Wealthy Week Begins

On a Sunday evening, burn a gold candle surrounded by piles of loose change. It is important not to count the cash. If there are so few coins you cannot help but notice, cover them with a handkerchief. Watching the candle flame, say:

“Thank you for the money I have already received from the invisible world.”

more than light
Leave the candle to burn down and extinguish itself. Afterward gather up the coins. You will need them for the next evening’s spell.

On Monday burn a white candle in the same way, adding to the heap of coins any more you have accumulated throughout the day. Repeat words of thanks for money already received from the invisible world.

On Tuesday use a pink candle and add to the coin collection the loose change the day has brought you. Speak the magic words again.

Continue with the words and the same coins, adding daily to the pile. Use a red candle on Wednesday, a green candle on Thursday, a blue candle on Friday, and on Saturday a green candle.

Stash away your cash and reserve it for money spells. The more coins you accumulate, the greater the power of attraction.

(Of course, you can also throw the coins into your purse.)
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5 Responses to Wealthy Week Begins

  • Hi Shirley and everybody! It looks like I’m not the only one who was negligent at posting over the long holiday weekend! Shari and I are a day behind but hopefully we can get caught up today.

    Does anybody else have issues with putting the dollar bills on the spindle? Since I’m a day behind, that is my task for today but it really bothers me to have to “deface” the money by putting a hole in it. I know it doesn’t hurt it, but it hurts me to think about it.

    Shirley, congratulations on your sales! That is so cool! Don’t feel bad about the commission part, I agree, it will still set things in motion for you!

    This may sound petty, but the other thing that Shari and I are both having issues with is coming up with dollar bills and coins every day for the rest of this month’s project. I know you mentioned we could take money off as long as we left the original one in place, so we will see how that goes. I rarely have “new change” either, since I rarely buy anything and if I do, it’s usually with a check or a debit card.

    Sorry, it sounds like I’m griping – I’m not – just yapping about my worries, fears, etc. I know that is a part of me I need to release. I am curious as to if any of the rest of you are having similar issues.

    My goal today is to get caught up on the spells! Hopefully everyone else will, too, and we can get back into more regular posts!

  • I too am behind on stuff, and I was at first feeling weird about putting holes in the money.

    Yesterday, I planned to substitute and use the “roll the money up and put prosperity oil on the outside of it” thing mentioned at the end of the post on the “money drawing oil” on the Gypsy Magic Spells site. But I didn’t have any cash at all to do that with – that’s how I got behind actually.

    Then I thought about maybe substituting checks written to myself. Like the first one being a check for what I would like to have in my savings account, and the second being a check for what I would like to have in my checking account, and the third being the amount I would like to have floating around in my purse and pockets most of the time.

    But then I felt bad about punching holes in my checks.

    Then I thought about putting my bills onto the spindle and doing a reverse spell.. but something like that is better done as the moon is waning.. so I tabled that idea. And so now, I am unsure what I will do.

    My thought is that if it hurts you to think about it, don’t do it.

    Michelle really loves this little spell and uses it quite often. Maybe she will post her ideas on the hole punching issues.

    As far as having money for the rest of the week, the way I understand it, this would simply be loose change that you happened to accumulate thru out the day.. the extra change that ends up in the bottom of your purse, or in your pockets.. like the 7 cents I found on the ground one day when I was putting air in my tire. If you feel that the change in your pocket will be needed the next day, then don’t use it. If you don’t have any extra change, then don’t add to the pile. My take on it was that as you do the spell, more and more loose change will wing its way to you.. and that by the end of the week there will be more than what you started with. And at that point, you can use the money for whatever you want..

    Back when Gypsies were doing these spells, there were no debit cards and people didn’t use checks.. I think the idea of using money to attract money is interesting.. and might even work.

    If I decide to do the spindle spell, I will just use the original 3 dollars, and then only add dollar bills if I have them.. and I think that’s how it’s supposed to work..

    The loose change thing is easy for me because it seems like I always have change floating around in my purse, my car, or my pockets.. If I clean out my car – I usually find money in the form of pennies and quarters..

  • I have used this spell a lot and felt that it worked really well. but i never thought about defacing the money. i mean, i thought about the legal issues with defacing money, and then i thought about how all kinds of things get done to money….like, it gets website addresses stamped onto it, it gets phone numbers written on it, it gets dozens of little marks made on it by markers that tell if it’s real or not, it gets stuff spilled onto it, it gets washed in the washing machine, it gets wrinkled up in a man’s pockets.
    I think that everything that happens to that bill is putting a certain amount of energy into the paper and the sentient energy of the bill as it is passed through people’s hands. because i was surrounding the money with good energy, blessing, and anointing it with an oil to draw luck, then sprinkling it with cinnamon, i never felt negative about putting it on the spindle. it kept it from moving all over the place, and it kept me from wanting to count it, and i think it deterred me from taking it off there. i kept it on my altar, and it became my constant prayer and money drawing energy, the ‘object’ i put my energy into.
    i suppose the same thing could be done with an envelope, though, if you have issues with the spindle. in fact, the affirmations for adding and removing money could be written on the front and back of the envelope as well….handy, because then you wouldn’t have to go look them up when you want to use it.
    i think that money is an energy like anything else. the paper we see is really representative of that energy. any guilt or negativity you have towards anything about the money is going to draw the same to you in matters of money if you go against your grain, i think….so if there’s something that bothers you…i think it is okay to be a little bit eclectic in your practice and tailor a spell to fit your beliefs and gut instinct. obviously, none of this is an exact science.
    on another note, i have been out of town and need to catch up on most everything…so i am going to do that and possibly instead of using the spindle i will use the envelope and see if as good of results occur. i think they will. i really think it is the essence of the money together with itself and the other acts of the spell that make it work…the spindle might have been just a tool to keep the money from blowing away, to keep the money neatly in one spot when it became a big stack. who knows? hopefully it will create a stack large enough to worry about those things!

  • I think I have come up with a way to take care of the concerns about the spindle spell.

    I think we could do the spindle spell using pay check stubs.

    I like the idea of using pay check stubs because that is money that is coming in.. and even if you use direct deposit (like I do) – you will get a check stub.. and even if you don’t have a bank account.. if you are getting money in the form of a check, usually there will be something with it that can be “spindled”.

    And I think that if money comes from unexpected sources without a “stub”, we could write it on a piece of paper and add it to the spindle.. for example: “Received today from mom, a $10 bill for gas money”.. or “found in parking lot – $1 bill” or whatever…

    As for the loose change and other monies for “wealthy week”.. I have been emptying my pockets and putting all the loose change and all the bills into a little silver bowl every night for years. The next morning I pick out any money I think I might need, usually trying to leave at least the pennies = or more if I can.

    I usually don’t have a clue as to how much money is even in it. There have been so many times when I have been really hard up for money, and rummaged through that bowl looking for quarters and found dollar bills.. once I found $25 dollars that I had totally forgotten about.

    Every now and then the bowl fills completely up, and I pour it into a big jar that I have.. my goal being to see if I can fill it up. I never have gotten it completely full, but when I bought my mobile home, I emptied out that jar and used the money to pay for the utilities to be hooked up. I found $20 dollar bills in it, and $10’s and $5’s.. (from when most of my income was cash – and I was doing really good financially).. The total in the bottle was a whopping $700 not including a pile of pennies and nickels that I didn’t feel like counting.. Since then, the bottle has been filling up really really slowly.. but it has been filling up. So..

    I think that the wealthy week spell is similar in nature to this. The difference being that there is an “intent” and an “affirmation” to go with our spell. I am really hopeful that my big bottle of money (which by the way is situated in the “money” corner of my house) will fill completely up.

  • Thanks for the ideas for spindle alternatives. Michelle, I had to laugh when I read about the energy in the dollar bills from passing from hand to hand, etc. because I went to Hy-Vee today and asked for 20 one-dollar bills and they are all BRAND NEW!! I went ahead and spindled 3 of them, although it hurt some to poke holes in them. I love your envelope idea and I may put the rest of the money in the envelope with the affirmations on it and put it WITH the already spindled money. In fact, I think I will SPINDLE THE ENVELOPE!!! How funny that I got all brand new ones, though!

    Are there any coin experts out there? I have been using the gold “Sacawaca????” coins for the window and the prosperity oil and I wasn’t sure that is what they were so I looked it up online. That’s what they are – BUT of the 4 that I have 2 or 3 of them have the writing on the back side IN REVERSE! At first I thought I had just gone totally crazy but then Shari verified that indeed, 2 or 3 of them (I didn’t want to dig the ones out of our oil) don’t have normal images on the back – they are reversed images. I tried to find the significance of this online and didn’t find any references about that. Wouldn’t it be cool if they were worth TONS of money??? I’m open to divine prosperity!!!

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