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Welcome to our newest project: Exploring The Violet Flame Decrees and I AM statements. The purpose of this project is to find out how well it works for us, whether or not the practice will indeed change our lives, and to talk about our various experiences and ideas, hopes and dreams, disappointments and struggles, and at the end the allotted 30 days, to discuss our opinions and insights about this technique.

In order to track our progress, and “make it official,” it would be awesomely great if you would leave a comment detailing what it is that you’d like to accomplish with this project. And then as the days go by, I’d love to hear about your experiences and insights as you do the decrees. At the end of the 30 days, I’d really appreciate it if you would report in with your opinions as to how well this technique worked for you.

For my part, I will be uploading new content, new I AM Decrees, and hopefully new insights and ideas every day as the project continues. I love a good discussion and encourage you to be honest in your assessments of the practice.

Here are the parameters for the project:

  • Commit to at least 15 minutes a day to the I AM Decree of your choice. (Repeating, Visualizing, Singing, Chanting, etc)
  • Alternatively, commit to saying the Decree out loud (with feeling) at least 9 times in a row, two or three times a day.
  • Check in when you start (to make it official).
  • Report your results at the end of 30 days (optional – but extremely helpful to every one else).

Getting Started:

Tomorrow is Day One, but if you don’t want to wait,  here’s a starter Decree. Say it at least 9 times with increasing intensity…. Visualize it…. Feel it:

Beloved I AM Presence bright,
Round me seal your tube of light

I AM, I AM the violet flame.

Almighty I Am
Almighty I Am
Almighty I Am

19 Responses to Hello and Welcome

  • I think what I am going to focus on being the ‘real’ me. I feel like I am hidden behind a facade of unworthiness. I know I Am more than this. A more authentic me in 2017

  • Hi Daniel… How fun to be doing another project together!!! I love your goal for this project.

  • My goals for this project are… Geez… I had initially thought I would focus on maybe getting enough sales in my online shops to pay for the website… but that goal doesn’t excite or interest me… so….

    I think my goal this time around is going to be very similar to Daniel’s and also to Sunny’s … I want to feel happy to be ME… flaws, faults, and all… and I want to stop worrying and obsessing about how it’s “too late” and “I screwed it all up” and “what’s the point anyway”… and instead start enjoying life as it comes…

    So… there it is! I am so excited about this project that I decided to knit myself a “violet flame” scarf, and I got some violet hair extensions… how fun is that… to wear with my violet colored glasses I got for Christmas… plus I have a cool idea for a couple of other things as well.. so I’m totally into all things violet … LOL

    • I think that’s amazing! I’m going to start a violet flame project journal. Hand stitch pages together, create a rocking ‘I AM’ cover and journal each days journey! Maybe a photo each day too, to represent…

  • My goals for this project are,
    *To be myself
    *Not care what people think of me and just enjoy life without regrets
    *To get my first book finished by the end of this year
    *To live happily, my flaws and problems along with it

  • To find my power and confidence. To become gr8 observer more everyday and less the ego. To recognize fear but not allow it to affect our control me. To take inspired action.

    • Hi Danielle – I love how none of us so far are in it for the money… great goals. How fun that we are doing this again, I think most of our original group is on board… 🙂

  • My goal is to get in tune with my personal power and my higher powerful self.

  • I think my goals are going to be to open myself completely to the gifts and journey ahead. Instead of second guessing or trying to rationalize, I want to be in the flow of greatness. Intuitive and balanced.

  • My goal is to focus on my health so I can get back into training shape.

  • Hi Shirley, So I’m confused! I was on here New Year’s Eve, and I commented – but now I don’t see my comment anywhere. Did you get it? Also, are we supposed to be going to this page each day or to the Facebook page?

    • I found my comment – from another heading. So never mind that, but I’m still confused. What’s the best way to follow this project daily? Thanks!

      • Hi Cindy… you can comment either place. When I do a summary of the project, I’ll look at the FB page and here for comments … So, just do whatever is easiest for you. 🙂

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