How Did We Do?

Now that our 30 days of harnessing the power of the sun has come to a close, it’s time to look back and think about what, if anything, has changed in your life as a result of this project. Here is a short list of questions:

  • Did you follow this project?
  • What, if anything, did you find helpful?
  • Do you have any favorite posts or ideas?
  • What was your least favorite part of this project?
  • Did anything change in your life as a result of working with the power of the Sun?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to say or share? Insights? Ideas? Inspirations?

As always, I deeply appreciate any and all comments.

Sun Meditation

At sunrise, sit facing the sun. Meditate on light, on the dawning of a new day. Ask yourself what it is you wish to bring into your life. Thank the sun for illuminating your path.

At sunset, watch the sun as it disappears over the horizon. Reflect on your day and the coming darkness.

  • What shadow aspects of your being do you need to confront?
  • What do you want to release, or complete in your life?
  • What do you need to work on in your night dreams?

Give thanks and make an offering to Father Sun; receive his blessings and gifts.

From: Circle of Song

Keeping Your Eye On The Ball

Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our day to day doings that we forget why we are doing what we are doing.

So today, let’s take a deep breath and remember back to when it was that you started out on this business, this path.

  • Why did you choose this?
  • What was it about this that excited you above all else?
  • What is your business all about in the greater context of your life?

This is what it’s all about – even if you’re doing something mundane or boring.

And it is good to remember that sometimes.


Would You Rather Be Rich … Or Right?

Alright, so we all have our pet beliefs about this, that, or the other.

We can get pretty entrenched and defend these beliefs – even in the face of ALL OF REALITY rising up against us and trying to show us most practically that we are making a big mistake here!

So here’s our 60 second exercise.

What do you “believe”, that if you changed your mind on it and accepted the evidence of reality, would really, REALLY help you get rich much, much quicker?

It doesn’t matter what it is or why you are “clinging” to that belief, and I’m not even asking you to change it in any way, I just want you to consider that question honestly.

“There’s a HUGE difference between “the truth” and what people believe.”



So Tell Me What You Want …

One of the many ways we manage to talk ourselves out of desires and achievements is the thought of, “Oh BUT I don’t know how …”

It happened again yesterday with someone who blatantly wanted something BUT (godawful word! should be stricken from the dictionary!) wouldn’t even ADMIT to wanting it – BECAUSE they had no idea how to get it.

So in order to alleviate disappointment, it’s better not to want it at all, right?


If you don’t WANT something, or you don’t ALLOW YOURSELF TO WANT SOMETHING, how the HELL are you ever going to get it?

It’s a structural impossibility!

So to the rescue comes the handy thought that in order to WANT something, you DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW ***HOW*** that could be possibly achieved.

That’s a different topic, a different matter, and has NOTHING to do with the wanting of something.

I want to see the Earth from space, for example.

BUT … I’m too old, not rich enough, it’s impossible!


<kicks the but up the butt, and the but flies out of the window, never to return>


I really do.

And THAT, as they say, is my birthright as a human being – to WANT THINGS, TO WANT EXPERIENCES, TO DESIRE.

Now, it’s YOUR turn.



More Money, More Success

There’s a world of difference between thinking, “I need to get some money” (because I have NO MONEY!) and thinking, “I need some MORE money”.

No matter how little money you have, or how few your sales, if you have ever sold anything at all, or you have just one coin in your pocket, you are one of those lucky, lucky few who not only already HAVE sales and money – BUT THEY KNOW IT, TOO!

Try this for the next 60 seconds. Instead of thinking how to get (some, any, lots of) money, ask yourself the question, “How do I get EVEN MORE money?”

This also works for, “How do I become EVEN MORE productive?” – “How do I get to experience EVEN MORE happiness?” – “How do I get EVEN MORE love?”

But today, right now, let’s ask:



What Can I Do Today?

For our very first exercise, we just have a simple question.

What one, single, easy thing can I do TODAY – out of all the many things I COULD be doing! – that:

I WANT to do,

… and that …

… will bring the GREATEST rewards in the long run?

Take 60 seconds to reflect on this and then … go and do THAT!


Progress Reports Anyone?

Our project on Invoking Ganesh is about to come to a close, and it’s time now to take a look back and make note of what changed in our lives as a result of this project.

For me, the changes have been dramatic and good. I was lifted out of a deepening depression and began once again to feel hope for the future. The plumbing issues, that I have been struggling with for the last few years have been resolved. And I have had the grit and determination to change my food choices in order to feel better physically.

All of those things happened spontaneously for me almost as soon as I made the decision to Invoke Ganesha with an altar and a ritual. So, I am a true believer, and will be continuing the practice daily.

That being said, this does not mean that everything in my life is coming up roses. I still have a fair amount of drama and stress, and a lot of unresolved problems. I’ll be very curious to see what happens with them as the months go by.

What about you? Did you notice any differences in your life? Did you practice the mantra daily? Or make an altar? Or do a ritual? Did you enjoy the videos? Or find anything useful or interesting during the course of the project? Is there anything else you’d like to say or share?

Six Months Later

Melissa suggested that it would be a good idea, when we complete a project, to check how things are going six months later. So this is a check back on results from the Well Begun project we kicked off in November of last year. If you want to refresh yourself as to what we did, how we felt about it, and etc, you can visit this link: Well Begun.

Here are a few questions to stimulate some conversation:

  • Did you create a morning routine?
  • Is it still working for you?
  • If so, why?
  • If not, why not?
  • When you think back, do you feel that your life has changed in any way as a direct result of that particular project?
  • What are your thoughts and feelings about it now?
  • Any interesting experiences you’d like to share?

Six Months Later

Six months ago, we did a little project called “Rise and Shine,” the idea being that your life would be improved with the simple act of making your bed every morning. This post is a small wake up call to find out if anyone is still making their bed in the morning, and to determine what, if any, long term benefit was achieved. So…

  • Do you make your bed every morning?
  • Do you find that it benefits you in any way?
  • Did you participate in the Rise and Shine Project?
  • Any other thoughts or comments?
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