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Heading Out

The fourth of our Five Simple Things , ” Every time you use keys, visualize they are unlocking opportunities to get you closer to your dreams.” has been difficult for me in that I rarely lock anything other than my car, and these days I’m not actually driving to very many places. So, I did think of a number of different ideas related to locks and doors.

  • See every open door as a new opportunity.
  • When you walk out the door, open your mind to new ideas.
  • Every time you walk into a room, imagine that you are walking into the best thing ever.
  • When you walk out the door, open yourself up to new opportunities.
  • When opening a jar think about opening up to new ideas, experiences, and knowledge.
  • When opening a door, think about moving forward with your goals, ideas, and/or life.
  • Every time you walk out of a door, imagine that you are walking into a grand adventure.
  • When you pick up your keys, know that within you is the key to happiness.

As you can see, I also made some stickers. Which was a lot of fun. And in the process of making them, I ended up with “Every time you walk into a door, imagine you are walking into a grand adventure, or even something wonderful.” LOL…

And then I realized that this is actually a really good idea!

We’ve all had the experience of hitting a wall… or running into a doorway that we thought would be open to us, but instead it is not… I have had this happen to me a lot!

And I thought, what if, instead of thinking it as a setback or a road block, I saw it as a grand adventure… as something wonderful? How different would my life be? And what are my current blocks? What walls have I walked into recently? And how does it feel to think of them as wonderful or grand or an adventure?

What about you? What is your grand adventure?

Make An AND String!

A lot of people have a lot of conflicts because there are a lot of “ORs” in their lives. Either I can be successful, OR I can find love. I’m sure you have your own ORs that cause hassle – for no good reason, at that!

Today’s exercise is to make a string of ANDs – just keep on going by adding AND to what you’ve said until the 60 seconds is up.

I’ll get us started:

I’m going to be RICH … AND … healthy … AND … I’m having fun doing what it takes … AND … it’s going to pay off big time … AND … it’s going to be easy … AND …

Don’t stop, keep on going for the FULL 60 seconds – AND … enjoy!


“I like Money and Money Likes Me”

I’ve noticed that many people who aren’t as wealthy yet as they would like to be have a very ambivalent attitude towards money.

Imagine money was a person, and you’d be constantly thinking how evil they were or how they would lead to your downfall, how they might rob you of love and honesty and all of that, EVEN whilst you’re pretending to be nice and wanting to be their friend!


So today, let’s put aside all the old fairy tales, forget all of that nonsense and we’ll simply say:

I like money,
Money likes me,
That’s the way
It’s s’posed to be!

Three times is the trick, and if you can clap along and tap your feet, your whole body becomes involved in learning, and in remembering.


A Simple Blessing

23 is a special number.

Today, you don’t have to do anything at all because today, I will just simply send you a blessing.

I might not know who you are, And I might never meet you, But I know that you come from the Creative Order, And that YOU are endowed with EVERYTHING it takes To be successful and HAPPY in this life.

I wish YOU from the very bottom of my heart, And with all I have to give, That your best dreams WILL come true for you;

That you WILL find that which you are seeking, And that what life will bring for you, Should be even better still than that, and hold along the way, many wonderful surprises.

So shall it be!


Count Your Blessings

Today, we’ll have something easy and very pleasant.

Simply think of ten things that you are blessed with, right here, right now.

This may be as simple as “my eyesight” or “a computer on which I can read my email”, or as profound as “my soul” or “a bright new morning full of wonders still to come”, it doesn’t really matter.

Just count your blessings, one for each finger of your hands!

Take a deep breath between each one and … enjoy!


The Last 24 Hours

Time management usually wants us to look forward and decide before it has happened, what we’ll be doing.

This usually leads to a lot of failure and disappointment, because real life doesn’t work like a “master plan” – there’s always something to derail the best laid plans and the best intentions.

So for today’s 60 seconds wealth booster, I want you to think of something you did yesterday, that was important and you’re glad you did it, because it moved your life ON in the right direction.

Remember what that was, and why it was important, and use THAT to help you focus your mind on what you should be concentrating on for maximum effect.


Enjoying ALL Prosperity

When you see a really expensive car, a house, a yacht, a sumptious office building, a great estate or other manifestations of prosperity, how do you respond?

Folk who are bitter and negative about OTHER PEOPLE’S wealth virtually never attain it, and even if they do, they don’t enjoy it.

So today’s 60 second wealth exercise is to remember that whenever you see ANY wealth objects and symbols, to make an effort to be POSITIVE and CONGRATULATE their owners.

“Well done! Great yacht! I’ll have one just like it one day!” or thoughts and words to that effect.

This tells our minds just what we want from life and WHERE WE WANT TO BE.


A Willful Wealth Affirmation

Affirmations don’t work if you don’t put some power behind them. So that we don’t think we’re just lying when we state something we want but don’t actually have yet, we stick a simple phrase on the end – “This is my will!”

This works with ALL affirmations and makes them user friendly and EFFECTIVE. We’ll have some more in the days to come, but today’s affirmation is:

“Every day,
In every way,
I’m getting wealthier, and wealthier!


Say this out aloud, three times for extra effect – and now, don’t you feel better for that!


Money Is My Birthright

Praying for money is neat – and doing this when you’re NOT desperate is the best time, to be sure.  You don’t have to be religious for this, and we don’t need to involve any prophets or saints.

Simply place your hands on the center of your chest, take a deep breath and say out aloud,

“I am a part of the infinite creation.
Wealth is my BIRTHRIGHT.
I reclaim my birthright in every way.”

Take another deep breath and let the statement ring out!


How Much Are You Worth?

Take a deep breath …

How much are you WORTH a month?  Here’s a good way to find out.

What are you currently earning per month?

Think of the figure.
Now double it.
Double it again.
Multiply by 10.

Say out aloud, “I am worth …. a month!” THREE TIMES.

Say it with meaning, put your energy into it, and have it be real.


Worth Exploring
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We have just completed our  Five Simple Things project, which was a lot of fun. Not sure yet what’s up next.

For details about our current project, visit this page.

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