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Here’s something cool I found at Towards 2012. I think I’m going to make some lawn furniture like this. I got the “how-to” from Ready Made Mag and I have included it here along with observations and comments of my own.

Before you begin, figure the dirt you need by multiplying the dimensions of the couch you plan to make. That would be the “length” x “width” x “height”. Next, locate a suitable spot. Think it through because you won’t be able to move it once you’ve got it done. Clear the area of grass and weeds until you have level ground, then sketch the shape of the couch into the dirt with a stick.

Drive wood stakes into the ground along the perimeter of your sofa-shaped sketch, every 18″ or so, to a depth of about 12″. These will secure the form.

Attach wafer-board to the stakes to create the walls of the form (illustration 2). Use a handsaw to trim the wafer-board to size. Drive in a nail every 4″ along each stake to secure the boards.

This looks like the hardest part to me. And I think that it might be easier to lay it out first, then attach the wafer board to stakes. You would then be pounding in a pre-made “wall” which would be easier than trying to nail wafer-board to stakes driven into the ground.

Start shoveling dirt into the form. Here’s where things get messy. Once a foot of dirt is in place, water lightly and compress by stomping around on top of it. Do a good job of compressing! This thing is going to have to stand up on it’s own!

Once the basic shape is in place and secure, carefully remove the wafer-board form. Praying the whole time that it holds together and doesn’t slump into a big pile of wet dirt!

Mold the shape to your liking. Remove any loose debris and sprinkle the sofa and other areas you’ll be sodding with a healthy layer of fertilizer and gypsite. (Is gypsite the same as gypsum? I wonder…) Water lightly. You don’t want to water it too heavily or it will begin to “melt”.

For extra support, lay strips of poultry netting over the arms and back. It will be really helpful if the poultry netting is already bent to the correct shape. Don’t try to bend it over the arms and back of your “sofa”. Poultry netting can be very ornery at times – I can just see it destroying all your careful work. So, measure and bend it and then lay it on.

Now it’s time to lay the sod. Press down the edges to create a smooth surface clear to the ground. Stagger the rows so the seams don’t fall in a line, and use chopsticks or planting stakes to keep them in place over the wire. If you want to plant anything else on your sofa, now is the time to do that too. I was thinking how cool it would look with flowers trailing down the back…

During the next few weeks, water your sofa often, soaking it thoroughly. Once the sod has taken root, remove the chopsticks or planting stakes. Trim as needed.

And, of course, keep the sheep off of it! I wonder if it would be a good idea to shore up the sides and the back with some big rocks around the base of the sides and the back…

I’m thinking how cool it would be to do a whole little outdoor living area. Maybe even have a “coffee table” complete with strawberries and mint growing out of the center of it. I wonder how well something like this would hold up.

I am helping my granddaughter make a website about rottweilers, and this is where we are hosting the pics. Possibly I will make a mini-site about her dogs, I don’t know… We are using this tutorial:

Here’s a very old post from, one of my first blog posts on my personal blog. Interestingly, I posted it nine years ago to the day!! Some of the websites mentioned are no longer applicable (and I removed their links), and some of the links are to blogs and projects that will be moved to this site hopefully sometime soon. So… here it is!


Hmmm.. what shall I say about myself? Well, I am an intensely creative person. I love working on big impossible projects. And I get insanely bored with routines and stuff that happens every day – like dishes, and laundry, and full time employment.

Writing about myself is always just.. well intimidating. Let me see…. I am an artist currently exploring gypsy magic. I am also a Reiki master, a shaman, a mother, and a grandmother. I am currently working on a number of seemingly totally unrelated internet projects.

My art can be found at Green Dolphin (oops, not any more) and also at Mandala Madness at Etsy (another shop that has since closed). I also have a store front at Cafe Press where you can find a lot of cool stuff with my art on it.

I have been working with some friends of mine, exploring various approaches to prosperity. We blog about it at The Prosperity Project and if you are interested in joining us, we would be delighted to have you. So far we have tried prayer, acts of kindness, feng shui and decluttering, Steve Pavlina’s million dollar experiment, a Ganesh mantra to remove obstacles, and putting God First. We are just finishing up 30 days of “Gratitude”, and have not yet decided for sure on what’s coming up next. It has been a life changing and awesome experience.

I have been exploring and practicing Gypsy Magic and made a little blog site to share the spells I have been using and my experiences with them. It’s been a lot of fun.. and works really well for me, although I do not update there very often. Come see it, and try a spell or two.

My parents were missionaries in Ecuador South America. And I grew up there, and in an effort to assimilate and make sense out of that experience I collected my dad’s photos (he is an awesome photographer) and made a line of greeting cards from them. I am now working on getting a little website made and in the mean time, when I have time, I am blogging the images and other stuff from my childhood at The Gospel Missionary Message, while at the same time creating cool stuff at yet another cafe press shop. This one is the Gospel Message at Cafe Press.

You might wonder how it is that gospel missionary and gypsy magic are both projects that I am deeply immersed in.. I wonder that too. One of the things that I constantly struggle with is that my core beliefs are often seemingly in direct conflict with one another.

This has been a big struggle for me until recently. And I have been able to resolve it in a way that really surprised me. I happened to take an online test just for fun, to see what my religion was. When the answer came up that I am a Buddhist, something delightful happened. I decided to be a Buddhist! And now, whenever life gets troublesome, or stuff happens, I just remember that – Oh yes, I’m a Buddhist. Life is suffering! But it’s an illusion, so it doesn’t matter. And then I smile, and breathe, and laugh at myself, and the troublesome stuff just dissapates. It’s been like a miracle for me.

My sister has been adding some really awesome poetry to my series of mandalas, and I have uploaded some them here for you all to enjoy on my blog here at Zaadz (not any more). I have also made a small website them, and for all things mandala that interest me. It can be found at Mandala Madness the blog. And I have been blogging my favorite quotes at Way Cool Quotes, and tons of really neat pictures at Way Cool Pictures.

So, I don’t know what else to say except. Hello and Goodbye..

And that reminds me of an old Gypsy saying, the english translation goes something like this:

Go with God!
Stay with God!
Go, for God’s sake!
Stay, for God’s sake!
By God!


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