Binding Spells


This ancient Mesopotamian incantation is a spell on behalf of an Entu Priestess who is in love with a man called Erra-bani. The incantation appears to be form of call and response, and is for invoking a strong sexual attraction.

The woman says:

Be restless at night,
find no peace during the day,

The man responds:

Do not sit peacefully at night.
Darling! Darling!

The woman says:

May your thighs be moving,
May your hips be in motion,

The man responds:

May your sinews be following
May your heart rejoice

The woman says:

May your liver be joyful!

The Man responds:

Let me swell up like a dog

This incantation could be used in spell work using candles to represent the couple involved, and I think it could work really well. The incantation could be written directly on the respective candles. The “couple” should then be bound together and then ignited in a fire of passion. The candles could be “dressed” with essential oils for love and passion, for example: Jasmine, Sandalwood, and/or Rose.

From: Myths, Tales, and Poetry of Ancient Mesopotamia

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