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I found this list of serial killers and their signs. It’s very interesting to me that not every sign of the zodiac is represented. It’s made up entirely of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. It’s a little bit disturbing, for me since I’m a Virgo with Sagittarius rising. It is also mildly disturbing that I don’t find this at all surprising.

  • Ted Bundy ~ Sagittarius
  • Jeffrey Dahmer ~ Gemini
  • Ed Gein ~ Virgo
  • John Wayne Gacy ~ Pisces
  • Mary Bell ~ Gemini
  • Leslie Bailey ~ Pisces
  • George Chapman ~ Sagittarius
  • David Berkowitz ~ Gemini
  • Kenneth Bianchi ~ Gemini
  • Richard Biegenwald ~ Virgo
  • Terry Blair ~ Virgo
  • Dean Carter ~ Virgo
  • Richard Chase ~ Gemini
  • Alton Coleman ~ Sagittarius
  • Charles Cullen ~ Pisces
  • Andrew Cunanan ~ Virgo
  • Albert DeSalvo ~ Virgo
  • Donald Henry Gaskins ~ Pisces
  • Randy Steven Kraft ~ Pisces
  • Timothy Krajcir ~ Sagittarius
  • Henry Lee Lucas ~ Virgo
  • Richard Ramirez ~ Pisces
  • Andras Pandy ~ Gemini
  • Paul Bernardo ~ Virgo
  • Danny Rolling ~ Gemini
  • Arthur Shawcross ~ Gemini
  • Gerald Stano ~ Virgo
  • Marybeth Tinning ~ Virgo

My disclaimer is that I found the list on Facebook and did not fact check it… so… there’s that!

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