I found something interesting while looking for Roadrunners. It’s all about how 68 seconds of pure thought will get you what you want.

Yowsers! I wonder how hard could that possibly be? I think I’m going to try it…. but first I have to think of something inconsequential that I’d like to manifest… hmmm…

Here’s a better idea! How about YOU, whoever you are, reading this… Why don’t you spend 68 seconds thinking of something inconsequential to YOU… say for example… shirleytwofeathers gets a check for $1000.00 in the mail! Think about how fun that would be for ME, how interesting and cool it would be for ME, and easy it is for YOU to think positively about ME getting it!!

And in return, just as soon as I receive my $1000.00 check… I’ll do the same for you.


Ok… no, I’m just kidding. Tell you what, I’ll spend 68 seconds visualizing that each person who reads this post receives a nice fat check in the mail… and you guys reading this do the same for me. And we’ll see how it works? OK? Have we got a deal?

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