Day Two and Something New

It’s day 2 of Five Simple Things, and I’m already wanting to add something new to the mix. Here’s why:

I am finding it really really hard to say “Thank you” three times before my feet hit the floor in the mornings. I can say it, but I don’t really mean it, and I definitely don’t feel it. However, I can and do find it really easy substitute the following thank you’s as I go through my day:

  • Intense gratitude and a warm thank you whenever I turn on the faucet and hot water comes out. Yay! I love having hot water… beats the heck out of cold water when you want to take a shower.
  • And when I do take a shower, wow… so grateful that my shower actually works, that hot water comes out of it, and there is water pressure and everything! More than a year of not having those things really builds an appreciation for them. Truth!
  • Every morning I drink coffee in my Magick room, surrounded crystals, art, and all kinds of cool magickal stuff.. and I am so grateful to the Powers That Be who help and support me when I am desperate. So so grateful! I never leave the room without a big thank you to the Gods, my Guides, and my Angels.
  • My car… I love my car. She has 270,000+ miles on her and never breaks down in an inconvenient place or at a terrible time. Recently I had to have some car repairs made, and I talked to her all the way to the repair shop… telling her how much I love her and how grateful I am for her hard work and reliability. Her name, by the way is Betty.

As for the ideas of shimmering gold water with protective light filling up your aura, blessing my morning coffee, using my keys to unlock opportunities, and the before I fall asleep energy release… I have yet to remember to do any of them.

So now that I think I have the “gratitude” part pretty much locked down, I’ll put my mind to work on the other four. Maybe I just need to tweak them in a way that works for me.

What about you? Any ideas, insights, experiences? Do you find these super easy to remember? or super easy to forget?

2 Responses to Day Two and Something New

  • So far, the gratitude part of our five simple things has been the easiest to remember, and I think it’s because I’m already doing it.

    This surprises me because I’m had this idea that I am generally pretty cranky about my life and finding out that I have actually been practicing gratitude all along was totally unexpected.

  • Totally forgot we started yesterday but on track today. Not sure what I m hoping to accomplish but will ponder that question through out the day. Love today’s post image

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