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This is day one of our Five Simple Things project. When starting one of these projects, I like to make a note of what it is that I’d like to accomplish in the next 30 days, or how I am hoping the project will be of benefit. This way, when the 30 day project is complete, I can look back and get an idea of how well it worked, or didn’t work, whatever the case may be.

My comments are posted below, and I’d love to know what you are hoping for, expecting, or wishing would happen for you. Have fun trying this out. As always, your comments are deeply appreciated.

3 Responses to Let’s Get Started

  • So, my goals for this project are to gain a deeper connection with the energy that is my life experience… the “web of life”… not sure how to articulate it in a simple way. So I am going to get wordy… sorry…

    Most of the time I live on the surface of things … thinking that matter is solid … that basic bullshit is real… that what my life appears to be is what it actually is. But when I look deeper, I know that everything is energy, everything is connected, that I am energy, and my energy ebbs and flows pulses and explodes and acts and reacts on the energy all around me…

    And what I’d like to do with this project is to step out a little further from the apparent physical reality and find a lasting sense of the energy that I am…

    I know… it sounds ambitious, and pretty much out there, but that’s my goal, so we’ll see what happens. Wish me luck, I’m probably going to need it!

  • My goal is to get our 50’ sailboat sold ASAP at our right and perfect price. I see a qualified buyer coming to see the boat, recognize it’s worth, and buy it at the price we have set that’s the lowest amount we will sell it. This will relieve us financially and emotionally, and offer us keys to our new house.

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