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So, I stumbled onto this great quote yesterday, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It’s something I used to know, but had forgotten, and remembering it.. well… it just feels right. Here it is:

In as much as God already IS and is closer than breathing, you cannot really achieve God: you can only achieve the realization of God’s presence, which is already always with you. When you stop trying to get health and understand that there is but one thing to get and that is a realization of God, you become quiet… Something marvelous happens inwardly and outwardly when you stop desiring something external to yourself.

~Joel Goldsmith

There are moments, dark moments, moments of pain and hurt and aches and bruises. There are dark nights but they are part of the whole game. Without the dark night you cannot have a bright morning, and without the hurt, without the pain, you cannot enjoy either. They go together. Only dead people go beyond pain and then they go beyond pleasure too.


It was he who was the alonest of the alone.
~old storyteller

Eleven years of drought,
the rocks are sick.
The world is dying.
Evil is a trick.
~introduction, opening credits

I will die now.
Be quiet,
or the bench will crack from sadness.
~Francisco’s mother

Do not move
Stay still
The water, the earth and the sun turn black.
God in His Perplexity,
pretends it’s His Will.
~Francisco’s mother

Francisco, traveling,
reads a line in the sky.

“Don’t set your eyes
on the salt sea shore.
Don’t reason. Don’t argue.
Don’t ask us why.
Fate will send you a lover,
and one friend more.”
~line read in the sky by Francisco

There is no place here for bloodsuckers.
~gold mine owner

Euclides (hunchback barkeeper): It’s only my chest and shoulders that are crooked – at night… I always dream I have to carry a whole mountain range on my back.
Francisco Manoel: You stand taller than the whole town.

Francisco Manoel: And where does the snow come from?
Euclides: You’ll see it out there! There’s always snow on the moon! That’s why it’s always white! White and cold. You have to look very carefully.
Francisco Manoel: And why is that?
Euclides: It’s because the moon.. takes the water out of the ocean. And when night falls… the tips of the mountains attract the snowflakes. But only as much as the salt we have in our tears.
Francisco Manoel: And here on earth?
Euclides: It’s very far away – you must keep going west. Four years on horseback… and ten on foot. And after that, there are high mountains. They rise higher and higher – right over the clouds. And then above the clouds, then you find the snow. It only falls in the night-time. Just like feathers. But it only falls… from above the clouds. And then the whole world turns light as a feather – and snow white! Even the lions turn white… and the eagles… the rabbits get a snowy coat… and all the animals in the world turn white! And when you’re walking through the snow… your feet don’t weigh anything at all. And the little snowflakes go flying up in the air… just like feathers

I never had a friend in all my life.
~Francisco Manoel

Francisco Manoel: Your money or your life.
Woman: My life.

Woman: And why are you barefoot? Don’t you have any shoes?
Francisco Manoel: I don’t trust shoes.

I long to go forth from here to another world.
~Francisco Manoel

I have nothing to lose
I don’t have to talk to anybody.
~Francisco Manoel

Taparica: Aren’t you afraid? Aren’t you afraid of dying?
Francisco Manoel: I never tried it..

The mad king’s wives: Dada, breathe for me! Dada, steal from me. Dada, break my bones. Take me! My head is yours. My body is yours. Take me. It’s yours. I’m all yours. Dada! Please!

My house needs thatching.
I’ll thatch my roof with the skulls of my enemies.
~King Bossa Ahadee of Dahomey

I can not hear what you are saying, for the thunder that you are.
~Francisco Manoel

In this place, the dead are more alive than the living.
~Francisco Manoel

Out there live many hills.
~Prince Kankpe

He says yes to anything,
you see he is quite insane.
~Prince Kankpe’s spokesperson

Don’t bother me now.
I’ve got to get this herd of women organized first.
~Francisco Manoel

No more arguments from you
Only that way can we succeed.
~Francisco Manoel

I cannot begin to describe this cretinous existence of mine. Nor how lonely it is to be without family or friends.
~Francisco Manoel

The heat here is mean and inescapable. It courses through the bodies of the people like a fever – and yet my heart grows colder and colder.
~Francisco Manoel

I cannot begin to describe this cretinous existence of mine. Nor how lonely it is to be without family or friends. The only white man in this country… perhaps on this whole continent. Meanwhile I have become the father of sixty-two children… but this gives me no satisfaction. Perhaps next year I shall come back and marry. I would live in the lands of ice and snow… anywhere to be away from here… The heat here is mean and inescapable. It courses through the bodies of the people like a fever – and yet my heart grows colder and colder.
~Francisco Manoel

Finally something has happened.
~Francisco Manoel

Slavery is an element of the human heart..
To our ruin!
~Francisco Manoel

Everything changed when I forgave myself.

I have crooked teeth. I was born with strange toes and sometimes my heart speeds up. I’m not good with people, always keeping to myself, and I have two brothers I don’t even know.

But I’m trying to smile even though my teeth don’t look like a toothpaste commercial. I’m walking bare feet thinking ’who decided how toes are supposed to look?’ and I’m trying not to wear oversized clothes just to hide my body. I still keep to myself a lot, but sometimes I try to show up and reach out, and sometimes that’s all it takes.
I’m trying to both honour myself and grow myself.

Everything changed when I learned to honour my body instead of fighting it. When I learned to take care of it, like a precious castle to protect this weary heart. To stop harming it, punishing it for looking like this or that, feeling like this or that. I don’t look like they all told me I had to do, but I’m healthy and strong and vital. That is enough.

Everything changed when I forgave myself.

I never got a record deal. I never found a manager who believed in what I did. I never got to tour in a tour bus, with a band, in front of big crowds,
and I never got to do all those things I fought with all my life for, for so long.

But I started my own record label and built my own deal. I learned to manage myself and I even created my own concept for touring. With friends as a band. With my very own supporters as a crowd. I created my own path.

Everything changed when I switched from saying ‘I have to do this’ to ‘I GET to do this’. When I started viewing my music as a way to serve instead of building for own profit. When I tried to meet people with an open heart and a will to love them instead of guarding my own history of solitude and brokeness.

Dedication. Giving. Loving.
That is the goal.

Everything changed when I forgave myself for all the things I couldn’t be.

I’m not famous, successful, rich or popular. I don’t have a large group of friends, a big house or academic qualifications to get me a job: heck I never even had a job!

But I get to do me. Full out. Peacefully. With no one telling me to go there or do that, be this or sign here. I get to explore every corner of my own personality, on my own. Every passion, every talent, and follow wherever it might lead me.

I’m not everything I want to be, but I’m more than I was, and I’m still learning.

I’m happy. Just sitting here. Knowing I have a few friends. Knowing I have a dream to work on. Knowing I have somewhere to go if it starts raining. A pillow to rest my head on. Someone to call when I get lonely. Nature to walk in, pure air, early mornings, seasons and weather. This is enough. This is more than enough.
and most of all, I am enough.

Everything changed when I forgave myself.

~♡ Charlotte Eriksson

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