You will need:

  • Lavender Oil
  • Clary sage Oil
  • Grapefruit
  • Red candle
  • Sandalwood incense


This is a relatively easy spell. Confidence is an emotion which is easy to develop. Now to do this spell you must first remember to bathe in lavender oil (5-6 drops in your bath are enough). Once done with that, light the candle and place it near the window. Keep the grapefruit next to it and split it open. Now repeat the following lines 3 times

“Let the light of this flame
Enlighten my soul tonight
Let the spirit of confidence,
Fortify my soul with its might.”

Or else keep repeating it till you feel strong. To end the spell, cover the grapefruit with 12 drops of clary sage essential oil. And burn the incense. Leave the whole set up by the window for a couple of days. Wait till the grapefruit dries up completely. Do not touch the grapefruit till it dries away. Once all is done drying, place the whole set up in a box and dispose it off in the nearest water supply. Repeat first part of this spell (the bath, the candle, and the incantation) for 10 days until there is a surge of confidence in your soul.


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