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Loved this so much… and the comments !!! So fun. I’ve also included them. Now I have to find more music by this band.

  • big deal i found jesus on a grilled cheese
  • A song called “Found God in a tomato” can’t possibly be bad
  • Came because of the title… stayed for the talent.
    Wicked song.
  • i lost shiva in a creme brûlée’
  • you know it’s good when the album art starts breathing
  • I found a bell pepper inside a bell pepper once. A green one inside a yellow one.
  • The title is intriguing, the song is amazing, the comment section is a bonus 😂
  • this is fuckin cool youtube recommendations are good sometimes
  • The title was all the clickbait I needed, My earholes are happy.
  • I found my mom in Wal-Mart. She has dementia so she wanders off.
  • The Tomato was Made into a BLT for your Sins
  • I had to click. The title is just too interesting.
  • Big woop I found Zeus in an avocado
  • I love how youtube recommended this after I had watched a bunch of gardening vids 😂 I might have to play this for my tomato plants this summer. Its a groovy tune 👽🌈🍅
  • In Croatian, “Heaven” is called “Raj” and “tomato” is called “RAJčica”. Coincidence? I think not.
  • I found my genitals in the mailbox…
  • I looked at my booty hole in the mirror today.
  • This song is legendary. If I ever become an art teacher I’ll play this while my class is working.
  • And then he said, “Ketchup!”
  • I don t even know which one is better; the name of the song or the name of the band
  • I found god in a bong
  • Call any vegetable and the chances are good the vegetable will respond to you.
  • OK This is epic.
  • I think I saw the word poop in my alphabet soup once.
  • I play guitar… I try to play shit like this… psychedelic punk type shit… I must be honest with myself and admit I’m very envious of these riffs… and that intro progression… fire!
  • in my delirium, i click, curious. I leave with a mind full of sooth and a heart of psychedelic porn crumpets, and sun roasted tomatoes, stuffed with God. Jam on…!
  • I found Mohammed in a Mojito. Quit braggin’.
  • Oh yea, I’m definitely tripping to this.
  • I found Buddha in my mirror, Wait.. that’s just me
  • I saw Jesus praying through a chemtrail. Lost my water all over an apalooza flank. Found my breath in an upper throat of a skeleton. I thought everything through as I made it up. I made everything true as I thought it up.
  • I found Jah in a bucket of day-old Coleslaw
  • I quit my job today it felt so good
  • Once in a while, the youtube algorithm REALLY pays off.
  • Had me at Crumpets
  • I found the devil in a hit of angel dust
  • Great song , pure luck helped finding it
  • I’m here because of the name of the band, and the title of the song. Now, I’m here with shivers, being breathless and amazed. I love it.
Here are the lyrics:

I’m barely operating
Yet a functional being
I always seemed to be vacant
parading myself as an abductee
Then one day I was transposed
from a simple young man
to a godly tomato that held all existence
and told me that we should expand
and now the world always seems to revolve
around me
I’ll wake up and I will always be fine
now I know
Everything will always will be easy
and the way I like
I’m grateful that I held that tomato
So he could change my life
Cause i’m different
At least I thought so.
What a triumphant occasion
to change your design
that one has left my head on a pillow on my cloud nine
I wonder how many more fruits
can connect to my head
I would take a papaya
travel the world and the universe as two best friends
and the world will always revolve
Now we’re different
Time, I’m coming back with.

I just finished reading an article by Amrito MD, over at Here are some of the high points:

  • Recent research has now established that thinking too much can rot the brain.
  • Just as hard labor leaves marks on the hands, hard thinking leaves marks on the brain.
  • It appears that chemicals excreted by thinking cells may not be cleared away quickly enough and may poison and kill the brain cells.
  • Men’s brains rot a lot faster than women’s.

Isn’t this fun to know? It’s almost a no brainer!

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