Dear Edith,

I just heard the sad sad news! To say I’m sorry doesn’t seem to be adequate. It’s the old story, ”mere words cannot express – – ”

I’ve thot (sic) of you so often and always going to call, but I’m sure you realize how little time I have; and it’s much much more difficult since Wilbur’s 2nd stroke – last January.

He can’t walk at all now and sits in his wheelchair on the front porch, or inside watching television. Thank God he can still do that as he has had more brain damage.

I sleep on the davenport in living room so I can help him with the urinal every two to three hours – it eliminates a wet bed, which happened at first. I became desperate around about April or May and decided I just had to have a change, so I decided to go with the Hosp. group on their yearly trip. I talked it over with Wilbur and to my surprize (sic) he was for it emphatically!

The two weeks I toured Holland, Germany and Austria with the group Wilbur stayed at Smith Nursing Home in Skokie. He sure was happy when I came to bring him home!

I’m falling asleep writing this. Call me when you feel like it. Edith, I was thinking of you most of today before I heard the news.

Hoping your sorrow won’t be too difficult to bear.

Your friend,


P.S. I’ll say a prayer for you and your son, Jimmy?

One Response to Worst Sympathy Letter Ever Written

  • Well, even though Lucy gets an ‘A for effort’ for her clumsy attempt at consoling her friend Edith, her graceless and self-absorbed composition certainly won’t prevent her from taking first place at the “Insensitive Clod of the Year” awards ceremony.

    Not only do I feel considerable empathy for Edith for having to endure Lucy’s insensitive disdain for Edith’s loss, but the infirmed Wilbur as well. Not only is the poor man confined to a wheelchair but has suffered brain damage besides? Ugh, my only hope for the dear man is that his hindrance changes Lucy’s words to indecipherable garble once they start reverberating off his eardrums.

    But here again, and with further regret, Lucy gets her propers for her timely success in unloading the burdensome Wilbur to the care of a mediocre nursing home for two weeks while she was off traversing the wonders of Europe. You say that Wilbur “sure was happy” on your return to claim him? I’m quite certain he was ecstatic as quaffing bland oatmeal and diluted orange juice three times a day for two weeks can wreak havoc on your digestive system.

    In closing, I do, in all sincerity, have to give my full admiration and respect to Lucy, as caring for a disabled person can certainly be exhausting in every aspect and I do hope that Lucy is financially able to acquire some assistance with Wilbur’s care. Outside of that, I would advise Lucy that her future correspondences should be composed with more consideration of her friend’s feelings and less of her own inane rabble.

    Oh, one more thing Lucy, if you can’t remember the name of your friend’s child….for God’s sake, DON’T GUESS AT IT.

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