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Money Draw Charm

This is a nice little spell that will draw money and prosperity to you. Here’s how it works.

You will need:

  • 1 green candle
  • 1 penny
  • 1 nickel
  • 1 dime
  • 1 quarter
  • 1 small magnet
  • 9 fish hooks
  • 5 teaspoons basil, dried
  • 5 teaspoons orange peel, dried
  • Green bottle with a cork.

Note: The mouth of the bottle must be wide enough to accommodate a quarter, and if you can’t find a green bottle, you can paint one green. Nail polish adheres very well to glass, and if you can find something with a gold sparkle in it.. that’s even better!


Place all of the materials in front of the candle and light the wick. Put the coins in the bottle one at a time while saying something like:

Penny, nickel, quarter, dime
Multiply in double time

Drop the magnet in and say:

Draw the cash to me.

Drop the hooks in one at a tie and say:

Grab it tight as it can be.

Sprinkle the spices over the top and say:

Spices, do your thing as well
To make this money grow and swell

Then offer the bottle to the Sun and say:

And Sun, shine brightly on this stash
To keep the flow of ready cash
Coming toward me every day
By my command, do as I say.

Using the candle, drop a bit of melted wax on the edges of the cork, and push the cork firmly into the bottle to seal it. Say something like:

By magnet and hook, by spice and coin
The fibers of the spell now join
By color of money, by light of the Sun
The magick of this spell is spun
By melted wax, this spell is sealed
Cash charm you are ~ Cash you shall yield.

Leave the bottle in front of the candle until the wick extinguishes itself, then place the bottle in a sunny spot in your home ~ a windowsill works well ~ where the golden rays of the Sun will shine on it each day.

From: Everyday Sun Magic

Understanding Money

This is a spell. Read it out ALOUD, three times is the charm.

A powerful force in the world of man I open myself to learn all that I can I now lay aside all I thought that I knew and I learn all there is bright and true, fresh and new I don’t judge any longer free myself of the old and I call on the force and the power of gold tell and teach me and reach me so that I might use this power for all that is good, that is right

By the future and past by the sun and the rain by the stars and the sunrise that will come yet again, let my knowledge and wisdom of money now grow this is my will, so now make it so.

~SFX 2004

Snap your fingers, tap your feet or clap your hands to find the rhythm; that makes it much more powerful!


6 Reasons Why You Must Be Wealthy

In wealth creation, we often hear talk about wants and needs, and hopes and dreams of riches and of wealth, but today, we are going to use another driver instead.

Namely, we will find 6 reasons why you MUST become rich, and wealthy.

Failure is not an option, right?


So, take a minute now to find those six IMPORTANT reasons FOR YOU.

Ready, steady, GO!


“I like Money and Money Likes Me”

I’ve noticed that many people who aren’t as wealthy yet as they would like to be have a very ambivalent attitude towards money.

Imagine money was a person, and you’d be constantly thinking how evil they were or how they would lead to your downfall, how they might rob you of love and honesty and all of that, EVEN whilst you’re pretending to be nice and wanting to be their friend!


So today, let’s put aside all the old fairy tales, forget all of that nonsense and we’ll simply say:

I like money,
Money likes me,
That’s the way
It’s s’posed to be!

Three times is the trick, and if you can clap along and tap your feet, your whole body becomes involved in learning, and in remembering.


Wealth Dam Buster

You’ve heard it said that there are OCEANS of money all around us, right?


So imagine for a moment that you are right here, and there are these OCEANS of money all around you – and what is stopping this from flowing right to you, through you and out again in a harmonious and highly profitable cycle?

Where’s the wall, the blockage, the dam that is stopping all this abundance from coming to you?

When you have found this, just take your intention like a laser and make a few small holes so that a little of that tasty nourishment can reach you today.

That’s often better than a flat out flood wave to begin with ☺ – but by all means, make these breaches larger and larger until you have an exciting flow and you can FEEL this coming to you!

A great exercise this, and a great way to start the day!


Ten Steps To Wealth

This is a basic visualization exercise which is very neat to do for real when you come down a flight of steps. For now, imagine you’re standing at the top of a flight of steps and for each step, we’ll make a wealth affirmation.

  • 10. I am ready for wealth!

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 9. Wealth is my birthright.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 8. I achieve wealth easily.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 7. Wealth comes to me readily.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 6. I invite wealth to come into all I do.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 5. Wealth is my partner and my friend.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 4. Wealth is joyous and delightful.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 3. Wealth enters into all and every aspect of my life.

Take a deep breath and step down to the next step.

  • 2. I am on my way to wealth …

Now take a deep breath and JUMP off the last step and onto the next level:

  • 1. I AM WEALTHY!

Clap your hands and give yourself a round of applause!


More Money, More Success

There’s a world of difference between thinking, “I need to get some money” (because I have NO MONEY!) and thinking, “I need some MORE money”.

No matter how little money you have, or how few your sales, if you have ever sold anything at all, or you have just one coin in your pocket, you are one of those lucky, lucky few who not only already HAVE sales and money – BUT THEY KNOW IT, TOO!

Try this for the next 60 seconds. Instead of thinking how to get (some, any, lots of) money, ask yourself the question, “How do I get EVEN MORE money?”

This also works for, “How do I become EVEN MORE productive?” – “How do I get to experience EVEN MORE happiness?” – “How do I get EVEN MORE love?”

But today, right now, let’s ask:



A Simple Money Spell

Now you might laugh, but this is GREAT FUN and it reaches the parts of us that you just can’t get to with balance sheets and suitcases full of paper money.

Be brave, just read it out aloud!

It’s shorter than 60 seconds, so you can loop it and do it more than once. If you clap along and actually ALLOW YOURSELF TO ENJOY THIS, it will be many more times more effective.

You can teach it to your kids if you have any and get them to sing it to you in the car. A marvelous stress buster and a sweet golden ray of happy magic:

Money in my pockets,
And money in my hand,
Money in my home,
And money in the bank.
Money streams towards me Like the river to the sea
Its easy and its magical
As counting one, two three …

Aaaand …..

There’s money in my pocket …☺


Think Money …

This is a fun exercise – I always enjoy this.

Alright, so think of some money.

Very good!

Now, think of ALL THE MONEY you personally have ever earned. All of it.

Think about all the money you have ever spent, on anything at all, since first you acquired a coin to do with what you wanted.

Now, think of all the money in your town. Think of all the money being spent and earned and borrowed and traded every single day, just in your town.

Now, think of all the money in your country. Take your time. There are many towns, and cities, and people, from the youngest to the oldest, paper money, electronic money, coins, cheques, credit card slips … yeah, all of that, day and night …

Now, think of all the money in the world. Take your time to get a sense of just how much that is, and WHERE that is, and how it is ALL ABOUT YOU, all the time.

MONEY IS EVERYWHERE. Go get some more!


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