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Hey guys, check out this really nifty virtual reality video. Very cool! I have been reading some of his interviews, and am planning to try his ideas on meditation, and also am going to work on out of body experiences and lucid dreaming. So… these are my “dreams before dawn.”

Dreams before Dawn from Jurgen on Vimeo.

Loved this so much… and the comments !!! So fun. I’ve also included them. Now I have to find more music by this band.

  • big deal i found jesus on a grilled cheese
  • A song called “Found God in a tomato” can’t possibly be bad
  • Came because of the title… stayed for the talent.
    Wicked song.
  • i lost shiva in a creme brûlée’
  • you know it’s good when the album art starts breathing
  • I found a bell pepper inside a bell pepper once. A green one inside a yellow one.
  • The title is intriguing, the song is amazing, the comment section is a bonus 😂
  • this is fuckin cool youtube recommendations are good sometimes
  • The title was all the clickbait I needed, My earholes are happy.
  • I found my mom in Wal-Mart. She has dementia so she wanders off.
  • The Tomato was Made into a BLT for your Sins
  • I had to click. The title is just too interesting.
  • Big woop I found Zeus in an avocado
  • I love how youtube recommended this after I had watched a bunch of gardening vids 😂 I might have to play this for my tomato plants this summer. Its a groovy tune 👽🌈🍅
  • In Croatian, “Heaven” is called “Raj” and “tomato” is called “RAJčica”. Coincidence? I think not.
  • I found my genitals in the mailbox…
  • I looked at my booty hole in the mirror today.
  • This song is legendary. If I ever become an art teacher I’ll play this while my class is working.
  • And then he said, “Ketchup!”
  • I don t even know which one is better; the name of the song or the name of the band
  • I found god in a bong
  • Call any vegetable and the chances are good the vegetable will respond to you.
  • OK This is epic.
  • I think I saw the word poop in my alphabet soup once.
  • I play guitar… I try to play shit like this… psychedelic punk type shit… I must be honest with myself and admit I’m very envious of these riffs… and that intro progression… fire!
  • in my delirium, i click, curious. I leave with a mind full of sooth and a heart of psychedelic porn crumpets, and sun roasted tomatoes, stuffed with God. Jam on…!
  • I found Mohammed in a Mojito. Quit braggin’.
  • Oh yea, I’m definitely tripping to this.
  • I found Buddha in my mirror, Wait.. that’s just me
  • I saw Jesus praying through a chemtrail. Lost my water all over an apalooza flank. Found my breath in an upper throat of a skeleton. I thought everything through as I made it up. I made everything true as I thought it up.
  • I found Jah in a bucket of day-old Coleslaw
  • I quit my job today it felt so good
  • Once in a while, the youtube algorithm REALLY pays off.
  • Had me at Crumpets
  • I found the devil in a hit of angel dust
  • Great song , pure luck helped finding it
  • I’m here because of the name of the band, and the title of the song. Now, I’m here with shivers, being breathless and amazed. I love it.
Here are the lyrics:

I’m barely operating
Yet a functional being
I always seemed to be vacant
parading myself as an abductee
Then one day I was transposed
from a simple young man
to a godly tomato that held all existence
and told me that we should expand
and now the world always seems to revolve
around me
I’ll wake up and I will always be fine
now I know
Everything will always will be easy
and the way I like
I’m grateful that I held that tomato
So he could change my life
Cause i’m different
At least I thought so.
What a triumphant occasion
to change your design
that one has left my head on a pillow on my cloud nine
I wonder how many more fruits
can connect to my head
I would take a papaya
travel the world and the universe as two best friends
and the world will always revolve
Now we’re different
Time, I’m coming back with.

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