Hard boil a black hen’s egg in your own urine and cut it in half. Feed half to a black dog and half to a black cat. As you feed the dog, say:

As dogs hate cats,
so will (man’s name) hate (woman’s name).

As you feed the cat say:

As cats hate dogs,
so will (woman’s name) hate man’s name).

Note: Before working this spell take a little bit of time to remember that what goes around, comes around. So be sure that your intentions are for the good of the couple, and not because you want to cause heartache or pain.

From: Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic

4 Responses to To Break Up A Couple

  • send me more hoo doo spel

  • Please i need your help, Good day am going through serious problem i don’t know how to come out of it, there spiritaul problem that whatever i do me and my brother it doesn’t work, even when try do anything at that as to do with money at night d evil spirit will distroy it, any luck at all it will distroy it, it makes sure nothing good come my way have prayed go to churches use all kind of native power still yet nothing works, please i don’t if there is anyway out of this i so much appreciate God bless you

    • Hi, I’m not a professional or anything like that and I recently started this journey but I have a little tiddbit of advice for you; it’s been over a year now so your problem may have stopped.
      But if it’s still persisting then I ask you to evaluate you and your brother’s thinking and actions. It could be the universe repaying you all the evil or wicked or unjust things you both have done or thought against someone.
      Or it could just be you having a negative mindset and that is what is manifesting in your life.
      So the overall thing is to change your mindset and clean your karma, do good works for actual good too, meditations, etc.

  • I married my husband when he had no money, now he has some money and keeps cheating and going back to reconnect with exes and have new intimate relationships. Please, what can I do so my husband’s heart will love only me and face his family?

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