And so, even though this whole quarantine thing has given me a bunch of days off, I have done absolutely nothing worth barely even talking about. Sigh. This little gif pretty much sums me up… at least until today. Today is a new day and I am feeling inspired to get at least a few things uploaded to the website. To see what’s new, check out Site News.

I have learned a few interesting things about myself. Here they are:

  • The “I’d do it if I only just had the time.” is bullshit, and I will never again believe that excuse to not do something.
  • I really do love my alone time… really a lot… but then that’s not news to me.
  • Most of the things I do, I do because someone else wants it, needs it, asks for it, or is going to be interested in it.
  • I very rarely do anything if it’s only for me… this one was a big surprise.
  • If nobody cares what I do, chances are I won’t do anything at all… another surprise.
  • I can make some bad ass soup! I have made soup to die for… seriously… I am really good at making soup.
  • I can make candy with no recipe and no measuring, and it comes out good EVERY time. Next time I make some, if I think of it, I will take a picture of it and post about how I did it.
  • Note: I am more likely to do this if I think someone is actually interested.
  • I like boiled coffee, maybe even better than perked… although perked is a lot easier and way less messy.
  • The scariest thing about being alone and isolated is the dread idea that I might get a tick embedded in my back where I can’t reach it… which I think happened today… so AAARRRGGGHHHH.
  • I might actually be a dragon…  LOL… if you don’t believe me read this: Are You A Dragon?

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