This is a spell that can be used to help you get whatever it is that you want: healing, guidance, courage, peace, harmony, love, success, money, energy, insight, power… anything. What is required is a clear idea of what you want and/or need, a tree receptive to your need, a leaf from that tree, a charcoal tipped stick, piece of flexible vine, and a dime.

When you have found the tree you are going to be working with, spend a few minutes getting centered and soaking in the energy of the place and developing a sense of connection with the tree. Then, sitting beneath your chosen tree, write or draw a symbol of your need onto the leaf with your charcoal tipped stick.

Rise and walk nine times around the tree clockwise, saying the following or similar words:

Ancient one of the ancient Earth,
Older than time can tell,
Grant me the power at your command
To charge my magic spell.

Repeat as often as necessary until you have walked nine times around the tree.

When finished, tie the leaf around the trunk as tightly as you can with the vine. If this isn’t possible, find a branch and tie it on there. When you are sure that the leaf is secure, take the dime and bury it at the foot of the tree in the Earth in payment for its help. Now leave the area and let the tree do its work.

If, when you return to the tree, the leaf is gone – don’t worry. The forces have been set in motion.

From: Earth Power

3 Responses to Tree Spell To Get What You Want

  • I hope this works my husband is in dire need of help he is in jail for some things that were wrong doings and I need him home safe and sound alive where they are going to send you a very bad jails. Horrible things happen to people I don’t need him ending up dead I just need my husband home all of them and safe and sound he is repenting for some things that were his fault and others that were not due to me being a witch he loves me and accept that and accept our god and goddess

  • If you don’t have a charcoal stick or twine are there substitutes that can be used

    • Tessa – you can substitute anything for the vine as long as it is something that is natural and biodegradable…. something that will eventually and naturally erode away. If a vine is not available, thin fabric would be fine, or cotton ribbon or string… even cotton or silk thread
      As for the charcoal stick, you can use a soft lead pencil, eye liner, I think even lipstick would be fine… something natural is best, but you can make do with what you have.
      Good luck

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