Do we want to be in debt?

One of the ways we tend to hide what we really want from ourselves, is in connection with our debts. Many of us have one or more debts that seem to remain unpaid or that we pay late each month. This is no accident.

If we have difficulty paying a particular debt, we must assume that we want the debt to be unpaid or to be paid late. Invariably, if we look at the person or company to whom we owe the money, we will notice less than positive feelings toward them. In order to change the result, we must change what we want.

Remember you always receive what you want. When you want to withhold from someone, that is what you do. When you want to give freely to someone, that is what you do. Look at the result and you know what you want.

When you avoid dealing with a situation that is uncomfortable, it does not go away. When you have a need to withhold payment from someone, the need will intensify if you disregard it. You are continuing to focus energy into withholding, so the need to withhold becomes more intense. Remember you are putting energy into thoughts all the time, whether you are consciously aware of the thoughts or not.

Once you notice a negative thought pattern, such as withholding payment from someone, you have the option of releasing the negative thought about the person, or by avoiding the issue, putting more energy into the existing pattern.

Debts are not a general condition. They are a specific condition. No matter how much difficulty we are having with cash flow, we do pay some of our bills. We do manage handling money to some extent, and whatever that extent is, it is not an accident. We benefit those people we want to benefit and we withhold from others. We have the capacity at any time to attract sufficient money into our lives to pay any debt that we really want to pay.

What then is the procedure to master debts?

  • Establish a clear intention to have more income than expenses.
  • Notice all of the assets you have and all of the abundance in your life.
  • Make it a habit to acknowledge and give thanks for everything you already have.
  • Remember, what you focus your thought on expands.
  • Eliminate the concept of debt from your thoughts.
  • When you receive something that requires repayment, such as a loan, think of it as a gift to you.
  • When you repay it, see it as a gift to the original giver.

If you notice difficulty in repaying a particular creditor, realize that you want to withhold from him. You must maintain total honesty with yourself at all times. Having accepted responsibility for withholding from that creditor, you then change your thoughts about him. Bring that person or company into mind from time to time and see yourself having positive feelings about him. Practice this until you notice that your feelings about the creditor improve. Then, the cash flow to pay the obligation will also improve.

From You Can Have It All
by Arnold M. Patent

One Response to Do we want to be in debt?

    shirley said…
    When I was reading this I suddenly realized that by avoiding and withholding in terms of my bills and my debt, I am also avoiding and withholding love for myself..

    That I am somehow using my debt to punish myself and “put the screws” to shirley and keep her squashed down…

    Interesting.. I don’t quite know what to do with this information.. but it’s interesting..

    11:51 AM
    Cindy H said…
    I know I am very lucky that most of my bills are just for month-to-month expenses like utilities, etc. I only owe about $350 altogether to 2 different credit card places and I’m close to paying those off and that’s a good feeling. What I have issues with is being forced to pay for a debt you don’t believe is yours to pay. I am currently fighting with a debtor and my health insurance company over a bill – my HR dept advised that while it is being disputed/appealed, I should go ahead and pay it, but why should I? I actually have a call in to a lawyer about it – I always thought that if a bill was being disputed, it couldn’t be turned over to a collection agency, but that’s what is happening. I think it is just ridiculous how debtors abuse people and threaten people! Consumers right now are really trying to either keep their credit score high or (in my case) raise it, and then being forced to pay something you are disputing is a slap in the face when they threaten you with collections! I think it’s interesting that while I have managed to eliminate almost all of my LEGITIMATE debt, these other STUPID things that I shouldn’t have to pay keep occurring! I feel it’s some sort of lesson from the universe but what? To never feel completely happy and debt-free because you never know what bogus debt somebody is going to throw at you?

    Back to the posting, yes, that particular debtor is HATED by me and I sure am not going to pay them unless it really is going to hurt my credit, and then you bet I will be withholding and late and only pay the tiniest amount possible to keep from going to collections! And I know if I do pay it off my chances of getting a refund are probably 0%.

    12:05 PM
    michelle said…
    i am lucky in that I don’t have any debt, just monthly stuff. And, that i have had help with those bills. i have been too tired to think about them, but they seem to get paid. right now everything I am doing financially seems as if i am sailing right under the radar by the skin of my teeth, but still, head above water. now I just need to figure out how to master the ‘draw’ aspect to money…and how to do the ‘release’ part gracefully. it’s really hard for me to release money once I have it. I wait to the last minute to pay the bills, like something could happen at any moment and that money might have to be rerouted. it rarely ever happens. but i think part of my problem with receiving money is the fact that if i am holding on to it too tightly, then it is hard for more money to get into that space. easier said than practiced….

    4:23 PM

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