This morning as I was flipping through Facebook, I realized that I am absolutely 100% sick and tired of all the ridiculous controversy over masks, covid, vaccines, antifa, trump… ad infinitum. I was going to post a rant… and pretty much say “Fuck You” to all the stupid people out there, but I guess I don’t really need to. These pretty much speak for themselves.

My Body My Choice

It’s one of those tag lines that seem kind of catchy and a good idea, until you realize that it can be applied to virtually anything… and I mean anything!

CoronaFest 2020

I understand Donald Trump’s driving need to have crowds of people applauding him. His ego needs continuous stroking. OK… And since I am not a fan, I find it entertaining and fun to think of all the people that go to his rallies and do a bunch of shouting and yelling… not wearing masks… I hope he does a lot of these.


I could go on and on about this one… Isn’t ANTIFA an anti-fascist organization? So does that mean that all those people who are against antifa are also PRO facism? And why would you be pro fascism if you are not, yourself, a fascist? And when did that become a good thing? Or a badge of honor? Didn’t we fight a war in which thousands of people died because we wanted to defeat fascism? I just don’t get it….

Anti-Vaccine – Really?

Ok, so back in the day, Polio was a really big deal. Every summer… children died or were crippled for life… It was scary it was terrible and it was real. Then we got a vaccine. Boom! When was the last time someone you knew got polio? Diphtheria? Typhoid? Smallpox? And now there’s all this blow back about a Covid-19 vaccine… Seriously? Why are people so frightened of vaccines? Have you ever seen a baby with Whooping Cough? It’s really awful!

But Wait There’s More

So, now I’m tired of complaining about all the rampant stupidity out there and I’m just going to finish up with these.

And yes… this!

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