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I came across this list quite a while ago. The idea was to create a series of 100 paintings, drawings, or other art projects based on the following key words. I think I’m going to finally do it. My idea is to do some small ZenTangle cards and turn it into a personal divination set.  Alternatively, I might start another Middle of the Night Art series based on this list. What do you think? Does it get your creative juices flowing? Any other ideas?

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Love
  • 3. Light
  • 4. Dark
  • 5. Seeking Solace
  • 6. Break Away
  • 7. Heaven
  • 8. Innocence
  • 9. Drive
  • 10. Breathe Again
  • 11. Memory
  • 12. Insanity
  • 13. Misfortune
  • 14. Smile
  • 15. Silence
  • 16. Questioning
  • 17. Blood
  • 18. Rainbow
  • 19. Gray
  • 20. Fortitude
  • 21. Vacation
  • 22. Mother Nature
  • 23. Cat
  • 24. No Time
  • 25. Trouble Lurking
  • 26. Tears
  • 27. Foreign
  • 28. Sorrow
  • 29. Happiness
  • 30. Under the Rain
  • 31. Flowers
  • 32. Night
  • 33. Expectations
  • 34. Stars
  • 35. Hold My Hand
  • 36. Precious Treasure
  • 37. Eyes
  • 38. Abandoned
  • 39. Dreams
  • 40. Rated
  • 41. Teamwork
  • 42. Standing Still
  • 43. Dying
  • 44. Two Roads
  • 45. Illusion
  • 46. Family
  • 47. Creation
  • 48. Childhood
  • 49. Stripes
  • 50. Breaking the Rules
  • 51. Sport
  • 52. Deep in Thought
  • 53. Keeping a Secret
  • 54. Tower
  • 55. Waiting
  • 56. Danger Ahead
  • 57. Sacrifice
  • 58. Kick in the Head
  • 59. No Way Out
  • 60. Rejection
  • 61. Fairy Tale
  • 62. Magic
  • 63. Do Not Disturb
  • 64. Multitasking
  • 65. Horror
  • 66. Traps
  • 67. Playing the Melody
  • 68. Hero
  • 69. Annoyance
  • 70. 67%
  • 71. Obsession
  • 72. Mischief Managed
  • 73. I Can’t
  • 74. Are You Challenging Me?
  • 75. Mirror
  • 76. Broken Pieces
  • 77. Test
  • 78. Drink
  • 79. Starvation
  • 80. Words
  • 81. Pen and Paper
  • 82. Can You Hear Me?
  • 83. Heal
  • 84. Out Cold
  • 85. Spiral
  • 86. Seeing Red
  • 87. Food
  • 88. Pain
  • 89. Through the Fire
  • 90. Triangle
  • 91. Drowning
  • 92. All That I Have
  • 93. Give Up
  • 94. Last Hope
  • 95. Advertisement
  • 96. In the Storm
  • 97. Safety First
  • 98. Puzzle
  • 99. Solitude
  • 100. Relaxation

This is my 365 things to do to climb out of my hole, escape from my box… and live a larger life than the one I’ve been hiding in. And no, I’m not going to list all of them here. I’m just going to talk about what they might be and get ideas for what they could be, so that I can get up out of this chair and get going on it right now. Who knows, it might even be something you might want to try… so read on.

My new years resolution this time around is to do one thing every day. Just one. I had this idea that I would make a list of 365 things that I could do that would strengthen my connection to my guides and angels, empower my spiritual life, and feed my soul. Basically, I just want to get right with the Gods because I’ve been feeling that connection slipping and fading.

So… I thought I would make a box, bottle, or basket with 365 little slips of paper. Each one with something written on it that would further my goal. Some easy and quick, and others that are more interesting, more complicated and which would take longer to complete. Every day I will pick out one of those slips and do what it says. If I have a day when I pick something that doesn’t seem to fit with that particular moment, I can always put it back and find another. At the end of the year, the container should be empty, and I should be feeling much more connected to spirit… at least that’s the plan.

For this kind of thing to work for me, it has to be something that I start my day with. If I put it off till the evening, next thing you know, I’ll be forgetting about it completely, and my plan will be ruined. So, first order of business is to set all of my alarms 15 minutes earlier.

Alarms? Plural? Yes… the first one is birds singing because I like to ease into the idea of waking up. Then I have the Ganesh Mantra sung by Yogi Hari. That starts my day off right by putting me in good standing with the Remover of Obstacles, even though most of the time I sleep through it. And lastly, I have my annoying and loud rock and roll song that propels me out of bed and into my day.

But I digress…

So. Now for my 365 things. I decided to come up with 24 somewhat intensive things to do. This means that, all things being equal, twice a month I will get totally immersed in a spiritual pursuit of some kind. For example:

  • Do a medicine wheel.
  • Take a shamanic journey.
  • Cast a circle and do some deep magick.
  • Do a complete Reiki treatment on myself or someone else.
  • A tarot card reading complete with incense, candles, and music.
  • Create a magickal tool.
  • Create an altar or magickal place on my property.
  • Paint a portrait of myself, my guides, or my heart.

For my four work days each week I need something easy and quick, which means 208 things I can do on the fly. I’m going to write these on colored paper, so it will be easy to grab one and go. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Go outside, connect with the earth and sky, and say hello to the four directions.
  • Reiki my eyes.
  • Reiki my heart.
  • Pour white light over my body to cleanse and protect.
  • Say a nice hello to my guides and angels.
  • Five minutes of pranayama.
  • A chant to the Goddess… or the God.

It would be good to get out of the house periodically… so I decided to write 24 spiritual and/or magickal things that would require me to go someplace other than here. That’s only twice a month. I should be able to swing it. Those things might look like this:

  • Go out in the woods and leave messages and treats in the trees for the fairies.
  • Find a high hill where I can stand and let the wind clear my aura and blow all my negative shit away.
  • Do magick that requires a crossroads and a graveyard.
  • Visit a mall and let the Gods speak to me through what I see and hear.
  • Pour my bullshit and bad juju into container of herbs and essential oils, and release it into a river or creek.

And then I need some mid range things … stuff that doesn’t take all day and isn’t too complicated, and yet remains interesting and rewarding. I’m thinking maybe an investment of an hour or so of my time. Some of my ideas include:

  • Reiki my house and everything in it.
  • Listen to a self hypnosis mp3, video, or CD.
  • Have a talk with a tree.
  • Send Reiki to the earth, the sun, and the sky.
  • Color therapy in the Magick room.
  • Take a relaxing magickal bath.
  • Pull a rune stone or three, and contemplate the message.
  • Throw the I Ching.
  • Cast a simple spell.
  • Do the long chant to the Unconquered Sun.
  • Recite the names of Ganesha.

And if all else fails… I also plan to have a number of dark slips of paper. These are for if I totally forgot to do my one thing and it’s now late in the day. They would be extra cards, the just in case cards… and the plan is that if any are left over at the end of the year, I’ll do all of them. They are:

  • Howl at the moon.
  • Send Reiki to the stars.
  • Breathe in the night and breathe out my drama and bullshit.
  • Go outside and be peace…. for just a few minutes… be peace.

These actually sound kind of fun! Lots of them are things I can do with my girls, which makes it even more fun. I can’t wait to get started.

  • Vinegar-saddened potatoes, seasoned in the shadow of an man bursting with regret, accompanied by a side of angsty pomegranate steeped three hours in leeks, ennui, and the bourgeois consumerism of a successful older sibling.
  • Orphaned zucchini aged in the sound of children’s laughter, embittered in vinegar, anise, and the deep-eyed stares of a loyal dog, gazing ever-hopefully out the window, even though her owner is late coming home from work.
  • Friendless goat in emotionally processed micro greens. Do make sure the greens are micro, as they have to be small in comparison with the universe. This dish is best served at a table for one, far from home, while browsing Facebook on your phone.
  • Feet of an overworked duck, braised for the amount of time it takes Sisyphus to roll his boulder up and down the same mountain three times. For the braising liquid, try to locate at your local wine store a debauched pinot noir, with a misanthropic nose, surprisingly empty on the palate, and a sardonic finish.
  • Porterhouse steak, burnt to black by your ex-girlfriend, served on a collectible plate featuring images of her looking really great since you two broke up.
  • Stringy Rooster, marinated in what you think is, at first, an awkward silence, but which turns out to be the casual indifference of eternity.

By Torrey Peters.

Don’t be fooled by their reputation for being thoughtless. These roly-poly birds have a few tricks up their wings.

  • They Can Fly

They’re not too bad at it, either. A wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) flying at full speed can reach 55 mph. This speediness is only a trait of wild turkeys, though; the domesticated variety was bred to be hefty, not aerodynamic.

  • The Birds Were Named After The Country

The turkey is an American bird, so why does it share its name with a country on the other side of the world? Laziness, mostly. Turkish traders had been importing African guinea fowl to Europe for some time when North American explorers started shipping M. gallopavo back to the Old World. The American birds looked kind of like the African “turkey-cocks,” and so Europeans called them turkeys. Eventually, the word turkey came to describe M. gallopavo exclusively.

  • They Nearly Went Extinct

Like the Galapagos tortoise and the bison, the turkey is just too delicious for its own good. By the early 20th century, the combination of overzealous hunting and habitat destruction had dwindled the turkey populations down to 30,000. With the help of conservationists, the turkey made a comeback. The birds are now so numerous that they’ve become a nuisance in some parts of the country.

  • They’ve Got Two Stomachs

Like all birds, turkeys don’t have teeth, so they’ve got to enlist some extra help to break down their food. Each swallowed mouthful goes first into a chamber called a proventriculus, which uses stomach acid to start softening the food. From there, food travels to the gizzard, where specialized muscles smash it into smaller pieces.

  • Female Turkeys Don’t Gobble

Turkeys of both sexes purr, whistle, cackle, and yelp, but only the males gobble. A gobble is the male turkey’s version of a lion’s roar, announcing his presence to females and warning his rivals to stay away. To maximize the range of their calls, male turkeys often gobble from the treetops.

  • Eating Turkey Is Not Going To Knock You Out

Turkey meat does contain the amino acid tryptophan, and tryptophan can have a calming effect. However, you’d have to eat a whole lot of turkey—and nothing else—to notice any effect. The sleepy feeling that you feel after the big meal is more likely caused by carbs, alcohol, and generally eating to excess.

  • Ben Franklin Never Proposed The Turkey As A National Bird

While it is true that the statesman and inventor had a thing for turkeys, he didn’t object to the bald eagle becoming a symbol of our fledgling nation. However, he did say that M. gallopavo was “a much more respectable Bird.”

  • They Sleep In Trees

Due to their aforementioned deliciousness, turkeys have a lot of natural predators. As the sun goes down, the turkeys go up—into the trees. They start by flying onto a low branch, then clumsily hop their way upward, branch by branch, until they reach a safe height.

  • Both Male And Female Turkeys Have Wattles

The wattle is the red dangly bit under the turkey’s chin. The red thing on top of the beak is called a snood. Both sexes have those, too, but they’re more functional in male turkeys. Studies have shown that female turkeys prefer mates with longer snoods, which may indicate health and good genes.

  • They Have Really Good Vision

Turkeys’ eyes are really, really sharp. On top of that, they’ve got terrific peripheral vision. We humans can only see about 180 degrees, but given the placement of their eyes on the sides of their heads, turkeys can see 270 degrees. They’ve also got way better color vision than we do and can see ultraviolet light.

  • They’re Fast On The Ground, Too.

You wouldn’t guess by looking at them, but turkeys can really book it when they need to. We already know they’re fast in the air; on land, a running turkey can reach up to 25 mph—as fast as a charging elephant.

  • They’re Smart … But Not That Smart

Turkeys can recognize each other by sound, and they can visualize a map of their territory. They can also plan ahead and recognize patterns. In other ways, they’re very, very simple animals. Male turkeys will attack anything that looks remotely like a threat, including their own reflections in windows and car doors.

  • Baby Turkeys Can Fend For Themselves

Baby turkeys, or poults, are precocial. This means that they’ve already got downy feathers when they’re born, and they can walk, run, and get their own food. Turkey moms defend their poults from predators, but that’s about all they need to do. The fluffy chicks are pretty self-sufficient.

  • There Was No Turkey At The First Thanksgiving

The written menu listed “fowl,” but this most likely meant duck, goose, or grouse. The pilgrims did have a taste for bald eagle, however, so it’s possible the as-yet-undeclared national symbol was a central part of the feast.

  • In The Event Of A Turkey Attack, Call The Police

They might look silly, but a belligerent turkey is no joke. Male turkeys work very hard to impress other turkeys, and what could be more impressive than attacking a bigger animal? Turkey behavior experts advise those who find themselves in close quarters with the big birds to call the police if things get mean. Until the authorities arrive, they say, your best bet is to make yourself as big and imposing as you possibly can. Don’t believe it? Check out this post: Wild Turkeys Fight Back

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