me being dumb

So my sister sent me a draft of her newest book. Did I tell you she is a writer? She is! And she actually writes books! Not only does she start them, she also finishes them. They get published and people even buy them…. Sometimes she even writes them in code!! Check this out! When I opened the file, this is what it said:

ÓQ”L^=ú·o?äåEŒ‚8MÂWVaþèÏþÿüÿ1/49J‡‹Y˜-o’ä/oyuZó-ß}-§á,ÈŸ¤ó0áÅqšÍ‚‚o³Éw³ “YÌÓÙ(¢AGÅꔧÇÇ珪·I_=ZdÉËê–Ï¢a-æ鸐?y(tm)ŽÇÑ0¬3/4Ô’}Îç-y]Y}âwYs†4ɧѯßmöGߍGœÖorkzˆÛY\ÿÞrþ9Ÿ6Ê‚%÷1‹Ëc/Ól4ÏÒa˜çüôºñîOŽMŸ]PÞâî/çëŸYŸdDÉÝÛw´îÿîòžpyß•Ÿý1/4Õ§
1/44HG+ù:÷-/áÅÑO¯-?¿ 9{sò¨þÑu8
ùËÛ ~õh-†Ù£ïä§Yùbö6MŠœ_òa1/2zt(tm)Eײ91/2Lòæ÷Ã1/4~’?ÿ(r)ú{3/4Îå}äëáØ
‘h’ƒþ ˜›ƒ•Ä9ø$¥ku°’
-úôÍñåóë”4ŏ䣎OÏž]=¿ºûa#w±þë*Pª~Ô Ùüçb‡œBå/(r)ÈŽ?kŒü×úå§Çå
{Ið/ÌiõÅÕ1ÿ0_ÁàNh:LwxóÊB­Ëâ Ë(r)
àNdâ‹2ºë†~ùrõWkUùªtw}Ÿtý£†XW2e_ôPmµ¿(r)k¢whE4ëIe*kc#T)ü PÀ¿ñ(L>Kq3/4¸¿ÐÚÎõW$ÝÉÅӔ˳Úì÷q@å-ð¿/)k”BPs
W&µ¸-ù<Š “a ³Ûð’r}Ç‹Bì2öy’ˆ’ qxä­Ã]œèÞ³1/4Ç^Ï”’Xó0ÆϱÛSø¥‹¢s¦ZE8OÎN(r)(96ÌÛ-Õƒ6’L1/4‰ 1žåøêâÅÉUg ƒ,^y³4KÄ j_Y” ]KôÅäñƒù<’B ÆOÖ>{Ê鋤¡æ=9ØÆ”ßñëã”7Ÿœ~”ê}Ççÿ°òÆY”Ë”vOJ”G.OϏOw+Bþ’÷¯ÁíÊû3/4Å!;~>1/2ró~J
aVx!Xéý¹Û¸Åd”ÿ/.Nßœõ ‘ÆYºTÚhS£E³yšÑo2
d”ÊŸE”iáM¢î”K8ÞË,‡(tm)­1/4¥Yœzc5‚}Óm]œ?=~¶[+ì¿3}`oNI’(c)ä1B\¤eºˆGÞ$,H”qyï”,,Ù(tm)œLÉÝG*oŸ-åN¹Ù8æ7Lsñúüüúy*ã±ñ1/2QU)¬YØ9Ìþ5wÎ…Ìç÷\GotÈÃ!l…_ÙfŽ]ÂÇq””!Š%£mËËC’2†£Ð›F³öG7µpoé=6£7c€<ÃØýôÆô•p,†Ó w4¯h´ñãè†ü¯-ÏÃ!}}Þ(Œ±’†ö†4uûªvɬzÇ¡m~´QÏæ bý•>ò
J6W~@-‡á ÷*(tm)š’ÏPÖ/ÀóSÕ’¨Ó°V¸º ;àÿœzQAù7

And I’m like…. huh??? Ok, Gracie, I’m pretty intelligent, but hey, I’m not THAT smart! Well, whenever I am confronted with a problem, I turn to the Church of Google. Through which I was directed to a program that might possibly decipher it. I have downloaded said program twice now, and both times my internet connection has gone away before the download was complete.

So, I’m wondering… is this some sort of Alien Cypher? Did you CHANNEL this book from Andromeda? or Sirius? or… the Pleides? Is there an alien conspiracy working to ensure that this book is never read by simple humans like me?

I have a gagillion questions for God. It’s quite a list.

  • What is my purpose in life?
  • Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?
  • Am I supposed to be doing anything in particular?
  • Is the concept of “supposed to be” even a valid one?
  • Do you love me?
  • Am I acceptable?
  • Am I a miserable failure?
  • Who are you anyway?
  • Why am I here?
  • What do you want from me?
  • How do you expect me to know what you want if you don’t tell me anything in plain English?
  • Do you speak English?
  • Who am I really?
  • Why am I having so much trouble doing and/or being … (insert long list here) … ?
  • Can I please have a bunch of money so I can get out of debt?
  • I would very much like for you to call me up on the phone every day so we can have a nice long talk, would you please do that for me?
  • How can I make sure that the answer to the previous question is “yes”?
  • You could give me a big red phone. It could say “hot line to God” on it. Everyday it could ring, and I would answer it. We could be friends, you could help me with stuff, wouldn’t that be fun?
  • Maybe I could even help you with stuff, don’t you think that would be fun?
  • Of course, you probably never need help… (insert big sigh of relief on my part), that’s true, isn’t it? You’re the Master of the Universe, you don’t need any help with anything, do you?
  • Especially not from me, right?
  • Maybe you don’t even know who I am. Do you know me? Have we met before?
  • What is actually true?
  • Are you reading this list of questions right now?
  • Do you think maybe you might answer one of them today?
  • What if I said “please”?

So today, I started out with an idea of finding cool quotes to post on Way Cool Quotes. First thing I found was a list of inspiring Rumi quotes…

And it must be true because ….
well …
Next thing you know …
I’m downloading Cthulhu Wallpapers…

Which kind of freaked me out…
not really…
but then I found this, and that was fun!

Which lead to this:

And then somehow …
I’m not quite sure how …
I ended up on a Persian art downloading binge …
which resulted in this …

So now I’ve gone full circle …
flying back to the light …


And here we are …
Back at the beginning …
with a Rumi Quote!

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