There are many, many good reasons that have nothing to do with theft for why one would need to open a locked door to which one does not have a key. Of course, should one possess the right to enter, summoning a locksmith might be easier. Just in case, however, you find yourself outside a locked door without a key, without anyone willing to let you in, and without access to a locksmith, let’s hope that you’re carrying lotus root or moonwort, or (better still) chicory.

Lotus Root Door Unlocking Spell:

Place a lotus root beneath your tongue. Face a locked door and say “Sign Argis.” Allegedly the door should open.

Moonwort Door Unlocking Spell:

Place a bit of moonwort into a keyhole to loosen the lock.

Magical key Spell to Open Locked Doors:

Chicory allegedly removes obstacles. If gathered correctly, it may open locks. Silently gather chicory on Midsummer’s Eve at midnight, or on Midsummer’s Day at twelve noon, using a golden knife. Dry the plant. Allegedly this will serve as a key to open locks if it is held against them.

A very old spell to open a door:

A Greek text from Egypt, apparently copied about 350 GC, describes a spell for opening doors:

Taking the navel of a male crocodile and the egg of a scarab and a heart of a baboon, put these into a blue-green faience vessel. And when you wish to open a door, bring the navel to the door, saying,

{I call on you} who have power in the deep, for myself,
that there may now be a way open for me, for I say to you,

From: Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and other sources

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