Love Spells

Be warned!
This is a very explicit and powerful incantation for love
from ancient Mesopotamia.


Wind come, mountain quake
Clouds gather, droplets fall!
Let the penis of the ass become stiff,
let him mount the jenny,
let him mount the she-goat …
time after time!
At the head of my bed a he-goat is tied,
At the foot of my bed a ram is tied.
You at the head of my bed, have an erection, make love to me!
You at the foot of my bed, have an erection, caress me!
My vagina is a bitch´s vagina, his penis is a dog´s penis,
As the bitch´s vagina holds tight the dog´s penis,
So may my vagina holds tight his penis!
May your penis grow long as a warclub!
I´m sitting on a web of seduction,
May I not miss my prey!

Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia

The purpose of this ancient Mesopotamion love charm is to enable a man to win a woman´s favor by a magical procedure. If you can decipher the directions (hidden in the incantation) – it might actually work.

26. Karkabi, Irina Vitalievna - Lovers (2)

Ea loves the love charm,
The love charm, son of Ishtar,
Seated on her thighs, in the sapflow of the incense-tree
… you two beautiful maidens
You are come into bloom, you went down to the garden,
To the garden you went down
You cut the sapflow of the incense-tree.
I have seized your mouth for saliva!
I have seized your lustrous eyes!
I have seized your vulva for urine!
I climbed into the garden of the moon,
I cut through the poplar to her
Seek for me among the boxwood,
As the shepherd seeks for the sheep,
The goat her kid,
The ewe her lamb,
The jenny her foal
“His arms are two garlands of fruit
His lips are oil and … plant
A cruse of oil is his hand
A cruse of cedar oil on his shoulder”
So the love charms have bespoken her,
Then driven her to ecstasy!
I have seized your mouth for love-making!
By Ishtar and Isharra I conjure you!
May you find no release from me
Till your neck and his neck lie close beside!

From: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia


This ancient Mesopotamian incantation is a spell on behalf of an Entu Priestess who is in love with a man called Erra-bani. The incantation appears to be form of call and response, and is for invoking a strong sexual attraction.

The woman says:

Be restless at night,
find no peace during the day,

The man responds:

Do not sit peacefully at night.
Darling! Darling!

The woman says:

May your thighs be moving,
May your hips be in motion,

The man responds:

May your sinews be following
May your heart rejoice

The woman says:

May your liver be joyful!

The Man responds:

Let me swell up like a dog

This incantation could be used in spell work using candles to represent the couple involved, and I think it could work really well. The incantation could be written directly on the respective candles. The “couple” should then be bound together and then ignited in a fire of passion. The candles could be “dressed” with essential oils for love and passion, for example: Jasmine, Sandalwood, and/or Rose.

From: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia


This sexy incantation comes from Ancient Mesopotamia.

Potency, potency, potency! I have made a bed for potency!
What Ishtar does for Dumuzi,
What Nannay does for her lover,
What Ishara does for her mate,
Let me do for my lover!
Let the flesh of (insert name), son of (insert name), tingle,
Let his penis stand erect,
May his ardor be not flat, night or day!
By command of the Capable Lady, Ishtar, Nannay, Gazbaba, Ishara.

From: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia

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