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Another Five Minute Room Rescue

Declutter activity for today:
The Five-Minute Room Rescue

In whichever area is still the most cluttered, set your timer for 5 minutes. Move as fast as you can and remove all items that do not belong in this area – take the dirty dishes to the kitchen sink, put the dirty clothes in the laundry pile, pick up all the books, magazines, and piles of papers and mail and put them in a basket or at least contain them all in one area in the house.

After 5 minutes, stop. You’re done decluttering for today. Let’s move on to the fun stuff!

The point is to do this as quickly as possible so we are not spending more time than necessary decluttering and we can get to the fun stuff in our day.

From Sink Reflections
by Marla Cilley

Color and Containers for Helpful People

Feng Shui activity for today:

Add a color and three containers to your Helpful People and Travel area. Silver, gray and metal work here, so aluminum foil is fine.

You can set up three silver containers for three different tasks of attracting helpful people:

  1. One small silver box with a lid (real silver, silver-plated, or even a paper box painted silver)
  2. One silver envelope large enough to hold documents (can even be made of aluminum foil)
  3. One larger container, like a large vase, paper grocery bag, purse, or box (spray-paint it silver if you like, or cover it with silver fabric, sequins, or beads.)

The small silver box is used for events that need help now (3 days to 3 weeks). Those little jewelry boxes with red velvet inside work great, as the red is an activating color. This box can hold up to three requests at any one time.

The silver envelope is used for things that last months (scripts, contracts, invitations). Remove the item when you’ve been adequately helped.

The large container is for things that stay around for a LONG time (your doctor, your business clients, your family). You can place the name of everyone you meet in this container if you wish. Because this container is for the long term, I would recommend that you invest time and/or money to make it beautiful.


On paper, write the names of people or projects you need help with,for example:

  • “The insurance adjuster is helpful to me”
  • “I attract only the perfect health care practitioners for me.”
  • “I have plenty of good help with my remodeling project.”

From Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
by Karen Rauch Carter

Attracting Helpful People

Feng Shui activity for today:
Add a symbol to the Helpful People and Travel Area

Place a picture or symbol of any helpful person that is meaningful to you: Mother Teresa, Jesus, the Dalai Lama, Martin Luther King Jr, the Virgin Mary, angels, Deepak Chopra, pastors, teachers, creditors, realtors. You can place their business cards, books, tapes in this area. Who do you want to help you?

  • When you place a bell here, your request will be heard.
  • Water is a symbol of spirit – certainly a good help!
  • Helping hands, even a simple outline of a hand on paper, will work here if it has the right intention behind it.
  • Symbols of favorite places, whatever makes your heart sing when you think of being there, belongs here.

From: Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
by Karen Rauch Carter

Another 27 Fling Boogie

Declutter activity for today:
Today, we are doing the “27-Fling Boogie!”

  • Grab a trash bag.
  • Run through the house as fast as you can and dispose of 27 items.
  • Put the bag in the trash.
  • Do not look through it.
  • Don’t re-clutter your home – De-Clutter!

I know there are still things in your house that you are nostalgically holding onto that don’t truly serve your highest self! You know what those things are! Take a quick gut check – can you get rid of one of those things today and still feel all right with the world? If so, just DO IT!

The point is to do this as quickly as possible so we are not spending more time than necessary decluttering and we can get to the fun stuff in our day.

From: Sink Reflections
by Marla Cilley

Helpful People and Travel – Overview

Life is not about doing it all by yourself, every day, every time. By allowing others to help us, we give them the opportunity to stretch and grow by helping us. Being in the flow of life means we give, and we allow others the chance to give to us. Be gracious in accepting help
Finding balance in the Helpful People and Travel area of your home can help make the following improvements in your life:

  • You will find yourself being treated more fairly and honestly.
  • You’ll find yourself at the right place at the right time more consistently.
  • The right people will become more available and willing to help you or teach you.
  • Things will run more smoothly.
  • Traveling will become less stressful and chaotic, and more fun.
  • Your intuition or divine guidance will become more easily accessible.
  • You will get more done because you won’t be doing it all yourself.
  • Feelings like “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done” or “It’s always up to me” will disappear.

Removing Hazards to Creativity

Today we are removing hazardous elements in the creativity and children area of the home.

Fire is not good for this area. If you have a fireplace in this area, you can cure it by placing a large mirror over the fireplace, or a large picture of water. Carved ducks and fish can bring in the water element also. Candles are not good for this area.

Red is not good here. Red keeps your creativity fired up all the time and can eventually burn you out.

Triangular and pointy objects also represent fire and do not belong here.

If anything is literally blocked in this area, such as doors, drawers, furniture, walkways – unblock it immediately so the energy can flow freely to all areas.

From Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
by Karen Rauch Carter

Removing Hazards to Relationships

Today we are removing hazardous elements from the Relationships and Love area of our homes:

Get rid of pictures of ex-lovers, icebergs, anything depressing or violent. Also cactus, Venus flytraps, stinkweed, and weapons will not enhance this area and must go!

(I guess this means that I have to take this picture down? Even though it does tend to sum up some of my relationship issues?)

The air conditioner and refrigerator, if located here, will chill out your love life instead of heating it up, so you will want to make certain to use enhancements and cures in this area.

Get rid of “singles” items – bring in a guest pillow, get rid of pictures of you all alone. Don’t bring games into this area – you don’t want game-playing in your relationship.

This area is not for storage, unless you want a relationship with a lot of baggage.

If the television is here, it may be a distraction that comes between you and your partner. If your ex’s stuff is still here, it will keep you hanging on to the past.

If you must keep these items here, drape them in a fabric that will enhance this area, such as pink or red.

From Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
by Karen Rauch Carter

Removing Hazards to Fame and Reputation

Today we are removing hazards to the Fame and Reputation area. This picture is a perfect example of what NOT to put in this area.

Water in this area douses the fire you need here.

If your bathroom happens to be in this area, add an earth element such as potted plants in ceramic pots or a yellow soap-on-a-rope in the shower. Move the fish tank out of this area. A painting of an ocean scene does not belong here.

Black symbolizes water, so remove any black items. Mirrors also symbolize water, so try to remove any big mirrors.

Remove anything that symbolizes what you are NOT about: a sad clown, photos of infamous people, depressing pictures, or pictures of animals that are associated with negative traits (sharks, leeches, pigs, toads, rats, etc) should all go!

From Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
by Karen Rauch Carter

Removing Hazards to Prosperity

For the next few days we will be removing hazardous elements from the areas we have been working on.

Prosperity area:

Get rid of broken items. If it’s broke, you’re broke.

Remove reminders of broke or bad times. If your refrigerator is in your Prosperity area, take some dollar bills and roll them up and place them in the freezer. Then you will always have “cold cash” when you need it.

Remove trash cans. If you HAVE to have one in this area, use one with a lid and place a red line around the rim of the can with red paint, red tape, or red fingernail polish. This will stop your chi from ending up at the local landfill.

Dried flowers and dead plants are not welcome in the Prosperity area.

If there is a fireplace in the Prosperity area, it can suggest that you burn through money, or your money is going up in smoke. Balance out the fireplace by adding a water element, such as the color black, or a mirror over the mantel.

Is there a toilet in your Prosperity area? This will suck the cash out of your wallet faster than anything else. Balance this out using two mirrors facing each other in the bathroom.

Or place a small mirror on the floor behind the toilet, or in the tank, making sure the mirrors are facing up. This will uplift the chi. You can also place an eye-catching picture high up, so whoever enters the bathroom looks up. .

Or maybe you could get this innovative mirrored toilet lid. I found it at the invention connection.

From Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life
by Karen Rauch Carter

Clear That Corner

For today’s decluttering project, we will be working to improve the flow of chi.

Find one corner in your home that is dark, dirty, or cluttery. Take a few minutes to put away or throw away the junk that has accumulated, and then really clean it up. Clear the cobwebs, shine the woodwork, dust the surface.. do whatever is needed to really brighten up that one little spot.

Once it’s clean, light a candle, burn some incense, or spritz a floral scent into the air. If you really feel inspired, add a vase with flowers or hang a wind chime.

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