Folk Medicine Remedies and Cures


The origins of herbal medicine lie in the common verifiable experience of the human race, in observing which plants the animals ate when they were feeling sick, and following their example. From these origins, augmented by centuries of experiential trial and error, a body of knowledge and lore developed in each region of the world, which became the world’s indigenous folk medicine traditions.

The folk medicine of the village healer was immediate and practical, consisting of “this herb for this illness, that herb for that,” with a bare minimum of theory behind it. From these roots the world’s great traditional medical systems evolved, in which the physician’s selection and use of the appropriate herbs was guided not just by clinical experience, but also by medical theories and principles. In Greece, this happened with Hippocrates.

Throughout history, there has been a great amount of exchange, trade and commerce in herbs and other natural medicinal substances, as traditional healers in each region of the world wanted to secure access to effective remedies that produced results. And so, there is a great degree of overlap between the herbal pharmacopeias of the world’s great traditional medical systems.

It is my intention here to share these healing traditions in the hopes that they will be useful and interesting.

Important Note: You will find that some of the cures and remedies presented here are effective and safe. You will also find that some are outrageous and possibly lethal. In this awareness, please use common sense before trying any of the remedies and cures. If you are unsure about a particular herb, pay a visit to the Encyclopedia of Herbology or do other research before using it.

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"Foolish the doctor who despises knowledge acquired by the ancients." ~Hippocrates
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