I found this today on YouTube… actually, stumbled into it by accident. I am not entirely sure why YouTube thought I might like this, because it’s not the kind of music I would ordinarily search for. But there is something about it that really appeals to me tonight. My little bird really loves it!  Anyway. Here it is, enjoy!

Murder Ballads & Other Love Songs (2012)

00:00 01. Intro
01:22 02. Anyone Can Tell
06:39 03. Copper & Gold
09:53 04. Into The Earth
13:28 05. Pale Rider
17:09 06. Thirty Year Night
21:03 07. Cold Winter Skies
24:24 08. Hell Awaits
28:20 09. Heavy Heart Of Mine
32:07 10. Mexican Valley
36:50 11. In Darkness He Came

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