Wow… So I said to myself, I’ll just create a website and put all my blogs there. It’ll be easy I said. Much of the content is already researched and posted. It’ll be a simple move… LOL…  And of course I never do anything “simple.” That’s not how I roll. As a matter of fact, I can take the simplest thing in the world and make it so complicated that it’s almost impossible. Yep. That would be me.

So… because simple is boring and not at all my style,  I have, in the last 2 months (in addition to working at my regular job) converted a static website into a WordPress multi site, created 25 custom themes, to go with the 25 mini sites I now have live on the site, and not only that… I created a bunch of little widgets to go with them, and I started filling them with content.

Christmas is almost here, and I have done NOTHING !!! except work on the website. I told my family that what they are getting for Christmas is a chance to visit yet another new site at shirleytwofeathers.com. Needless to say, they remain unimpressed.

So… if you’ve come to this little site looking for a bunch of cool new stuff to read about and look at – it might be a little while before it gets filled up with everything I have saved for it. Because… hey… there are 24 other little sites begging to be worked on and if there were just 3 of me … or 4 … or 5 … or maybe even 10 … I might get caught up before 2017 is over and done.

Anyway. Thanks for visiting!

Bright Blessings

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