This is a fun magickal activity that is also great for children. Collect dandelions that have gone to seed. One easy way is to take a jar with you and snip the heads off letting them drop into the jar.

So not put a lid on the jar yet. First, and this is important, allow them to dry thoroughly by placing the jar in a warm space. If you put the lid on too soon, the seed heads will get damp and moldy and the whole thing will be a mess.

When the dandelions are nice and dry, put a lid on the jar. And label it “My Jar of Wishes.” They will keep for a very long time.

Whenever a wishing spell is called for, you can take your jar of wishes outside, pull out a dandelion, and blow on it allowing the seeds to disperse in the wind.

As you do this you can say:

“Dandelion wishes grant for me
All that I wish for
And so shall it be!”

Source: Unknown

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