There are many, many good reasons that have nothing to do with theft for why one would need to open a locked door to which one does not have a key. Of course, should one possess the right to enter, summoning a locksmith might be easier. Just in case, however, you find yourself outside a locked door without a key, without anyone willing to let you in, and without access to a locksmith, let’s hope that you’re carrying lotus root or moonwort, or (better still) chicory.

Lotus Root Door Unlocking Spell:

Place a lotus root beneath your tongue. Face a locked door and say “Sign Argis.” Allegedly the door should open.

Moonwort Door Unlocking Spell:

Place a bit of moonwort into a keyhole to loosen the lock.

Magical key Spell to Open Locked Doors:

Chicory allegedly removes obstacles. If gathered correctly, it may open locks. Silently gather chicory on Midsummer’s Eve at midnight, or on Midsummer’s Day at twelve noon, using a golden knife. Dry the plant. Allegedly this will serve as a key to open locks if it is held against them.

A very old spell to open a door:

A Greek text from Egypt, apparently copied about 350 GC, describes a spell for opening doors:

Taking the navel of a male crocodile and the egg of a scarab and a heart of a baboon, put these into a blue-green faience vessel. And when you wish to open a door, bring the navel to the door, saying,

{I call on you} who have power in the deep, for myself,
that there may now be a way open for me, for I say to you,

From: Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells and other sources

8 Responses to Door Unlocking Spells

  • This is an interesting site you have here. Very pretty too.

  • lotus root one wont work, any suggestions?

    • No duh! None of this will work.

      • the only reason why these don’t work it’s because you have to be in the right State of Mind or if you just have very very bad mental issues Perhaps you have to believe believing is the key to nearly everything especially powers Most people don’t see it but you have to have a picture not just a picture a picture in your head of the thing you want to do and plus the enchantment

  • really nice words , you r very cool.

  • Has anyone thought to make there own and if you like know anything about the craft of the wise is that literally the Spells you guys are reading are quite literally the spells that worked for these particular petitioners back in the days and whether it be because of luck or slip of some kind of something in the matter it worked for them or at least for that person so it was written down and passed down throughout the centuries and we have it today it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to work for you per say however it’s called the craft for a reason you need to go ahead and see what works and what doesn’t its called experimenting seeing what does and does not work for you specifically it doesn’t work move to the next until one does work hence the term the craft ( for those of you who do not know the definition of the word craft please do look it up and you’ll see what I mean)

  • one time it opened and another time it did not open but it worked

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