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Words Of Power

This morning I was thinking about our project. We are experimenting with using every day tasks in slightly different ways with the intention of creating positive change for ourselves. And it occurred to me that our words and actions have more power when we believe them to be true. So I thought… OK… what if every ordinary thing I did could be used to enhance my belief in my words and actions? What would that look like?

And VOILA! I had a brilliant idea.

What if, when I turned on a light switch, I said “Let there be light!” and when the light came on, I said, “And there was light!” What if, when I turned on a faucet, I said “Water come forth!” And Boom! Water comes forth! What if when I poured my coffee, I said, “My cup is filled.”

So this morning, I went around my house engaging in words and acts of power. It was quite illuminating, interesting, and I have to say, it really feels good! I command words on the page to appear and look! Here they are! So fun! You should try it!

Magical Thinking

As I have been working this project, it occurred to me that these little things we are doing might actually be described as tiny magic spells…. we have an action and an invocation. Simple Magick.

I love this idea so much, that I put a note on my bathroom mirror that says, “I am magickal.” Not only does this lift my mood, it gives me an added incentive to remember our Five Simple Things.

We’ve been working on this for about a week now, how’s it going for you? Any ideas, insights, experiences, thoughts, and suggestions that you might want to share are deeply appreciated.

Simple Thing #3

I love the idea of Simple Thing #3, which is infusing creativity and productivity into my coffee and/or tea … and I have tried doing it. But what happens to me is that I either forget until after the I have finished drinking it, or I remember when I am stirring it, and then my mind immediately goes to the phrase “stirring up some trouble” or even “double trouble boil and bubble” which I absolutely do NOT want.

So, I’ve been rummaging around in my brain trying to come up with viable solutions, and so far I have come up with these two:

  • I look into my cup of and I say, “Thank the Gods! Now everything is going to be OK.” And when I say it, I actually mean it.  Very easy for me because this is basically what I do anyway.
  • In the evening when I drink tea, I usually heat up the water in the microwave, and when I do, I began a practice of imagining that the water in my cup is being thoroughly and completely infused with love and light.

That second one is a little harder to remember, so I wrote myself a note and put it on the door of the microwave. Now, whenever I nuke my food, I envision Love and Light infusing it. So that’s been fun, and it might even be good for me.

What about you? Have you been finding it easy to infuse your coffee and/or tea with creativity and productivity? Is it hard to remember? Do you have any ideas or insights? I’d love to hear what you have to say.


Make An AND String!

A lot of people have a lot of conflicts because there are a lot of “ORs” in their lives. Either I can be successful, OR I can find love. I’m sure you have your own ORs that cause hassle – for no good reason, at that!

Today’s exercise is to make a string of ANDs – just keep on going by adding AND to what you’ve said until the 60 seconds is up.

I’ll get us started:

I’m going to be RICH … AND … healthy … AND … I’m having fun doing what it takes … AND … it’s going to pay off big time … AND … it’s going to be easy … AND …

Don’t stop, keep on going for the FULL 60 seconds – AND … enjoy!


60 Second Power Meditation

This is a WONDERFUL “power booster” prayer / spell / affirmation.

  • Take a deep breath.
  • Put your hands on the center of your chest (where your lion heart of energy resides).
  • Breathe deeply in and out, three times.

Now say out aloud, and in your best powerful resonant voice:

  • I am powerful.

Let the statement ring out, breathe in and out again, and say:

  • My heart beats strong.

Let the statement ring out, breathe in and out again, and say:

  • My mind is clear.

Let the statement ring out, breathe in and out again, and say:

  • I am ready for action.

Give a brief bow – and go straight into ACTION!


“I like Money and Money Likes Me”

I’ve noticed that many people who aren’t as wealthy yet as they would like to be have a very ambivalent attitude towards money.

Imagine money was a person, and you’d be constantly thinking how evil they were or how they would lead to your downfall, how they might rob you of love and honesty and all of that, EVEN whilst you’re pretending to be nice and wanting to be their friend!


So today, let’s put aside all the old fairy tales, forget all of that nonsense and we’ll simply say:

I like money,
Money likes me,
That’s the way
It’s s’posed to be!

Three times is the trick, and if you can clap along and tap your feet, your whole body becomes involved in learning, and in remembering.


Ten Steps To Wealth

This is a basic visualization exercise which is very neat to do for real when you come down a flight of steps. For now, imagine you’re standing at the top of a flight of steps and for each step, we’ll make a wealth affirmation.

  • 10. I am ready for wealth!

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 9. Wealth is my birthright.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 8. I achieve wealth easily.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 7. Wealth comes to me readily.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 6. I invite wealth to come into all I do.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 5. Wealth is my partner and my friend.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 4. Wealth is joyous and delightful.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 3. Wealth enters into all and every aspect of my life.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 2. I am on my way to wealth …

Now take a deep breath and JUMP off the last step and onto the next level:

  • 1. I AM WEALTHY!

Clap your hands and give yourself a round of applause!


If … Then …

Do you have a drink handy?

Did you know that when you eat or drink anything, whatever you are eating or drinking will become a part of your structure – this cannot be undone.

So today, we’re going to use the amazing “If …Then …” magic pattern from Living Energy and this is what you do.

Pick up your drink and realize that once you take a sip and swallow, this cannot be undone.

Say out aloud:

  • 1. “If I drink from this, that will mean that I will become truly wealthy MUCH QUICKER than I had ever expected.”

Take a drink! Take your time and feel the drink going down.
Take a deep breath and continue with these, just the same:

  • 2. “If I drink from this, that will mean that I will become truly wealthy MUCH EASIER than I ever thought I could.”

Finally, there’s Number …

  • 3. “If I drink from this, that will mean that I’m going to enjoy being wealthy MUCH MORE than I ever thought I would.”


A Willful Wealth Affirmation

Affirmations don’t work if you don’t put some power behind them. So that we don’t think we’re just lying when we state something we want but don’t actually have yet, we stick a simple phrase on the end – “This is my will!”

This works with ALL affirmations and makes them user friendly and EFFECTIVE. We’ll have some more in the days to come, but today’s affirmation is:

“Every day,
In every way,
I’m getting wealthier, and wealthier!


Say this out aloud, three times for extra effect – and now, don’t you feel better for that!


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