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This morning I was thinking about our project. We are experimenting with using every day tasks in slightly different ways with the intention of creating positive change for ourselves. And it occurred to me that our words and actions have more power when we believe them to be true. So I thought… OK… what if every ordinary thing I did could be used to enhance my belief in my words and actions? What would that look like?

And VOILA! I had a brilliant idea.

What if, when I turned on a light switch, I said “Let there be light!” and when the light came on, I said, “And there was light!” What if, when I turned on a faucet, I said “Water come forth!” And Boom! Water comes forth! What if when I poured my coffee, I said, “My cup is filled.”

So this morning, I went around my house engaging in words and acts of power. It was quite illuminating, interesting, and I have to say, it really feels good! I command words on the page to appear and look! Here they are! So fun! You should try it!

You’re Great!

Complete the following sentences:
(This is MUCH better if you speak your answers out aloud!!)

  • “I am really good at ….”
  • “I am also really good at …”
  • “My friends appreciate me because I am ….”
  • “What I like best about me is ….”
  • “I am proud of me because ….”
  • “I KNOW I’m going to make it because …”

All this is true. Allow yourself a moment to be glad who you are before we get to work.


How Much Are You Worth?

Take a deep breath …

How much are you WORTH a month?  Here’s a good way to find out.

What are you currently earning per month?

Think of the figure.
Now double it.
Double it again.
Multiply by 10.

Say out aloud, “I am worth …. a month!” THREE TIMES.

Say it with meaning, put your energy into it, and have it be real.


Affirmation Power

Astarius talks about affirmations, I AM, and how it all works, and why. He also has an amazing I AM affirmation to go with this talk, which is shared below. I thought this talk was interesting, and definitely worth listening to.

I am therefore I love me.
I am therefore at Peace.
I Am therefore successful.
My blessings now increase.

I am therefore I love me.
In gratitude I rise.
I Am riding on the Bliss Wave and claim my sacred prize.

I am therefore I love me, a billionaire of being.
I am therefore successful, all wealth I am now freeing.
I am therefore so wealthy. I’ve been rich right from the start.

I am therefore I love me.
It starts within my heart.
I am therefore supported by a multitude of others, masters of the game of life, my sisters and my brothers.

I am welcome and I’m worthy.
All blessings are for me.
I am therefore so rich, blissful whole and free.
I Am Therefore I Am.

God within me is the Source and Substance of my Infinite Supply.
I Am Source.
I Am Substance.
I Am Supply.

I Am therefore a billionaire of Being and therefore a multi-billionaire.
I have multiple streams of income flowing from known and unsuspected sources.
I Feel Celebration and Sacred Pride in the success of All as my own success by extension.
I Feel the Joy of Abundance, substance leaping from my core.

My body loves to exercise.
I express Infinite Passion for my Physical Well Being.

God within me is the Source and Substance of my Divine Innocence.
Father Mother God, into Your Heart I deliver my conscience, so that I will always remember and exemplify Your gift of Divine Innocence. I do this on behalf of All, and the Light of Eternal Forgiveness shines through Us.

I Am Eternally Innocent.
I Am God-Goddess-Absolute, the Christ Within, a Billionaire of Being.

I allow the support of God Goddess Absolute, Angels, Elohim, Ascended Masters, Goddesses, Tribal Shamen, Animal Totems and Elementals of Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

I am therefore joined in Ascension.
I allow, receive, manifest and live my Ascension.
I am therefore Ascended, Ascended Cells, Ascended Flesh.
I, The Universe, Am.

I am happy, successful, thriving, abundant, wealthy blissful and magnetic.
God within me is the Source and Substance of my Infinite Supply of Relationships.
I Am therefore a billionaire of Relationship Fulfillment because I Am a billionaire of Being.

I am therefore at peace, as I live move and have my being in the arms of my beloved, walking hand in hand bringing Ascension to all.
I Am therefore a billionaire of bliss.

I bless myself on every level, I’m aligned with the Mind of Source.
I allow the massive support of All in rhythm with the Heart of Source.

I Infinitely nurture myself and am aligned with the Creative Power of Sacred Sexuality, as I allow the Ascended Host to express through me, as me.

I am therefore I remember my Divine Origins and therefore exemplify my worthiness of all Goodness, allowing all blessings to flow unto me like a river.

I am therefore all my needs are met.
I have faith in the abundant and Divine unfolding of my life.
I am therefore Infinitely giving, receiving and forgiving.
I am therefore always have Legions of friends and supporters seeking me out.
I am therefore have a multibillion dollar business.
I am therefore allowing the massive financial support of legions of physical and Spiritual Beings.
I am therefore a World renowned Lover and Supporter of Life.

The whole world loves honors and supports me, (your name).

I am therefore Empowered by everything, at peace with every segment of my life.
I am therefore Eternally young.
I am therefore always Consciously in the Vortex/Womb of Creation.
I Am Therefore Ascended, Ascended Cells, Ascended Flesh!

With Nectar dripping from Heaven,

Audio Only:

For those of us who prefer to simply listen, here’s an audio only version of the talk and the affirmations :


Is Life Happy To See You?

This is a talk by Astarius with some toning, didgeridoo, and a few other things. If you are more interested in the chants than the talks, check the sidebar widget for your favorite and give it a listen. If you like his little talks, you’ll like this one too.

I didn’t transcribe the talk, but the YouTube video also included a little poem about “The Major Motion Picture of Reality” which you will see below.


Did you know
That your mind is a stage
That your thoughts are actors
Who act upon this stage
And determine your future
Your outward destiny
Preparing a Major Motion Picture
Of everyday reality

Now who is the director?
Is it your God-Self?
Or are the scenes prepared
By that lower negative self
This negative self is a tyrant
A maker of X-rated confusion
Let God In You prepare your scenes
And avoid the wrath of illusion

If your thoughts of positiveness
Become limited and laxed
Tell them Cut, let’s do it again
For you can do better than that
Negative thoughts may enter your stage
They too come to audition
But you don’t have to use them
No don’t you dare give them the position

For negative thoughts are very poor talent
And this is a known factor
So don’t make the foolish mistake
Of hiring any old actor
When negative thoughts come to audition
And await their final score
Send them away from you Theater-of-Mind
To the Broadway of Never-No-More
Use only the best Thought-Actors
On the Stage of your Mentality
And you will Star in a Beautiful Future
In The Major Motion Picture of Everyday Reality

 Audio Version of the Video


Undergarment Boogie

Declutter activity for today:

Run to your underwear drawer and find the gross, granny-panty, holey underthings that you keep crammed in the drawer for emergencies.

  • Pull them out.

Do you have any old shapeless, stretched-out, no-support-left bras?

  • Pull those out too.

What about single socks whose mates have long since abandoned them?

  • Gather them all up and THROW THEM IN THE TRASH!

This should take no more than 5 minutes.

You are a divine creature and you should clothe yourself in a manner befitting your position in the universe. Your undergarments are the foundation of your image.

Credit for this one goes to our very own Melissa

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