Wrapping things up


One more day and this project will be complete. So it’s time to sum up the “Prayers for Prosperity” experience.

  • Were your goals met?
  • What did you learn?
  • What basic changes occured within yourself?
  • Do you have a favorite prayer line? A favorite prayer?
  • If you had it to do over, what would you do differently?
  • Are there any books you would recommend?

Blessings to you all.

3 Responses to Wrapping things up

  • hi all. i have to pretty much say that all my goals were met, or are in the process of being met. definitely, the reiki prayer has become something for me that was actually lacking in my life up to this point. i don’t think i would do anything differently because the experience was a good one. scary, at times, but good. i apologize for not being more on the ball about our get together…i have somehow hurt my back the night before last and have not been on the computer until now. i am calling all of the lees summit coffee houses today to find one suitable for our group. if i have no luck, i am thinking that applebee’s is always around, and will have adequate seating for all of us. i will post on later to let you all know the specifics. we are looking at meeting at 7:00 pm Monday the 13th. (tomorrow). well, i’m off to make calls, i will be back shortly.

  • So I went back to day one and looked at my goals to see how well I did this month.

    1. I have added nothing to my savings account – so that’s a NO.
    2. I have managed to pay my bills this month but friends and family had to help me pay my expenses – so that’s a YES and a NO. I am not sure that it counts that I had to rely on the kindness of others in order to buy food, gas, etc. But then, maybe that counts.. I don’t know.
    3. I will be getting one item on my wish list. My mom is getting me a printer for christmas. I am also hesitant to list this as a goal that has been met because I would have gotten a christmas present anyway. And now christmas will come so early that it looks like I won’t have anything under the tree at all.. and so I can look forward to a nice little pity party for that (smile).

    What did I learn? Hmmm… Well, I learned a number of possibly important things:

    1. In my heart, I do not believe my financial needs are important.
    2. Good friends are more important than money.
    3. Thirty days is a very long time to commit to doing something that doesn’t appear to bring results.
    4. Whenever I try to manifest money, I end up manifesting a whole bunch of new things to do instead.
    5. Don’t ask other people to pray for you if you aren’t going to pray for yourself.
    6. Prayer is the same for all faiths, only the wording changes.
    7. If your family doesn’t love and support you, and trouble comes your way, you’re probably screwed – unless you have good friends.

    Basic changes within me? Well.. For a while there I was thinking that I was finally “getting” it when it comes to understanding “God” and talking “to” God, and what prayer is etc. But this afternoon, I feel just as clueless as I did when we started. So whatever it was I was “getting” is eluding me once again. Other than that, I guess I could say that I have a deeper appreciation for the people in my life who love me. Way deeper appreciation.

    1. My favorite prayer line is Science of Mind
    2. my favorite prayer partner is that really nice man at The Upper Room Covenant Ministries who prayed with me on Halloween
    3. my favorite letter of prayer support came this morning from one of the sites I surfed yesterday. If you guys are interested in where it came from, just ask, and I’ll look it up. At this moment I can’t remember the name of it.
    4. my favorite prayer.. well it’s not a prayer but I particularly liked the Yogananda quote from the Self Realization Society site.

    If I had it to do over, the different thing I would do is:

    1. pray for myself – in a very personal and heart felt way.
    2. Pray for specifics instead of general prosperity.

    Books I recommend are:
    1. The Autobiograpy of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda.
    2. The Art of Spiritual Healing by Joel Goldsmith.
    3. The Power of Myth by Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell

    So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

    Now how about you guys?

  • For this first month, I had a pretty ambitious goal (and I was really wondering how the universe was going to meet it) and I did meet my goal plus some. And the prosperity came from entirely unexpected sources! I have been affirming that I am receptive to prosperity from expected AND unexpected avenues, and the unexpected definitely paid off this month. I am thrilled that I can start paying off my credit cards.
    I learned that being open to the universe and ready to receive while I continue to do the work that is in front of me really does work.
    The basic changes that occurred within myself were to trust the universe more and to trust myself more.
    The only prayer line I used this month was Silent Unity. To do it differently, I would try some of the other prayer lines Shirley has tried and recommended. But I am really happy with my results. My favorite prayer is the Prayer for Protection – I use it daily.
    The books I have “clicked” with are PROSPERITY by Charles Fillmore; SPIRITUAL ECONOMICS by Eric Butterworth; and CREATING MONEY by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer.
    I am very excited to start the Gypsy Magic. And it was great to meet everyone!

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