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The Ganesh Oracle

Look what I found! Whispers of Lord Ganesha oracle cards. I thought they were pretty nifty, and so I went on a search to see if I could find them online to share here. I found some, but not all. So, I had this idea that we could have our own “oracle” for this project.

Here’s how it works:

I uploaded all the images I found into a gallery, and set it to display in random order. Each time the page reloads, the images should be arranged differently. So, ask the Lord Ganesha what quality, aspect, or idea he’s willing to work with you on today and reload the page. The first image in the gallery is his answer.

If you like these, you can find them at Amazon: Whispers of Lord Ganesha. They also have a journal for those of you who like journaling. The latest version of this oracle can be found at my newest little website, Loving Ganesha. Anytime I find new oracle cards, I will be adding them there.

Coloring Ganesh

If you enjoyed the dot-to-dot Ganesh, this will be even more fun. I found a bunch of different Ganesh coloring pages, and have uploaded them into a photo gallery. I think they are large enough to print and color, and if you have an app on your phone that allows such a thing, that’s fun too!

The LOL Cat Routine

……i wokez up early

n den… i said HELLO to you
n den… i eated some nomz
n den… i climbed stuff
n den… i pooped
n den… i napped
n den… i eated more nomz
n den… i saw a bug
n den… i had a drink ob water
n den… i climbed stuff again
n den… i finded a pop corm
n den… i napped some morez
n den… i pooped again
n den… i eated more nomz

n den…… Youz Came Home!

Give Yourself Permission

Here is a nifty little creative project that I think would make a great addition to any morning routine. I found it in the book Living Out Loud, and it looks pretty easy. The premise is to live your life on purpose daily. Here’s what she has to say about it: “Permission Cards take the frenzy out of your hectic existence and give you permission to do what you REALLY want.”

The book has a tear out page with lots of little “permission slips,” but I thought it would be really fun to make our own. You can use 3 x 5 cards and cut them into quarters, thirds, or whatever shape you like. On one side write  an activity that appeals to you.

Here is a list of the permission slips from the book. Feel free to make up a bunch more of your own:

Meditate  *  Nap  *  Heal  *  Vent  *  Forgive  *  Play  *  Change *  Try  *  Recharge  *  Inspire  *  Begin  *  Embrace *  Simplify  *  Create  *  Receive  *  Trust *  Dream  *  Invent  *  Smile  *  Wish *  Bloom  *  Grow  *  Love  *  Transform *  Dance  *  Choose  *  Express  *  Empower *  Contribute  *  Investigate  *  Let Go  *  Accept  *  Laugh

You don’t have to stick to one word permissions. Here are some other ideas:

Hurry slowly  *  Make mistakes  *  Go back to bed  *  Be outrageous
Make a mess * Whine and Complain * Say what I think * Play all day

Leave them plain and simple, or decorate each one with markers or stickers. If you enjoy creative projects, you can go all out with these, but if you just want something and utilitarian, it doesn’t have to be fancy at all.


  1. Make the cards
  2. Place the cards in a bowl
  3. Close your eyes and pick one. (The one that you need will stick to your fingers.)
  4. Say out loud, “I now have permission to _____________.”

Easy peasy… be a fun way to start the day, don’t you think?

Worth Exploring
Current Project

We have just completed our  Five Simple Things project, which was a lot of fun. Not sure yet what’s up next.

For details about our current project, visit this page.

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