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Dynamic Imaginings

Continuing my exploration of what each of our Five Simple Things would look like if it was worded differently, I came up with a really fun alternative to the ho hum, not that interesting #3, which is: “Bless your morning coffee/tea with vibes of productive creativity.”

I like this one a lot better! It sounds very, I dunno… seriously esoteric, and also a little bit British! At least in my mind. When I read it out loud, I have to use my amazingly fake British accent. LOL 🙂

The first decoction you choose to imbibe
With an infusion
Of dynamic imaginings.

Which leads me to consider why British?

And better yet, what if everything you brew, stew, bake, or make was a magickal potion designed to bring health, happiness, prosperity, peace… (whatever it is that you are wanting to conjure up)? And when you put it into your body, what if it had a profound effect? What if the act of cooking and eating was magickal and transformational?

And if cooking becomes conjuring,  I wonder what that would look like… is it even possible? I have lots of questions!

Shouting Merci!

I have been exploring the idea of “What if I said the same five things but in a completely different way?” Here’s what I came up with for our first simple thing, which in the dullsville world of ordinary things looks like this: “Every morning say “Thank you” three times before your feet hit the floor.”

I have now transformed it into the following piece of awesomeness!

Without exception,
Shout “Merci” in triplet
At the break of day,
In advance of thine hooves thumping the ground.

LOL… that was too funny! And it sounds like really fun way to start the day! Who agrees with me?

Morning Rituals

When I was growing up, my parents had a morning ritual that could be counted on, hell or high water. In the wee hours of the morning, my mom would brew a pot of coffee. She would light a candle if the sun was not yet risen. This was a sacred time for them. They would read the bible, pray, and plan the day.

I remember that, on the kitchen table, we had one of those small containers of cards, each with a “verse for the day.” Often at breakfast, my mom or dad would pull a card with a “verse for the day” which was then read aloud, and would set the tone for the day.

This was something that worked really well for them, and it sits in the back of my mind as something that I might benefit from. Not necessarily the reading of the bible, but some spiritual practice that allows me to begin my day from a place of centeredness, organization, and peace.

I do have a morning ritual, which often degenerates into a long meandering journey of meaningless mental shenanigans. Supposedly it’s my morning meditation time.. in reality I’m just drinking coffee and looking out the window. Sometimes I try to plan out my day… sometimes I make a meager attempt at connecting with my Guides, Angels, and The Powers That Be… Most of the time, however, I’m just drinking coffee and trying to avoid being present in the moment.

Yesterday it occurred to me that it might be fun and useful to write each of our five things, along with all our other ideas, on different little note cards. I could then pick a different one each morning and focus specifically on that one. Really explore it all day long….

What do you guys think?

Being Productive

I’ve been going through our Five Simple Things one at a time and really looking at them. This morning we have thing #3 which says: “Bless your morning coffee/tea with vibes of productive and creativity.” That is what our original idea said, but I changed it to “vibes of productivity and creativity” because it didn’t sound quite right. Now, today, I’m wondering if it should have said “vibes of productive creativity.” What do you guys think?

My issue with this one is that “being productive” always seems to get in the way of “getting creative,” at least for me. And the whole issue of “being productive” is one of my go-to ways to avoid any kind of introspection, or true enjoyment of the present moment.

We live in a country where “gross national product” is way more important than “gross national happiness” which is kind of sad, I think. Right now, in this moment in time, the production of goods and services is even more important than the health and safety of our children. So… like I said… “productive” is a trigger word for me.

Not sure how to get around it… here are some ideas.

  • Bless your morning coffee with vibes of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Infuse your morning coffee with vibes of love and light.
  • Allow your morning cup of coffee to infuse you with magick and miracles.
  • Smile into your morning coffee and know that everything will be OK.

And what about if you don’t drink coffee, but drink tea instead?

  • Steep your cup of tea in vibes of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Infuse your cup of tea with vibes of love and light.
  • Allow your lovely cup of tea to fill you with magick and miracles.
  • Smile as you drink your morning tea and know that everything will be OK.

But what if you don’t drink coffee or tea in the mornings? What? Now that’s a concept that eludes me completely. I wouldn’t even know how to wake up and face my day if I didn’t have a nice cup of something hot and comforting. But here is one idea:

  • What if the first thing you pop into your mouth in the morning, is amazing and wonderful, and will fill you with vibes of energy and enthusiasm?

So, guys, I made a bunch of stickers to go with today’s post, but I didn’t go overboard with it like I did yesterday… OK well maybe I did… anyway, enjoy!

Day Two and Something New

It’s day 2 of Five Simple Things, and I’m already wanting to add something new to the mix. Here’s why:

I am finding it really really hard to say “Thank you” three times before my feet hit the floor in the mornings. I can say it, but I don’t really mean it, and I definitely don’t feel it. However, I can and do find it really easy substitute the following thank you’s as I go through my day:

  • Intense gratitude and a warm thank you whenever I turn on the faucet and hot water comes out. Yay! I love having hot water… beats the heck out of cold water when you want to take a shower.
  • And when I do take a shower, wow… so grateful that my shower actually works, that hot water comes out of it, and there is water pressure and everything! More than a year of not having those things really builds an appreciation for them. Truth!
  • Every morning I drink coffee in my Magick room, surrounded crystals, art, and all kinds of cool magickal stuff.. and I am so grateful to the Powers That Be who help and support me when I am desperate. So so grateful! I never leave the room without a big thank you to the Gods, my Guides, and my Angels.
  • My car… I love my car. She has 270,000+ miles on her and never breaks down in an inconvenient place or at a terrible time. Recently I had to have some car repairs made, and I talked to her all the way to the repair shop… telling her how much I love her and how grateful I am for her hard work and reliability. Her name, by the way is Betty.

As for the ideas of shimmering gold water with protective light filling up your aura, blessing my morning coffee, using my keys to unlock opportunities, and the before I fall asleep energy release… I have yet to remember to do any of them.

So now that I think I have the “gratitude” part pretty much locked down, I’ll put my mind to work on the other four. Maybe I just need to tweak them in a way that works for me.

What about you? Any ideas, insights, experiences? Do you find these super easy to remember? or super easy to forget?

Zuni Sunrise Song

Face the rising sun as you chant, arms raised in greeting.

A he! Arise! Arise!
Rise! Arise! Arise!
Ah eh Wake Up!
Life is calling you.
Ah eh Wake up!
Life is greeting you.
Father sun God, he is calling you.
Father sun God, he is greeting you.

Ah eh ta ho t hey
Eh ta ho ta hey.
Ah ah eh ta ho
A ya he ta ne
Ah ah e ta ho
A ya he ta ne.
A ya a wey
O wey to na wey
A ya a wey
O wey to na wey.

From: Circle of Song

Sun Salutations

This 5 Minute Morning Exercise Will Revitalize Your Life.

Making exercise a priority in the morning can be challenging. I think most people would agree that exercising in the morning is a good thing, but the reality is time always seems to get in the way. There are many benefits that come from a morning exercise routine such as; increased blood flow, more energy and fewer aches and pains.

So what’s the solution to realize these benefits and many more? It’s a yoga sequence call Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskara). The Sun Salutation is a 5-minute morning exercise that will revitalize your life and send you off to tackle your day with a sense of calm and purpose.

The Sun Salutation is a sequence of postures, each with its meaning and function. It is a daily practice intended for dawn and/or sunset and done in the direction of the sun. It’s nice if you can practice Sun Salutation outside in nature as a way of honoring the sun and sharing your gratitude for its energy, but it isn’t a requirement.

The Benefits:

A regular and faithful practice of the Sun Salutation in the mornings can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Strengthens the entire digestive system.
  • Invigorates and restores the nervous system.
  • Energizes the heart and regulates blood pressure and heart palpitations.
  • Promotes healthy lungs and breath.
  • Stimulates glandular activity.
  • Strengthens the muscles in your upper and lower body including your abdomen and back.
  • Reduces excess fat on the body.
  • Improves kidney function.
  • Encourages proper posture.
  • Brings clarity to your mind.

Basically, a morning ritual that includes the Sun Salutation will benefit all your vital organs, muscles, your mind and it will provide shape and muscle to your body in a healthy, natural way.

Doing The Sun Salutation

The good thing about the Sun Salutation is it is perfect for all levels. The series is made up of eight beginning yoga poses that take you through twelve stations. It can take you anywhere from 5 minutes to longer, depending on how many sequences you choose to do.

The Sun Salutation can be performed at various speeds. A slow rhythmic practice is recommended as it has greater effect on the mind. The Sun Salutation helps to attain a meditative mood when performed slowly, with attention on the breath and chanting the specific mantra. When performed with speed, it has more effect on the body, energizing it and burning extra calories.

No matter what the speed is, it is important to pay attention to the breathing.

  • Contraindications and Cautions

The Sun Salutation should not be practiced by those suffering from high blood pressure, coronary diseases and strokes. Also those with hernia should avoid this. Women should generally not practice it during pregnancy. People with spondylitis and sciatica should consult a doctor before practicing the Sun Salutation.

Each Sun Salutation round consists of two sets, and the 12 yoga poses complete one set of Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar). In order to complete the second half of one round, repeat the same sequence of postures, only moving the left leg instead of the right (steps 4 and 9). Sun Salutations, as the name suggests, are best done early morning on an empty stomach.

But Wait… There’s More:

Some of you might remember that Sun Salutations were shared here as part of our Well Begun project. That post is a lot longer than this one and covers the Sun Salutations in depth and in detail. If you are interested, you will find it here: Good Morning To The Sun. It even has Sun Salutations that can be done while sitting in a chair!

Daily Devotion To The Sun

Stand with your feet apart and your arms raised even with your shoulders to form a star. With the left palm up and the right palm down, breathe in the grounding energy of the Earth and exhale any scattered energy through your mouth. Continue to breathe in this fashion until you’re totally relaxed.

Then call on the Sun, saying something like:

Father Sun, Who turns the night
Into the day with golden light
I give thanks for all You bring:
Warmth, strength, hope, and other things
Like laughter, joy, and true affection
And for holding me in Your protection
I thank You for my life this day
Please bless me with Your golden rays
And with Your wisdom, warm and bright
Please open me unto Your light
Into my body let it swell
Infusing each and every cell
To energize ’til the day is done
This I ask You, Father Sun

Repeat the invocation twice more, and stay in the position until you feel the energy begin to swirl through your body.

Found at: Meditation

Sun Meditation

At sunrise, sit facing the sun. Meditate on light, on the dawning of a new day. Ask yourself what it is you wish to bring into your life. Thank the sun for illuminating your path.

At sunset, watch the sun as it disappears over the horizon. Reflect on your day and the coming darkness.

  • What shadow aspects of your being do you need to confront?
  • What do you want to release, or complete in your life?
  • What do you need to work on in your night dreams?

Give thanks and make an offering to Father Sun; receive his blessings and gifts.

From: Circle of Song

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