For this spell to find a lost cat or other small pet, you’ll need the assistance of a tree, rock, or other outdoor entity—preferably one in your yard or very near your home. Take one of your pet’s favorite toys and some pet food to the tree. Tell the tree about your pet and that you are concerned because of how long he or she has been missing. Ask the tree if it will help you by providing a beacon for your pet to follow to get home. Leave the pet food near the tree. If a small rock gets your attention, bring it and the pet toy into the house. Keep them near the door. Every time you pass the toy, thank the tree for its help in providing a beacon for your pet.

Source: Therese Francis

5 Responses to Spell To Find A Lost Pet

  • My cat s name is dorey

  • Can you please cast a spell on a person who stolen my dog were they are misareable unril they give me back my dog she female old English bulldog i dont care about money or fortunes or love im with my husband for 25 years i just want someone to cast a spell for free and will contact you for a reading every month for 3 months if you can cast one free spell if you can help me thank you

  • Lost pet her name is Luv. She was lat seen on Freeport property. Freeport gave me the opportunity to look for my Luv on freeport property. Robert which was the man that took me to look for Luv. Robert and I found fresh tracks and trails were Luv might be hiding my Son whom stays with his grandma close by their property. Theres food and water out by his back gate so Luv has been going and eatting and then back to their property to hide at least thats my assumption. Is there any way you could help me bring my lost Luv home she been lost since the 4th of july

  • I need help finding my dog Chico someone took him and I am worried for him

    • He will b 7 months old soon and he is a black and white long girl dog he is schnauzer and German shepherd mix and other stuff want him back. I can feel him he is sad and lonely

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