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Let’s Get Started

This is day one of our Five Simple Things project. When starting one of these projects, I like to make a note of what it is that I’d like to accomplish in the next 30 days, or how I am hoping the project will be of benefit. This way, when the 30 day project is complete, I can look back and get an idea of how well it worked, or didn’t work, whatever the case may be.

My comments are posted below, and I’d love to know what you are hoping for, expecting, or wishing would happen for you. Have fun trying this out. As always, your comments are deeply appreciated.

A New Project?

Hi guys. Well, it’s been a little over a year since our last project. So much has happened both in my personal life and in the world at large… I’m sure the same holds true for you. And now I think it’s time for a new project.

Beginning July 5th, we are beginning a new project. This time around we will be committing to doing five simple things. It looks pretty easy, the hardest part will be remembering to do them. I am hoping to make a habit of them, so we’ll see what happens. Anyway, those simple things are as follows:

  • Every morning say “Thank You” three times before your feet hit the floor.
  • When showering, visualize shimmering gold water with protective light filling up your aura.
  • Bless your morning coffee/tea with vibes of productivity and creativity.
  • Every time you use keys, visualize they are unlocking opportunities to get you closer to your dreams.
  • Before you fall asleep, visualize chords connecting you to everybody you met that day, and send their Energy back to them.

The inspiration for the project came from a Facebook share. It looks simple, it sounds easy, and I think it is worth a try. I haven’t been able to come up with a theme or plan of action when it comes to posting about the project on a daily basis, so I’m just going to wing it.

If you are new to the project, here’s how it works. We each commit to 30 days of doing our best to explore, experience, and/or do the tasks, ideas, or concepts presented. Along the way, we comment and share how it’s working for us, the ups, the downs, the stuff that comes up. When the 30 days are up, we take a look back and decide if what we did was worth continuing, or if what we learned was worth sharing.

If you want to participate, I would love to have you on board. All that is required is a willingness to give it a go. To keep the idea fresh in everyone’s mind, I try to post something relevant but new every day for the full 30 days.

To stay in the loop you can either like and follow our Facebook page. If you like, comment, and share our Facebook posts, it gives a real boost of energy and enthusiasm to the project. So, thank you in advance for your support.

If you are not a Facebook fan, you can subscribe to the feedburner feed (scroll down and you will find it). If you subscribe to the feed, you will receive an email notification whenever something new is posted. I think this notification comes at the end of the day, but I am not sure, because that is all done through feedburner. You will not get spammed. Only feedburner will get your email address, and all you will receive is a notification of what was posted. So, that’s pretty simple and easy to do.

Orange Juice For A Fresh Start

For our first activity, we have this fun and simple magickal exercise:

Materials needed:

  • Small glass of orange juice

Take the juice outside at daybreak, and, facing east, offer it to the Infant Sun by saying something like:

O Infant born into the sky
I offer this to You on high
And offer thanks for Your arrival
And for the role You play in our survival

Turning clockwise, pour the juice on the ground in a circle around you. Then ask the Sun for a fresh start by saying something like:

Oh Infant Sun, I call to You
Who starts each day with life anew
Whose birth brings warmth and gives us joy
Whose light the darkness does destroy
Who separates the night from day
Who guides us with His gentle rays
Who gives us hope and makes us smile
Who makes each step we take worthwhile
Who inspires and cultivates
Fresh ideas and captivates
All who feel His golden light
I ask You, Infant Sun, so bright
To bring to me a new beginning
That puts me on the path to winning
What I desire most in my life ~
Free of needless stress and strife ~
Oh, bring to me a fresh new start
And I ask You, too, impart
Your courage as I tread anew
The path that I now ask of You
Bring this at once now, Infant Sun
As I will, so it be done.

Kiss your hand to the Sun and step over the juice circle. Go indoors and know that a brand new beginning is on its way.

Found at: Book of Shadows

Here Comes The Sun

Hello and welcome to our latest project, Here Comes The Sun. The idea is to invoke, harness, become aware of, and tap into the power of the Sun. Once we have tapped into the incredible power of that Solar Energy, we will feel better, and find it easier to manifest love, light, and abundant prosperity in our lives. At least, that’s the plan.

Every day I will be uploading something relating to the Sun. There is a wide variety of meditations, mantras, songs, chants, activities, and interesting stuff relating to this project. My biggest problem has been how to narrow it down to just 30 days.

I would love it if you would join me in this journey to shine a light into my life. Comments, concerns, experiences, ideas, insights… all are welcome and deeply appreciated.

Why The Sun?

The Sun is perhaps the most important influence in our lives. He heralds the coming of each new day, and lets us know that it’s time to get up and get going But more importantly, His appearance actually makes us feel like getting something done. In His light, we’re motivated to move about, grab our to-do lists, and become productive members of humankind ~ something crucial in today’s busy world, since no one I know can afford to waste a perfectly good day.

But the very sight of Him does much more for us than that. It just can’t help but make us smile. And that even goes for folks like me who aren’t morning people at all. There’s just something downright joyous about seeing the Sun light the world around us. The Sun lightens our moods, quickens our steps, warms our hearts, and just generally makes us happier people.

Those aren’t the only things the Sun does for us, though. He also contributes largely to our good health. how? By supplying our recommended daily dosage of Vitamin D, the very substance that helps the body to absorb calcium. And not only does the Sun manage this without effort on His part, He manages it without effort on ours. Only about ten minutes of sunshine per day does the trick ~ and we’re well on our way to having healthy bones and stronger bodies.

The Sun’s list of responsibilities goes on and hon. He rules our calendar, starts each week by holding dominion over Sunday, and marks the comings and goings of the seasons in the cycles of His journey.

His position in the sky at the time of our births is responsible for our natal signs, and thus He is largely responsible for how the rest of the world views us.

He’s responsible for the blowing of the winds, the growth of the plants, flowers, and trees that populate the Earth and for the oxygen we breathe.

And even with all this stuff on His plate, He still finds time to entertain us with sunbeams, rainbows, sundogs, and the like. I’d say that he is a very busy star, indeed.

Taking all this into consideration, it’s little wonder that the Sun has managed to infiltrate our lives as a household word.

  • We say happy people have a sunny disposition.
  • We refer to those with freckled faces as being sun-kissed.
  • Florida is known as the “Sunshine State.”
  • Japan is known as the land of the “Rising Sun.”
  • Scandinavia is the land of the “Midnight Sun.”
  • We don sunglasses and sun hats, then head for the beach to sunbathe.
  • We add sun porches to our homes, and have sunroofs installed in our vehicles.
  • We also brew sun tea, order our eggs sunny-side up, and purchase Sunny Delight at the grocery store.

Even the realm of musical entertainment isn’t immune to the influences of that big, blazing, gaseous mass that warms our backs and lights our way. Remember these songs?

  • You Are My Sunshine
  • Here Comes The Sun
  • Seasons In The Sun
  • Waiting For The Sun
  • Good Day Sunshine
  • Let The Sunshine In

The Sun influences our lives in other ways, too. If it weren’t for the Sun, in fact, life as we know it would simply cease to exist. Without His warming presence, plant life would be nearly nonexistent. Vegetables would be limited to root crops like potatoes and carrots. And flowers? Well, they’d be a thing of the past as well, since even those that bloom at night need His light and warmth to bring them to bud.

But even if we could do without all those amenities, other problems would surface. Without sunlight, electric bills would skyrocket, and without warmth, so would heating bills. And there’s no way we could just go back to the basics of firewood and candlelight. Why? Because without the warming rays of the Sun, trees would be in short supply. And using them for heating, cooking, and melting wax would not only drive them to extinction, but would present a much larger problem: a total lack of oxygen to our planet. The Earth would be come a cold, dark, dank place. For all practical purposes, it would be virtually uninhabitable.

And yet we tend to take the Sun for granted. We simply expect it to rise each day and light the Earth. Maybe it’s not our fault, though. Since we live in such a modernized world, the magick of the Sun seems nothing less than commonplace. But no matter whose fault it is, such an attitude is also pure and unadulterated travesty ~ for the magick of the Sun is truly nothing less than miraculous!

From: Everyday Sun Magic

Our Next Project

Alright, so I have finally made up my mind about our next project. I have decided to do 30 days dedicated to the Sun. Why the sun? Here’s a link to a post that explains why a period of time dedicated to the Sun is worthwhile and beneficial: Why The Sun?

This project will begin on  the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year. The dates seem to vary depending on your location, and which calendar you are using. The Farmer’s Almanac gives June 21 as the date for the Northern Hemisphere, so that’s the day we will begin our project.

There is some content already posted that relates to the Sun here on the Prosperity Project, and elsewhere on My thought was to share links to those posts as the project continues, as well as new content which seems appropriate, or interesting and entertaining enough to share as a part of it.

The central idea is to spend time every day enjoying, saluting, thinking about, utilizing, meditating on, or simply being aware of the energy that comes our way each and every day no matter what.

If you are interested in joining in on this project, it’s easy to do. You can either like and follow our facebook page and stay up to date on the project that way, or you can subscribe via email and every day you’ll get an email with a link to the latest post. If you are on a computer, the link is in the sidebar, if you are on a smart phone, the link is toward the bottom of the page.

I love it when people leave comments about their concerns, ideas, experiences, doubts, expectations, or anything else that you are thinking about as you work with me on this project. So, don’t be shy about commenting.

Setting Goals For This Project

When we did this project back in 2008, we did some goal setting before we actually started the project.  I think it’s always a good idea to set some sort of goal, or expectation at the beginning of a project so that it’s easier to look back and see what, if anything, has changed. So, even though it’s a day late, here it is:

Before we get started with our newest project, I think it would be a good idea to make note of our goals and aspirations for the next 30 days. Here are some questions to consider.

  • What would you like to accomplish?
  • How will you know this project was a success?
  • How are your finances right now today?
  • Where would you like them to be at the end of the 30 days?
  • Is there a project or a goal that you’d like to complete?
  • What does prosperity mean to you?

I’d like to encourage every one to post answers to these questions. If you take the time to comment here today, it will be easier to log your success at the end of the 30 days of our “quickie” prosperity techniques. You can be as vague or as specific as you’d like.

Getting Started Again

I had totally forgotten that we had already done this project back in 2008. Some of the exercises were looking familiar, so this morning I thought it might be a good idea to go check and see. And yes! There it was.

Our original post introducing the project is a little bit different. Here it is:

Introducing our next project. For the month of May, we’ll be working with Silvia Hartmann’s 60 Second Wealth Creators. Daily exercises for wealth and prosperity. Each exercise only takes 60 seconds, and will give us a great way to start the day. How cool is that?

This is offered as a FREE download provided by Dragon Rising, and is actually a sample of her book of 365 Daily Exercises For Wealth. I’m hoping she won’t mind too much if we play with the first 30 exercises.

In addition to the exercises, I also found some really cool wealth inspiring desktop wallpapers. We’ll have a new one every day. (The image I used to illustrate this post is a sample. If you like it, you download it by clicking on the image to enlarge it, and then right click and save it to your computer. It can then be “set” as desktop wallpaper.) If you have any questions about the wallpapers, let me know, and I’ll do my best to help.

I’m hoping that you guys are up for joining me on this one. It looks to be a fun and easy project. Who doesn’t have 60 seconds to devote to becoming more prosperous? Not only that, there’s free desktop wallpaper! Is this irresistible or what?

We’re going to:

Get Cool,
Get Smart,


I’ve put the promised wallpapers into an image gallery, and even added a few more. Here’s a link: Rich and Wealthy Wallpapers.

Well it’s been a while!

Hi guys, I know it’s been quite a while since I last posted here on the Prosperity Project, and I think I’m finally ready to start a new project. This time around I want to do 60 days worth of simple and easy.

I found this in my folder of saved stuff from way back in 2007. It is the demo version of Silvia Hartmann’s 60 Second Wealth Creators which I downloaded from Dragon Rising.  Here is the intro:

Welcome To Silvia’s 60 Second Wealth Creators!


You have now at your fingertips a course like no other – this WILL make you work smarter, harder, more focused, more creatively and it will exercise your mind as well. The exercises in this book will reduce stress, help you stay on track with your daily tasks, give you new ideas and just sometimes, they will even make you smile!

There are 365 different exercises, all of which can be done in one minute or less, which will help you stay on track to create your own personal wealth in its widest definition. This is one exercise a day, and if you keep to that programme, you have here a custom made prosperity course in which YOUR mind, YOUR body, YOUR heart and YOUR business is what we are talking about, and what we are dealing with at all times.

To get the best from this book, I encourage you to read through each exercise, one a day, and simply have a go. Not every exercise will suit everyone, of course, but it is true that in attempting these exercises, especially the ones which may feel a little unusual at first, we really do expand our minds, flex our capabilities and get smarter as we go along. You will find that after a short time, many of the “mental moves” will become much easier to do. Your “vision” will improve; your clarity and your focus, and many things besides.

The second important strand to this course are the stress releasing aspects of many of the techniques. All exercises have a focus on true wealth, but they are also designed to calm us down and help us think more logically, more reasonably and more clearly.

This is very important, especially for long term wealth and security, and much more so than most people will ever realize.

The third aspect of these exercises is to develop your strength of mind and a flexible, responsive attitude to the circumstances in which you find yourself. This is priceless and one of the main features that those who find true wealth and happiness in their lives have in common.

Every so often, you will find an exercise that will really set you alight. I suggest you make a note of those exercises and practice them more often.

Make these exercises a part of your life. Allow them to support you, to help you, to encourage you in moments of doubt. Keep them close by and use them to find YOUR own true wealth, in every way. I wish nothing more than that, for you.

And now, and as time waits for no man or woman, let’s get started right away with the first of our 365 daily 60 second exercises.

Enjoy yourself!

Dr Silvia Hartmann, Author, The 60 Second Wealth Creators
A FREE Download Provided by

Interested in trying it out?

If you’d like to try it out, you can subscribe to The Prosperity Project, and do each exercise one day at a time as they get posted. I’m planning to get started bright and early tomorrow morning. I know this is short notice, but I’m feeling like there’s no time like the present.

Alternatively, you can download the demo at her website, or you can buy her book and get all 365 exercises. Either way, I’d be interested to know who wants to join in, and I am always interested to hear about your experiences and insights as together we explore this course.

Revisiting Ganesha

For the next 30 days, we will be revisiting the Invoking Ganesh project from 2007. This was one of my all time favorites. It always seems to work for me ~ when I remember to use it.

From Mind Valley, here are 6 benefits to a regular practice of chanting the Ganesh Mantra. I’m sure there are many more.

  • The Ganesh mantra is known to activate the mind and various chakras of the body. This leads to better blood circulation and therefore improved metabolic rate in the body.
  • It is said that it is best to chant the Ganesh Mantra before undertaking a new venture, as he is the bringer of success, prosperity, and good luck.
  • Chanting the Ganesh Mantra also brings peace, or more literally – it removes all enemies from one’s path.
  • It helps us focus.
  • It brings clarity into our lives
  • It is also said that if you chant the Ganesh Mantra 1008 times, it will remove fear from your heart.

What is the Ganesh mantra?

Well, actually there are a number of different Ganesh Mantras. The one we used for our original project was this one: Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha.

A loose translation might be:

  • Om = The sound of the universe
  • Gam = The secret power sound of Ganesh. It is his “seed syllable” or bija mantra.
  • Ganapataye = Another name of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.
  • Namaha = I submit to a higher power.

The pronunciation is also pretty easy:

  • Om = ohm or aum
  • Gam = Somewhere between “gahm” and “gum”. In some dialects it is “guhng”.
  • Ganapataye = gah-nah-paht-ah-yeh
  • Namaha – nah-mah-hah

Repetition of this mantra over and over again brings peace, and is designed to help remove anything that might be blocking your progress. Some of us used the whole mantra, and some of us just used the bija or seed sound for the Ganesh Mantra, which is “Gam” and sounds like “gum.

The mantra can be chanted aloud, or silently, or a combination of the two. You might want to do this as a regular meditation practice, or you can simply chant the mantra while on your way to work, whenever anything comes up that feels overwhelming, if you find yourself in a whirlpool of anxious thoughts, while walking, jogging, or even when falling asleep at night.

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