Say What?

So my sister sent me a draft of her newest book. Did I tell you she is a writer? She is! And she actually writes books! Not only does she start them, she also finishes them. They get published and people even buy them…. Sometimes she even writes them in code!! Check this out! When I opened the file, this is what it said:

ÓQ”L^=ú·o?äåEŒ‚8MÂWVaþèÏþÿüÿ1/49J‡‹Y˜-o’ä/oyuZó-ß}-§á,ÈŸ¤ó0áÅqšÍ‚‚o³Éw³ “YÌÓÙ(¢AGÅꔧÇÇ珪·I_=ZdÉËê–Ï¢a-æ鸐?y(tm)ŽÇÑ0¬3/4Ô’}Îç-y]Y}âwYs†4ɧѯßmöGߍGœÖorkzˆÛY\ÿÞrþ9Ÿ6Ê‚%÷1‹Ëc/Ól4ÏÒa˜çüôºñîOŽMŸ]PÞâî/çëŸYŸdDÉÝÛw´îÿîòžpyß•Ÿý1/4Õ§
1/44HG+ù:÷-/áÅÑO¯-?¿ 9{sò¨þÑu8
ùËÛ ~õh-†Ù£ïä§Yùbö6MŠœ_òa1/2zt(tm)Eײ91/2Lòæ÷Ã1/4~’?ÿ(r)ú{3/4Îå}äëáØ
‘h’ƒþ ˜›ƒ•Ä9ø$¥ku°’
-úôÍñåóë”4ŏ䣎OÏž]=¿ºûa#w±þë*Pª~Ô Ùüçb‡œBå/(r)ÈŽ?kŒü×úå§Çå
{Ið/ÌiõÅÕ1ÿ0_ÁàNh:LwxóÊB­Ëâ Ë(r)
àNdâ‹2ºë†~ùrõWkUùªtw}Ÿtý£†XW2e_ôPmµ¿(r)k¢whE4ëIe*kc#T)ü PÀ¿ñ(L>Kq3/4¸¿ÐÚÎõW$ÝÉÅӔ˳Úì÷q@å-ð¿/)k”BPs
W&µ¸-ù<Š “a ³Ûð’r}Ç‹Bì2öy’ˆ’ qxä­Ã]œèÞ³1/4Ç^Ï”’Xó0ÆϱÛSø¥‹¢s¦ZE8OÎN(r)(96ÌÛ-Õƒ6’L1/4‰ 1žåøêâÅÉUg ƒ,^y³4KÄ j_Y” ]KôÅäñƒù<’B ÆOÖ>{Ê鋤¡æ=9ØÆ”ßñëã”7Ÿœ~”ê}Ççÿ°òÆY”Ë”vOJ”G.OϏOw+Bþ’÷¯ÁíÊû3/4Å!;~>1/2ró~J
aVx!Xéý¹Û¸Åd”ÿ/.Nßœõ ‘ÆYºTÚhS£E³yšÑo2
d”ÊŸE”iáM¢î”K8ÞË,‡(tm)­1/4¥Yœzc5‚}Óm]œ?=~¶[+ì¿3}`oNI’(c)ä1B\¤eºˆGÞ$,H”qyï”,,Ù(tm)œLÉÝG*oŸ-åN¹Ù8æ7Lsñúüüúy*ã±ñ1/2QU)¬YØ9Ìþ5wÎ…Ìç÷\GotÈÃ!l…_ÙfŽ]ÂÇq””!Š%£mËËC’2†£Ð›F³öG7µpoé=6£7c€<ÃØýôÆô•p,†Ó w4¯h´ñãè†ü¯-ÏÃ!}}Þ(Œ±’†ö†4uûªvɬzÇ¡m~´QÏæ bý•>ò
J6W~@-‡á ÷*(tm)š’ÏPÖ/ÀóSÕ’¨Ó°V¸º ;àÿœzQAù7

And I’m like…. huh??? Ok, Gracie, I’m pretty intelligent, but hey, I’m not THAT smart! Well, whenever I am confronted with a problem, I turn to the Church of Google. Through which I was directed to a program that might possibly decipher it. I have downloaded said program twice now, and both times my internet connection has gone away before the download was complete.

So, I’m wondering… is this some sort of Alien Cypher? Did you CHANNEL this book from Andromeda? or Sirius? or… the Pleides? Is there an alien conspiracy working to ensure that this book is never read by simple humans like me?

While researching snakes, I came across this nifty little tidbit. It’s a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to snakes.

A. Don’t cross a snake’s path unless you slide or shuffle your feet.
B. You’ll have leg aches – other diseases – bad luck.

A. Don’t eat in front of a snake.
B. When you get older, your throat will close.

A. Don’t watch a snake swallow it’s food.
B. Your neck will swell up.

A. Don’t watch a water snake swallow.
B. You’ll lose your voice.

A. Don’t open your mouth when you see a snake.
B. He’ll jump in.

A. Don’t kill snakes or lizards.
B. It will make your heart small – dry up – you will get a crooked back.

A. Don’t burn a snake.
B. You’ll get sores – rash.

A. Don’t kill a snake when it is raining.
B. Lightning will strike your house.

A. Don’t put a snake in the open when dead.
B. The lighting will bring it back to life.

A. Don’t put a dead snake on a rock.
B. You’ll cause a thunderstorm – it will come back to life.

A. Don’t kill a snake with your hand.
B. Your hand will swell up.

A. Don’t go to the bathroom in front of a snake.
B. He will be jealous of your wife and turn her yellow.

A. Don’t pick up things between two fingers.
B. Only snakes do that.

A. Don’t watch snakes having intercourse.
B. You’ll go blind.

A. Don’t step on a snake.
B. Your legs will swell up – get crooked.

A. Don’t draw in the sand with your fingers.
B. Snakes will come to it.

A. Don’t talk about snakes.
B. They will come around.

A. Don’t laugh at a snake.
B. It will bite you.

A. Don’t make faces at a snake.
B. It will bite you some day.

A. Don’t spit at a snake.
B. It will get after you.

A. Don’t watch a snake crawl out of its skin.
B. You’ll get sick or jump out of your skin.

A. Don’t shoot an arrow at a snake.
B. It will go crooked – hit something else – be spoiled.

A. Don’t run over a snake in your car.
B. You’ll have a bad life.

A. Don’t break snake eggs.
B. The snakes will get you.

A. Don’t wear anything made out of snakeskin, especially boots or shoes.
B. You will get crippled.

A. Don’t touch a snake.
B. It has nothing and it will make you have nothing.

A. Don’t call a person a snake.
B. You’ll be bitten by one.

A. Don’t urinate on roads that cross each other.
B. That is the same as a snake trail

 ~Navajo Taboos; Ernie Bulow, 1991

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