Note: This post was originally written back in 2012.

So, I’ve been thinking about that Osho Zen Tarot reading I got yesterday on the situation with my mother. Haven’t really done more than think about it…. And when I say think about it, the truth is that I haven’t been thinking about what the reading actually said. No. I’ve been simply thinking about the reading in a more general way… like… well… “Wow… that was great…” and “Osho was really spot on…” That kind of thing.

Then my sister read my posts and got inspired to do an Osho reading on the same subject. She sent me the results this morning. And once again, I was like… “Wow… that was great…” And I was thinking about how much I love the Osho Zen Tarot, wondering why it’s not my first “go to” when I have a life issue… Next thing you know, I was thinking that maybe I should do an Osho buy-out at amazon.

And that’s when I had this epiphany. I realized that the stuff I get from watching movies and TV shows sticks with me longer and has more life changing benefits than stuff I read in self help or inspirational books and websites. Fantasy and fiction work better for me than anything else.

For example:

I learned more about how magic works by reading Servant of the Bones, than I did reading the 20 plus books on magic that I have in my bookcase. Watching Rome, sent me to the crossroads and opened up a lot of magical doors. I have a huge collection of “change-your-life-and-make-it-better-books” but I didn’t actually change my life until I watched The Lord of the Rings. I have deeper insights into who I want to be, and who I really am from watching “Buffy,” “Heroes,” “Being Human,” and “Dexter.”

So I do an Osho reading, and it’s very insightful and wise. But nothing in me actually changed. I had a tiny glimmer of understanding but then… well… it blinked out.

On the other hand, if there was an Osho series… books, movies, TV shows… like… Osho fights demons from the Darkside or … I dunno… Osho banishes the Zombie invasion and saves the world… OK.. yeah! I’d be hearing little tidbits of truth and mulling them over… and eventually integrating them into my thought patterns… I’d be planted in front of the TV watching every single episode, drinking it all in.

And is that because I’m more committed to a story? a movie? a show? More invested? more interested? Or is is a simple matter of hearing AND seeing… watching how something might actually play out in the “real” world…

I mean, I read something inspirational, and I say “oh yeah” and next thing you know it’s drifted right out of my consciousness. but when I’m watching an action show… I’m saying “oh yeah” and then “oh shit” and then “yeah but” and then “aahh grasshoppa…”

2 Responses to Thinking About Osho

  • Works like that for me also. Maybe because good fiction, read or watched, draws us in more. We experience it more deeply than just reading some persons thoughts on a subject. Also with the cards I always have that seed of did I interpret this correctly or how I want it to be?

    • Also, too, it helps me to see how it might actually look in a “real” scenario… or almost “real life” instead of a more abstract concept… I don’t know… and I agree with the cards totally, always that shred of doubt.

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