The origins of this love spell are obscure, but there is a litany in archaic Italian of which I have provided an English translation. It is a ritual that requires a bit of effort and a lot of herbal materials as well as a profound belief in its success. Otherwise, its nothing more than empty words. The materials can be obtained readily in any food store, herb market or metaphysical supply store.

Herbal Mixture:

  • 3 parts lavender
  • 3 parts damiana
  • 3 parts patchouly
  • 1 part Dragon’s blood resin
  • 13 gardenia petals
  • 4 parts red clover
  • 3 Saw Palmetto Berries
  • 3 parts peppermint
  • 3 parts Rue
  • 13 drops of your favorite perfume

Other Materials Needed:

  • Frankincense incense (stick or resin)
  • Mortar and Pestle (for grinding herbs)
  • Small red drawstring bag or square of red fabric with red thread or cord


Prepare space to work in by making sure the area is clean and the floors swept. Meditate on power, success and love, and begin by slowly grinding the herbs in a clockwise movement in the mortar and pestle. Do not add the oils at this time. Stirring the herbs in a clockwise direction with your finger, slowly add the oil mixture until it is well blended. Hold the bowl in your hand and enchant with the words:

Diana, bella Diana!
Che tanto bella e buona siei,
E tanto ti e piacere
Ti ho fatto,
Anche a te di fare al amore,
Dunque spero che anche in questa cosa
Tu mi voglia aiutare,
E se tu vorrai
Tutto tu portrai,
Se questa grazia mi vorrai fare:
Chiamerai tua figlia Aradia,
Al letto della bella fanciulla
La mandera Aradia,
La fanciulla in una canina cinertira,
Alla camera mia la mandera,
Ma entrate in camera mia,
Non sara piu una canina,
Ma tornera una bella fanciulla,
Bella cane era prima,
E cosi potro fare al amore
A mio piacimento,
Come a me piacera.
Quando mi saro divertito
A mi piacere diro.

“Per volere della Fata Diana,
E di sua figlia Aradia,
Torna una canina
Come tu ere prima!”


Diana, beautiful Diana
Who art indeed as good as beautiful
By all the worship I have given thee
and all the joy of love which thou hast known
I do implore thee aid me in my love!
What thou wilt is true
Thou canst ever do
And if the grace I seek thou’ll grant to me,
Then call, I pray, thy daughter Aradia,
and send her to the bedside of the man/woman
And give that man/woman the likeness of a dog
and make him/her then come to me in my room
but when he/she once has entered it, I pray
that he/she may re-assume her human form
as beautiful as ever he/she was before
and may I then make love to him/her until
our souls with joy are fully satisfied
Then by the aid of the great Faery Queen
and of her daughter, fair Aradia
may he/she be turned into a dog again
and then to human form as once before

Draw a bath, and light fresh incense. Place the herbal/oil mixture into the red bag, or tie it up in the red cloth spuare. Submerge it into the bath water, and let it steep while you inhale the incense and focus on your desire. Enter the bath slowly, feeling the tingling of the bath on your entire body as you do. Take a deep breath, filling your lungs to capacity, and submerge yourself completely under the water.

While underwater, exhale all of the air completely out of your lungs, and visualize any obstacles in the way of your success with this spell leaving your body with the air. Do this three times. Let the water run out of the tub while you are lying in it, and do not get out until all of the water has drained. Let your body dry naturally; do not use a towel. When your body is completely dry, dress yourself and apply your favorite fragrance that was used in the herbal mixture. Leave your home and go out for the evening.

Within 28 days, you will have attracted attract the perfect lover.

Source: Anything for love?

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