree each time they pass the toy? Or just the person who cast the spell?

  • thank you i did this and oh he is like a mini dog who ran two far no chip or whatever in a city full of cars he is miniature and too friendly gets tired easily and he is young and well someone took him and was lost or missing for 7 -8 hours near the night now the couple who found him near bushes took him back to me they did not know who or where were we and pure chance they took him to us and they were actually going to stay with the dog because they had one the same as him same name and breed and all and well they somehow changed minds and took him back and well thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello I feel amazed after a long period of emotional depression with my husband which I almost lost hope in but all thanks to my girlfriend (Annie) who had same problem years back so I confided in her and she gave me hope to smile again by giving me an advice on how she got through her emotional depression pains with the help of a great spiritual love spell caster called Dr Ehi who helped me restored my broken/lost relationship back happily and I am so grateful for her help thank you Annie baby girl for giving me this positive contact advice that brought back my happy marriage again email Dr Ehi via of joy
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