Write your enemy’s name on paper and seal it up in a bottle with

  • Powdered Mud Dauber Dirt from nine different nests
  • Nine Needles
  • Nine Pins
  • Nine Tacks
  • Nine Red Ants

Every day at noon, shake the bottle up and call your enemy’s name nine times, making nine curses for his or her ruin. Do this for nine days, and it is said that your wish for his or her destruction will come to pass.

From: Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic

4 Responses to To Destroy An Enemy

  • Is there any other name for “Powdered mud Dauber dirt”. And
    “Nine Tacks”.
    Please those two items where and how do I get them

    • The tacks are just regular thumb tacks and can be found in most general stores, you will need 9 of them. Mud dauber dirt is the actual nest of a mud dauber wasp. They make their nests out of mud, and you can find them on the sides of old abandoned buildings, under stairways that don’t get a lot of traffic, etc. If you do not have mud dauber wasps in your area, this will be harder to find.

  • Hi my name is alana an my boyfriend name is alvin we together for ten years we no married an we don’t have any kids, but there is this young lady name annette Augustin whose trying to destroy my relationship with my boyfriend where she keeps calling an messaging him everyday an I need to keep her away from us how do I go about doing that I really needs your help.

  • Things were going so well with us until she came into his life making him insult me , cursing me up everyday an beating me for no reason, I would go to work an when I come back home he would kick me an i’m seeing that I love this guy with all heart I does everything at my home while his there charting her online I really really really need it to stop

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