Money Chant – Very Fast

This is a very fast version of the Money Formula Chant. If you’d prefer to watch it on YouTube, here’s the link: Money Formula 1 and 2.

Once you get used to the idea that you can’t actually understand the words because he’s chanting so fast, it feels pretty good to just let it wash over you. I like to think of it as sitting back and allowing someone to shower me with riches.

The Chant Lyrics:

Money Money Crystallize
Stream right now into my hands
Golden Sun within me rise
Let Abundance take a stand

I allow the Manifestation
Big financial compensation
Great Success now come along
Sing with me Prosperity’s Song

I Am filled with Inspiration
Gold now fills my situation
With my Heart I thank you Lord
All I want I can afford

Let it not only be for me
All the World be Rich and Free
Love and Peace and Truth Abound
In my Life, the World around

In my hands be Ceaseless Action
Bringing Wealth and Satisfaction
With God Vision and reflection
See my Money’s Resurrection

Blessings here and all about
Courage Faith and Wisdom sprout
Gold for me is Everywhere
And with All I ever Share

Let Good Fortune go before me
Right beside me and behind me
All with Money now Adore me
With Gold and Emeralds They Adorn me

Here’s the Vision I now See
My Love has brought Reality
Oh yes it does exist for Me
The Angels have now set Me Free

Audio Only:

Copyright 2000 2014 Astarius Miraculii
From the album Spirit Rap and book Miraculii Song of Ascension

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