Reflections Of Your Mind

“The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind.”
~Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Well, if that is so, then let’s do something with that state of mind, right now.

  • If your mind was a landscape, what would it be?
  • What “state” would it be in?

Answering these questions out aloud into the room will help describe it in a little more detail.

Now, CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE to make it more to your liking.

If it’s a desert, bring in rain; if it’s a rainy swamp, bring in the sun to dry it up. If it’s a total mess, clear it all out with a nice flood wave and let the waters recede to reveal a whole new landscape, bright and perfect to unfold for you.

Hold that landscape steady whilst you take three deep breaths – and there we are!


Your Object Of Desire

Pick something that you deeply desire.

Stay away from the usual “off the shelf” stuff and pick something personal that represents great wealth (in its widest sense) to you.

One person picked a great big refrigerator full with fresh fruit and luxury goods, another a big antique library case with precious, rare books; for me it has always been a silver Mercedes – whatever TURNS YOU ON.

Spend 60 seconds allowing yourself fully to think on this, to WANT IT ABSOLUTELY and don’t worry about “how” you’re going to get this – that’s not your problem for the next minute, all YOU have to do is to know it, and to WANT IT with all your heart.


Ancestors Cheering

At a Wealth Consciousness workshop, I found out that many people are worried that they will somehow displease their poor and hard working ancestors by becoming extremely rich and successful.

I had a sense that that was probably a misconception, so we did this following exercise to find out.

  • In a moment, close your eyes and go to a meeting place where you meet representatives of your ancestral lines.
  • Tell them that you want to be rich, powerful and successful and that you want to change the world through your works.
  • Then ask them for their support.

You will find that they want nothing more than for YOU to SUCCEED. You are their child, their living representative, and YOUR success is also THEIR SUCCESS.

Let them cheer you and know always that you have THEIR SUPPORT in what you do.


Wealth and Power With Jupiter

This is a fast but very powerful “instant meditation” to enjoy POWER, which is absolutely a part of wealth.

Today, you are Jupiter, and as you realize this, you begin to expand and grow.

Around your feet, lakes and then entire oceans pool, and you grow straight up and through the clouds, becoming absolutely HUGE.

When your head is above the clouds and brushing the stratosphere, you can FEEL the powerful and abundant, fiery energy of the entire Universe beginning to flow into you, to rush into you and when it fills you to overflowing, you raise your hands and lightning strikes!

And where your gaze rests, your lightning strikes, and it brings the spark of life to barren planes; it brings great fountains of water up from the earth; it cauterizes and clears away debris and toxic pollution; it raises great mountains and green islands from the sea.

This is your power. Enjoy.

Reshape the land to your perfection.

When you are done, dissolve and by all means, enjoy the fruit of these your labours through your senses and in any way you choose.


Prosperity Sunrise

In the olden days, the sun and gold and god and prosperity were all tied up together.

The sun is a powerful prosperity and wealth symbol, perhaps the most powerful of them all.

So in a moment, close your eyes and find yourself on a wide, sweeping plane, cool and dark it is still but there is a banding on the far horizon that tells you the sun is about to rise.

This is your prosperity sunrise.

Feel the power and radiance of the sun increasing as the sky fills with living light, as it gets brighter and brighter, and then the sun rises majestically over the horizon and floods the plane with light, bathes you in light, powerful energy, powerful charge and powerful wealth.

Accept this blessing with open arms.

Turn around on the spot and bathe in this blessing of wealth and power.

When you are filled to overflowing and beyond, return and continue your day …


Wealth In Its WIDEST Sense …

At a MindMillion workshop, I was doing a demonstration with a participant, trying to get her to be excited about wealth – but it wasn’t happening.

She just stood there all grim and resistant – until I said, “Open yourself to wealth – in its widest metaphorical sense …”

Then she sighed happily, eyes closed and this soft big smile spread from her lips through her entire body and she nodded, “Yeaahhh …”

So today, I would ask you to spend one minute closing your eyes and considering what “wealth of what” would make you sigh with pleasure and smile all over.

  • A wealth of love?
  • A wealth of respect?
  • A wealth of service?
  • A wealth of sex?

Well you know what you like – right?

Wealth is a many splendoured thing … and your 60 seconds starts right NOW.


Wealth Dam Buster

You’ve heard it said that there are OCEANS of money all around us, right?


So imagine for a moment that you are right here, and there are these OCEANS of money all around you – and what is stopping this from flowing right to you, through you and out again in a harmonious and highly profitable cycle?

Where’s the wall, the blockage, the dam that is stopping all this abundance from coming to you?

When you have found this, just take your intention like a laser and make a few small holes so that a little of that tasty nourishment can reach you today.

That’s often better than a flat out flood wave to begin with ☺ – but by all means, make these breaches larger and larger until you have an exciting flow and you can FEEL this coming to you!

A great exercise this, and a great way to start the day!


The Bigger Picture

Today, we have a simple thought exercise that helps us learn to “zoom” better because when you have an empire to run, you need to be able to return to the “bigger picture” now and then!

We start simply with a valuable object, such as a diamond ring, or a large golden coin.

  • Now, zoom out and note that this is a part of a treasure chest.
  • Zoom out again – WHERE is this treasure chest? It is standing on …
  • Zoom out again – like you are seeing the landscape where the treasure chest is from a hot air balloon.
  • Zoom out again – see the landscape from a high flying jet plane.
  • Zoom out one more time – see the entire planet upon which our chest is located.
  • Now reverse the movement until you are back with the coin in the chest.

Pick it up, put it in your pocket and – well done!


Fairy Godmother

You know the story about the princess who had three good fairy godmothers, who gave her special gifts when she was born?

They gave her gifts such as beauty, and luck; understanding and strength, and you can imagine that a child blessed with such gifts would have a radiant life, no matter what life might throw at them.

Today, YOU are going to be YOUR OWN fairy godmother/godfather, and in a moment, I want you to attend YOUR OWN birth across time and space, and give the newborn child three special gifts that will make life very different from this moment forth.


Fast Forward

Time in mind is one of those things that you need to be able to learn to control, to be able to not exactly foresee the future, but to be able to track forward and have a sense how your actions in the now SHAPE THE FUTURE TO COME.

This is an easy, quick “fast time” technique to practice that skill.

  • In a moment, find yourself in a green and fertile valley.
  • In your hand you hold a seed that will become a tree.
  • Plant the seed, just push it into the rich and fertile soil, that’s all you have to do.

Now find a pleasant place to sit down, look at the place where you planted the seed and WATCH IT GROW in fast time, yet smoothly, as the seedling breaks through the surface and extends its first leaves, reaches and stretches, and more leaves flow forward from the tip, as the tree grows and literally UNFOLDS into its natural shape, with such elegance and ease, further and wider, the roots reaching just as the leaves and branches above stretch and grow, more and more, until we reach a point where the tree is mature, and here we gently bring back time to ordinary flow.

Walk to the tree, touch its bark, look up and see its canopy of leaves and the sunlight twinkling through, have a smile and return to your daily duties.


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