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Six Months Later…


Melissa suggested that it would be a good idea, when we complete a project, to check how things are going six months later. So this is a check back on results from the Violet Flame project we kicked off in January of this year. If you want to refresh yourself as to what we did, how we felt about it, and etc, you can visit this link: The Violet Flame.

Here are a few questions to stimulate some conversation:
  • Do you still practice the Violet Flame Decrees?
  • When you think back, do you feel that your life has changed in any way as a direct result of that particular project?
  • What are your thoughts and feelings about it now?
  • Any interesting experiences you’d like to share?

We Did It!

We completed the Violet Flame project. And now I am putting everything together to wrap things into a nice tidy bundle. Because that may take me a day or two, here’s some eye candy. Nothing new, it’s a gallery of all the images shared in the Violet Flame Project, but I thought it would be fun to gather them all together for one grand finale.

And this is a collection of the Violet Flame Decrees that were made into images for this project. More of these can be found at Mind Magic:

My Violet Flame Journey


Thank you all for your input and your insights. In a few days, I’ll have them organized and ready to share as a post. In the interim, I thought it might be fun to do a photo essay of how I experienced the journey. (Mostly because I had all these pictures that I collected and I wanted to have a chance to show them to everyone… LOL) But maybe it will be interesting, so here goes….


As we worked our way through this project, I found that I experienced the Violet Flame in a number of different ways.  When the initial idea came to me, I was feeling rather like this:


When the project started up, and I was gathering information and practicing the I Am Decrees for the first time, I began to feel more like this:

After a while, it became more like my new normal:


There were a couple of days when I fell asleep on the job and barely got through just a few repetitions of the I AM Decrees… much like this:


When I went all out with my meditations and decrees, when I put my whole self into it, when I held nothing back, and totally immersed myself in the Violet Flame, it looked a little like this (in my mind).


Although, probably to those around me, it looked more like this:


When we worked together, when I engaged in conversation about the Violet Flame, when I did the Decrees with others, when you shared your experiences here and on Facebook, it felt a lot like this:

04-01-Veiling of the Soul

And now that we’re coming to the end of the project, I find that it has become real to me, that I AM a Being of Violet Fire, that I know the truth of it, and no matter if I fall asleep on the job, or get overly excited about it, the flame will always be there in my knowing, in my feeling, in my being.


Coming To The End


Now that we’re coming to the end of the project, with just 2 days left, it’s time to think about how we would describe this experience. Did it work? I think that’s the biggest question. At the conclusion of our 30 days, I intend to post an in depth review of our experiences. The more input I have, the more accurate it will be. So, be honest, be candid, don’t be afraid to say what you think.

I have compiled a list of questions that I thought might be helpful in rating this experience:

  1. Did you feel that it worked for you?
  2. Were any of your goals met?
  3. Did you enjoy this project? Or did you lose interest along the way?
  4. What was your favorite I AM Decree?
  5. Did you make up any of your own?
  6. Has your life changed in any way because of, or as a result of, the Violet Flame Decrees?
  7. Is this something you would recommend to a friend?
  8. Will you continue to use the Violet Flame even after the project is over?
  9. Did you have any insights, any experiences, or any thoughts you’d like to share?

Radiant Spiral Violet Flame

Radiant spiral violet flame,
Descend, now blaze through me
Radiant spiral violet flame,
Set free, set free, set free

Radiant violet flame, O come,
Expand and blaze thy light through me
Radiant violet flame, O come,
Reveal God’s power for all to see
Radiant violet flame, O come,
Awake the earth and set it free

Radiance of the violet flame,
Expand and blaze through me
Radiance of the violet flame,
Expand for all to see

Radiance of the violet flame,
Establish Mercy’s outpost here
Radiance of the violet flame,
Come, transmute now all fear.

From Deep Trance Now

Violet Flame Healing


From, Violet Flame Miracles, we have this testimonial on the healing effects of the Violet Flame.

I use the violet flame to purify all viruses and bacteria out of my body daily. If I truly blaze the light through with powerful visualization, I never get sick. I also have had great success using the violet flame to heal me of painful situations like heartache. It never fails to pull me out of it. It may take a week but after great devotion to the violet flame I have transmuted some deep pain and my heart is free again. I will say that it does take a bit of time to really create a momentum with the violet fire. One must use it consistently, with fervor and strong visualization practice until you really are saturated in it and you know it.

~Robin Zdravkovic

A Nice Violet Flame Meditation

From the Daily Om, here is a very simple and very nice Violet Flame Meditation:


Adding a violet flame meditation once in a while to your daily practice is a lovely way to feel a fresh sense of peace. The violet flame is a powerful tool anyone can use in meditation. It helps release negative karma, raise your consciousness awareness, the frequency of your vibration, and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Energy can’t be erased but it can be changed, transmuting negative into positive, darkness into light. This allows you to make the choices you feel negatively about become positive, while also changing your emotional experience. Physically, the violet flame releases emotions and energy pent up within that make you vulnerable to illness and disease.

The violet flame in meditation uses a combination of affirming thoughts and visualization.

Once centered, begin by surrounding yourself with white-and-blue protective energy. You may even want to call on archangel Michael for his protection while you go into this powerful spiritual state. Then repeat thoughts such as “I am cleansed and purified by the violet flame.”

Picture a huge bonfire before you, its immensity making you feel small beside it, and marvel as the colors flicker between purple, violet, and bright pink. Sense its warmth while noticing that it will not burn you. Step into the flame, letting it surround you entirely while also filling the spaces in your body, your thoughts, even the cells and molecules within you.

Once there, focus on the positive things you’d like to create in your life or your hopes for others. Visualize the violet flame in the midst of the scenes as they unfold in your mind. You may want to ask that the power of the flame be multiplied to assist those in need.

When you have finished your meditation, be sure to close with gratitude. The violet flame is a powerful tool that should be used consciously and with intent. Forgetting to close with thanks keeps you connected and may lead to the unintentional misuse of this energy. It is always a good idea when finished with any spiritual practice to give thanks as this creates closure.

Saints and adepts throughout the ages have known how to use the violet flame, but it is available for all to use to raise our awareness and, eventually, that of all mankind.


The Violet Consuming Flame


Visualize the Violet Consuming Flame passing through the physical body. Stand there a few moments, feeling as deeply as you can Its Rushing Presence through the flesh and around you, for a radius of three feet in every direction.

See all excess substance, appearances, and records of age, strain, distress, and limitations; impurity, discord, or struggle disappear, just like smoke or a shadow! See that substance pass off, and you stand forth blazing and Self-luminous like your Higher Mental Body, dazzling in Its Sparkling Qualities.

Visualize the Violet Consuming Flame in and around individuals and conditions; and whenever you think of the Earth, visualize It a Violet Sun in space, and the humanity of Earth as Ascended Beings who are already Ascended and Free.

Hold the picture of everyone walking in the Violet Consuming Flame, just as if you walked in water which was Violet Flame instead of water, up to just below the Heart. As you hold the picture of everyone moving in the Violet Consuming Flame, you will find It shutting off most of your disturbed feelings and discordant activities of others, who perhaps are doing something wrong.

This will keep you from absorbing the mistakes and the pictures of imperfection which come through criticism, condemnation, and blame, and the discussing of the faults of others. People have no concept of what they photograph into their own bodies and into their worlds by discussing the mistakes and failures of others.

Try to govern that; and demand the picture of that which you want, and see the Violet Flame covering over what you do not want.

Some Prosperity Decrees


I found these decrees at the Saint Germain Foundation, and then I added a beginning and an end to each one. There were more on that page if these don’t quite do it for you.


In the name, love, wisdom, power, authority, and victory of the
Beloved I AM Presence,

I AM the Ascended Master Payment of this (of every) bill or obligation,
instantly and eternally manifest through Divine Love.
I demand, I command, I insist and I AM that I AM that I AM.


I AM a being of Violet Fire.
I AM the inescapable, inexhaustible Riches of God
flowing into my hands and use today,
manifest with Full Power, as a glad-free gift of Divine Love.
I refuse everything but the Fullness of God’s Supply to me, NOW!
I AM, I AM the Violet Flame
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM
Almighty I AM


Mighty I AM Presence Bright
Seal me in your tube of Light.
Protect and empower, in this and every hour.
I AM that I AM
and I AM
Sealed forever in the Peace, Protection, Security, Love, Wisdom, Power, Supply and Freedom of the “Light of God That Never Fails.”


“Mighty I AM Presence”! Thank you for all the money that comes into my hands and use or that touches my world! I accept it as A Messenger of Love and Balance! Charge it with Purity, Love and Blessing without limit; and see that it brings only Freedom and Perfection everywhere in the world.“

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