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From Start Witchin, we have the 13 goals of the modern witch.

  1. Figure out what the fuck you believe. (AKA Witch, know thyself).
  2. Be brave enough to cast spells to get what you want.
  3. Drink good coffee.
  4. Use divination (but believe in free will).
  5. Accept your shadow self.
  6. DIY like a punk…
  7. … but don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  8. Align with the Divine (by whatever name you call it).
  9. Walk your talk openly.
  10. Embrace the witch archetype.
  11. Witch how you want (not all witchcraft is the same).
  12. Keep (and review) a journal.
  13. Momento Mori (remember you will die) so live life and have fun.

All you need to do to have a magical life with no filler whatsoever so it’ll be really easy to remember. OK?

  1. Stop hiding
  2. Seriously. Stop hiding. No more lies. No more secrets. No more being addicted to what people think. (WARNING !!  Do not read #3 until after you do this. Even though you and I both know you will. But it won’t do you any good. Oh well. Go ahead. 🙂
  3. You never aren’t in a magical life. So yea. Now go back and start with #1.

Everything changed when I forgave myself.

I have crooked teeth. I was born with strange toes and sometimes my heart speeds up. I’m not good with people, always keeping to myself, and I have two brothers I don’t even know.

But I’m trying to smile even though my teeth don’t look like a toothpaste commercial. I’m walking bare feet thinking ’who decided how toes are supposed to look?’ and I’m trying not to wear oversized clothes just to hide my body. I still keep to myself a lot, but sometimes I try to show up and reach out, and sometimes that’s all it takes.
I’m trying to both honour myself and grow myself.

Everything changed when I learned to honour my body instead of fighting it. When I learned to take care of it, like a precious castle to protect this weary heart. To stop harming it, punishing it for looking like this or that, feeling like this or that. I don’t look like they all told me I had to do, but I’m healthy and strong and vital. That is enough.

Everything changed when I forgave myself.

I never got a record deal. I never found a manager who believed in what I did. I never got to tour in a tour bus, with a band, in front of big crowds,
and I never got to do all those things I fought with all my life for, for so long.

But I started my own record label and built my own deal. I learned to manage myself and I even created my own concept for touring. With friends as a band. With my very own supporters as a crowd. I created my own path.

Everything changed when I switched from saying ‘I have to do this’ to ‘I GET to do this’. When I started viewing my music as a way to serve instead of building for own profit. When I tried to meet people with an open heart and a will to love them instead of guarding my own history of solitude and brokeness.

Dedication. Giving. Loving.
That is the goal.

Everything changed when I forgave myself for all the things I couldn’t be.

I’m not famous, successful, rich or popular. I don’t have a large group of friends, a big house or academic qualifications to get me a job: heck I never even had a job!

But I get to do me. Full out. Peacefully. With no one telling me to go there or do that, be this or sign here. I get to explore every corner of my own personality, on my own. Every passion, every talent, and follow wherever it might lead me.

I’m not everything I want to be, but I’m more than I was, and I’m still learning.

I’m happy. Just sitting here. Knowing I have a few friends. Knowing I have a dream to work on. Knowing I have somewhere to go if it starts raining. A pillow to rest my head on. Someone to call when I get lonely. Nature to walk in, pure air, early mornings, seasons and weather. This is enough. This is more than enough.
and most of all, I am enough.

Everything changed when I forgave myself.

~♡ Charlotte Eriksson

Ok Ok… I know, enough already about Aragorn… and you’ll have to bear with me at least one more time, because I think this is really profound!


All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows will spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken:
The crownless again shall be king.

I am finding so much comfort in that phrase, “not all those who wander are lost… the old that is strong does not wither…” If it is indeed possible to be Aragorn all that is required of me is to just show up and do whatever I can do. I am not lost in a maze. I don’t need to angst and agonize over it, nor do I need to “measure up,” all I need to do is show up with a spirit of willingness. The I Ching Oracle was right. I was trying too hard. How interesting….

And it occurs to me that if we can just meet life that way. Just show up and do whatever there is that can be done. Fear and self doubt will inevitably show up… so what? Say hello, tip your hat, and go on about your business. Of course, if you’re setting out on a journey to what ever it is that fires up those ashes, you will need an idea of a destination, some provisions, maybe a bit of rope, and some salt. The sword will come in it’s own good time, as will your traveling companions.

I’ll tell you where I really want to go… and that’s Rivendell… or the beach… either one would suit me just fine.

By the way: This post was migrated from my blogger blog ( and was first published on 2/17/08.

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