Abundance Formula Video Playlist

Here’s a playlist of all the videos uploaded for this project. Not all of them are on this play list because I have limitations as to how large of a file I can upload here, so the rest can be found at Astrius’ YouTube Channel: Astarius Miraculii

Abundance Formula Audio Playlist

Here is a play list of all the audio files uploaded for the Abundance Formula project.

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Fulfillment is in the Joy Before Manifestation

Fulfillment is in the joy of possession is the message of this video. Here’s an excerpt from the talk:

Sometimes we approach life in such a way that we feel that we need this or that thing in order to feel good. And yes it is a truth that sometimes we receive certain things and we feel a greater measure of joy as a result of that thing. And yet the way in which things are really meant to happen, is we’re meant to feel the joy at first, even before we have the possession. Feeling is the first stage of reality, and feeling is even the greater measure of reality….

I did not transcribe the entire talk, so we’ll have to listen to the video to get the rest of the story.

Audio Only

For those of us who prefer to simply listen, here is an audio only version of the video:


Emotional Wealth

“Emotional Wealth is the Energetic Frequency behind all material abundance. The frequency of Emotional Wealth is expanded through gratitude, faith and immaculate visioning which then gives birth to Material Abundance. Cause Creates Effect”!

I did not transcribe this video, so we’ll have to watch it if we want to hear what he has to say about emotional wealth and how it relates to abundance and prosperity. He speaks a little bit about femifestation which is an interesting concept and variation on the word manifestation.

Audio Only:


The Prosperity Master Plan Movie

This is the Prosperity Master Plan movie with Theta Binaural Beats. I transcribed a portion of this video because I really like to see the words, but it’s quite long, so I didn’t transcribe the whole thing. Here’s a short excerpt:

I feel the presence of my lavish abundance, fashioned out of the fabric of my own mind and soul. My being is one of infinite prosperity. All my wealth and riches are real in this very moment. My abundance is always immediate. Now is my access code to all wealth. I am therefore a billionaire of being, allowing my expression as a multibillionaire.

Isn’t that great?

Here is the first part of it:

I allow the lavish resonance of God’s Nature to express through me as me.
I hold this truth for the omnipresence of life.
I allow my awareness and knowing to remember that I am the I AM Presence from which all my substance and supply comes.
I celebrate the truth that I am the heir of all goodness.
This is my time.
I am so grateful I look forward to sharing this great substance and supply with the whole world in manifested form.
I am therefore have multiple streams of income flowing from known and unsuspected sources.
I am therefore feel celebration and sacred pride in the success of all, and my own success by extension.
I feel the presence of my lavish abundance, fashioned out of the fabric of my own mind and soul.
My being is one of infinite prosperity.
All my wealth and riches are real in this very moment.
My abundance is always immediate.
Now is my access code to all wealth.
I am therefore a billionaire of being, allowing my expression as a multibillionaire.
My consciousness of God is the true reality of my supply.
I am therefore aware of my God Self the Christ within as my source and my supply.
I honor that the origin of my abundance is the womb of the great within, the great femifestation, the creator of all manifestation.
I am therefore who I really am.
I live, move, and have my being as the presence of the Divine.
Divine mind is the all providing activity within me pouring forth my limitless supply.
That which I allow for me is also what I allow for the all that is, in realizing that my inner being is the root of my supply.
I therefore also realize that first and foremost, I am my own inner money substance, and my outer money is the offspring of God within me.
My inner money substance is the primordial cause, and my outer money is the material effect.
Outer money people places and conditions are the privileged conduits through which my unlimited supply flows from the well spring of my inner source.
The principle of supply is always in action, manifesting the immediate fulfillment of all my needs and desires.
I trust my inner supply to instantly immediately and continually crystallize in forms circumstances and experiences of my needs and desires fulfilled.
I am therefore in a constant living meditation resonating the life of this truth.
I am.
Therefore I let go and let god fulfill the all sufficiency of abundance into my life and affairs.
Divine consciousness within me lovingly fulfills this responsibility.
My true nature is to always be abundant.
I honor, allow and embrace the truth of my abundant supply.
The kingdom of heaven is my own.
Spirit within me is the divine power that lifts me up and makes everything new.
I bless the years the locusts of negative thinking have eaten, and like the phoenix, this energy now rises up to support the fulfillment of the great abundance that I desire.
I honor that I am this abundance, that it is formed from the substance of my spirit.
I am therefore completely fulfilled by my god self within me.
My awareness of this truth allows my goodness, blessings, and supply to continuously flow down the corridors of forever.
I am relaxed in the ease and grace of the eternally flowing stream of my abundance.
God within me is the only cause of my prosperity.
The activity of divine abundance within me is my focus.
My inner being is the substance of all things visible. I feel the full measure of my abundance, my prosperity supply feels so good.
I am therefore lavishly rich in my consciousness of my soul as my individualized expression of infinite prosperity.
God within me is my eternal source and supply.
I am therefore so rich, a billionaire of being.
The products of my blessings are distributed in my outer world of manifestations after being created and manufactured in the innermost recesses of my divine being.
My spirit is the substance of all my blessings and manifestations. Abundance is the frequency of manifestation.
The wellspring of abundance is bred from my divine self within.
Prosperity is the natural activity of my inner being.
Light and truth are the origin of all my blessings.My inner substance is the first stage and the greater measure of all my blessings.
I am divine substance, yielding massive forever expanding supply.
I am therefore infinite prosperity consciousness.
I allow, receive,manifest and live my awareness of the infinite prospering activity of god within me as the source and supply of my abundance.
I am, therefore I have unlimited awareness of the truth of my infinite prosperity, therefore my abundance is unlimited.
God within me is the source and substance of my infinite supply.
I am therefore a billionaire of being, and therefore a multi billionaire. right now my inner abundant supply becomes form, experiences and circumstances fulfilling my every need and desire.

Audio only

For those of us who like to simply listen, here is an audio only version:


Spirit Rap with Lakshmi

This is an interesting variation of the Spirit Rap. It is invocations from Spirit Rap along with the following:

  • Multi-track Vocal Harmonics by Astarius Miraculii
  • Moolmantra (chant) by Kshitij Tarey

The chant was then converted to 432hz by 432hz Music on YouTube. If you’d like to watch the video on YouTube, here’s a direct link: Spirit Rap with Lakshmi.

The Mantra:

Om shreem Om hreem shreem hreem kleem shreem kleem Vitteshwaraye namaha

Audio Only

For those of us who prefer to simply listen, here’s an audio only version:


The Trust Fund of Blessings

This is a nice little talk about The Trust Fund of Blessings, along with some didgeridoo and vibrational healing. I did not transcribe this video, so if we want to know about the Trust Fun of Blessings, we’ll have to listen to the talk. 🙂

Audio Only:

Here is an audio only version of the video for those of us who prefer to simply listen:

Sources and Links:

Ascended Prosperity

This is the Money Formula Invocation followed by a short talk by Astarius. If you prefer to watch the video on YouTube, here’s a direct link: Ascended Prosperity by Astarius Miraculii.

Money Money Crystallize
Stream right now into my hand
Golden Sun within me rise
Let Abundance take a stand.

Here is the rest of the Money Formula Invocation:

I allow the Manifestation
Big financial compensation

Great Success now come along
Sing with me Prosperity’s Song

I Am filled with Inspiration
Gold now fills my situation

With my Heart I thank you Lord
All I want I can afford
Let it not only be for me
All the World be Rich and Free

Love and Peace and Truth Abound
In my Life, the World around
In my hands be Ceaseless Action
Bringing Wealth and Satisfaction

With God Vision and reflection
See my Money’s Resurrection
Blessings here and all about
Courage Faith and Wisdom sprout

Gold for me is Everywhere
And with All I ever Share
Let Good Fortune go before me
Right beside me and behind me

All with Money now Adore me
With Gold and Emeralds
They Adorn me

Here’s the Vision I now See
My Love has brought Reality
Oh yes it does exist for Me
The Angels have now set Me Free

Audio Only

For those of us who prefer to merely listen, here is an audio only version:


Prosperity Plan

Astarius shares journaling from his 40 day prosperity plan. I did not transcribe the video, so we’ll just have to listen to it to know what it is that he has to share about it.

Audio Only:

For those of us who prefer to simply listen, here is the audio version of this video:

Sources and Links:

We Are Powerful Creators

Astarius shares on Cause and Effect, The Universal Law of Necessity, and the way in which we create reality through the Power of Thoughts and Feelings.

For those of us who prefer to simply listen, here is an audio only version of this video:



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